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okay I am ready to go you ready to go yeah everyone ready yep I want to intro this one real quick okay well first let me do something I said I forgot about you know can we well I want to talk about something before we stop that you didn’t tell me it’s a surprise for me no why are you so nervous right is this recording yeah that’s awesome that’s going at the beginning of the podcast right Dale because okay where’d it go so first of all it’s not a setup for him he’s just to say ladies I heard you have the digital one I know you guys love the bad guy and then I was literally asked to have widget I want so ladies I heard you there it is Vegeta gosh I bought it just for you just so you know that was the opening we had exactly I just forgot about it yeah yeah you got nervous and everything and by the way today I am the man with a plan he’s the man with the plan and I’m pickle Rick yeah I got just here to destroy everything oh so this week we wanted to get into we’ve gotten a whole bunch of questions regarding most legions most of the nutrition subjects what we’re gonna do today so we kind of have a compiled list of things that we’ve been getting from people anything that is gonna require like a 30 to 40 minute deep dive will probably just end up happening on its own episode yeah so what well let’s talk about the nutrition group because I started well let’s get the background yeah I started nine ten months ago now you would have started before September spy-like October before September October like six – I’m sorry yeah he’s going to school right shit I’m guessing your wife is helping him he has to be has to be because look the the mentoring program has been on it for five six months now so the other ones that I started it in September when I got here alright so that means that I did it like three four months before so yeah and then now we have a autoregulation group yeah that’s been on it for about five weeks six weeks right there are people from the outside in a sense of they’re not part of the mentoring program and and so far we’re going to talk about what we wanted out of the but I have to say we have a success rate around 95% mm-hmm I think so that makes me extremely happy we are we actually doing better than I hope for yeah in a way so what do we mean by success rate by the way so when we started the protocol we decided three things we say we were going to improve sleep that’s dramatically happening we would get rid of cravings and we would get people mental clarity what does mental clarity means it’s the stuff people get on fasting mm-hmm right that no fog just sharp mind that allows you to go do stuff and it still be able to Train yeah and so that was so I established the first to which to be sleep and cravings for the first four weeks and mental clarity as an added bonus and that we had 95% success rate what do we mean by that we measure of the sleep and then we you know asking people mm-hmm from a 1 to 10 shit like that still counts as measuring by the way even though some people just love the chubby money tails and shit like that you can also ask human beings that they feel and one of the questions for sleep was do you wake up rested in the morning it surprised me how many of them said no then you feel more tired when I wake up in the morning then indeed going to sleep or at least not feeling rested when they wake up and now basically we had success on that we have the numbers on HIV and you know our ring to back it up on me and other people as well cravings is basically gone and mental clarity is up so that to me is a tremendous success and then we have the other stuff we’re training get better because they can boost the sympathetic side of things and we’ve done before reading the questions – the one thing I notice like you said we spent that four to five weeks laying just a foundation I keep it simple we weren’t including a lot of the other maybe the subtleties or a lot of the individual exactly indeed that’s what we suppress I think the first is individualizing because what we talked about that last night where you were single poly more so is the 80/20 yes I’ve noticed this – like if you’re gonna do this kind of this nutrition thing I’m totally okay with 80/20 being your percentage of everything because I might of every nutritional plan or approach that people have I I always like to start with what they say just just don’t be fucking weird you you know what I mean like if you’re if you’re out having don’t ruin your life if you’re out having dinner you’re at a birthday party and there’s a weird old cake you like till I swear to god don’t ever be the person that says I can’t have cake I’m on a diet I’m a vegan that’s fucking weird yeah you know so just if people are eating cake just eat some fucking cake but don’t get weird about puppies yeah how about that you’re the birthday party have the cake go play with the kids to ever do something but but what I’m noticing is is I’m seeing like the 80/20 you can’t 80/20 every day yeah because you’re not spending enough time that’s not with 80/20 enough time in what’s the word I’m looking for in balance principle to for all right if you have rice for lunch and don’t do anything after you’re not doing the protocol exactly but it was only a hundred grams of carbs therefore I’m within 20 percent no you’re bullshitting yourself and me but more importantly yourself that’s really what you’re doing is you’re pushing yourself cause you wanted rice you went for it and are you justifying not following the protocol so that’s not what 80/20 means and I think it’s very important and I don’t know and I don’t want to get it and the main thing we want with this type of nutrition anyways I don’t want it to turn into a thing where it’s not working we say what yeah it’s cuz you’re fucking it up the whole point of this is for you to get truly a good sense for how you feel and your stuff and you’re not gonna get that if I listen that did not work though every single time I talk to them because I’ve talked to them personally and every single time he was like yeah I was having protein for rice for lunch because I wanted to increase my mental focus I was like that goes against everything I said we’re supposed to be fat from it and then after that it was like yeah I have my eggs in the morning yeah but then you go into stressful situations so the five percent where I didn’t work was because they did not understand that it’s not chemistry base but it’s neurological based it’s like you’re supposed to be adherent parasympathetic or sympathetic and in play one versus the other that’s the point of the protocol right if you go the 80/20 and fuck that up then you won’t get the results yeah and so for the same reason I think that we we we kept a lot of the individualize the specifics off of it in the beginning is exactly why I think you need to very strict toy for most of the like almost all of the time not just the food at you but the time time and that’s why we said four weeks by the way we knew what we were asking for four weeks that means that after a while you’re gonna have to individualize the plan obviously but you need to know what a state is what’s par sympathetic what sympathetic what’s right that’s right that takes time with a consistent principles being applied yeah so if you start to have dessert after lunch you’re not doing it anymore especially in the first four weeks you’re three months in amore make a difference yeah cuz you’ll feel like shit and go like yeah okay but you want whatever but at first you what happened I don’t feel good anymore and it’s because you’ll never see me still adapting to something that is very different well not only that updation that adaptation but you also have to become aware of it and that’s gonna take time that’s the talk about energy right is knowing what intensity is on paper is one thing experiencing it is a whole different ballgame yeah yeah it’s a totally different animal yeah so we’ve got a pile of questions yeah we did yeah so let’s go that because people okay so by the way we have the hundred people mentoring program and autoregulation group which is great but you also have a lot of people have known it based on the podcast that we did and I’m not even counting those in the results but we’ve seen it even on people that just out of the podcast are doing the protocol we had awesome results as well especially on sleep cravings and dad I like this so I don’t want to do this in order oh yeah I do yeah I also accidentally just gave that message a thumbs down you sent me so I hope you don’t hurt you okay so so let’s go with a lot of these are very very specifics but I want to start with a basic one would you keep more complex carbohydrates further away from training and have more simple carbs right before or during training so complex meanings not like pasta potatoes yeah alright so that brings them that’s not basically something I necessarily talked about in the first four weeks because I don’t wanna introduce too many complications you know but there is a difference between start and sugar and the difference is gonna be the kind of training you’re gonna have the harder you push in training specially to all heavy weights or whatever the more we’re gonna need to have higher glycemic mm-hmm sugars so that means cup that means sugar right honey all the shit that basically you’re gonna use as a reward system for yourself because if you’re gonna start pounding Nutella it’s not about the carb intake you just rewarding yourself which is fine as well by the way this is a way to do this yeah that we that we cover in the next four to eight weeks on the second part of nutrition is a reward system so I don’t have a problem with people getting Nutella but if you’re doing 45 minutes active recovery on a bicycle at the gym no Nutella first of all if you have it before you’ll crash yeah because that is not a popular view right and if you have it after as every wall you’re fucking up to like something very high glycemic I actually don’t want people to use it too much before because even though at first I said go ahead I have comes in focus is going to allow you to go into sympathetic but you’re going to use in training after a while let’s say six weeks eight weeks or whatever I much rather you get to the sympathetic state yourself mentally putting yourself in a popular state and then you start to feed the state whisk arms as you train and so the type of training that you do will define the type of carbs that you will ingest right if I’m doing let’s see to our bike ride to Amsterdam I’ll eat rice or stuff like that why because he’s gonna allow me to last longer I’ve tried to do it with even my car baleen drinking it was a massive failure ten fifteen minutes after that crash I tried to do was just chocolate didn’t work as well like he wasn’t a sprint so I found different stuff that work really well the best one we only actually for me was I had a crepe with Nutella and a Cyril the cider on the sugar allowed me to to go 20 minutes yeah and the crepe blasted me now at the rest so so now I want to have I just blasted my way back that was awesome actually and that was when you biked all the way to Amsterdam from here so I biked all the way to Amsterdam on Cabo lean and stuff I didn’t like it but I so that’s about two hours and I came back on crepe and cider oh it was so good I was like I need to do this more often I don’t know if I’m talking about the crepe with Nutella on the cider or the right back but the two together doesn’t work very well yeah exactly so so to go back to it yeah to go back if you’re doing a lesser workout to an intensity you’re gonna go to all the starches if you’re doing higher in intensity especially in weight you’re gonna go to our higher glycemic to insulin when we talk intensity are you meaning like let’s say a workout we’re to the weight loads not crazy intense but a short something like Fran you want a high glycemic still for that just like you would if you were gonna do uh three reps so I’ll have it I’ll have it let’s see I mean let’s say I have a medCom that is ten minutes long okay alright I go at five minutes and I’m starting mentally to start to go away I’m bunking I might sip on honey okay the problem that is not the sugar of the honey it’s a sweet taste of it right so I’ll plaster honey all over my mouth because that sweet taste will allow me to trigger a fight response which will allow me to increase performance so I’m not doing the sugar because of the high glycemic stuff I’m doing the sugar because it’s so sweet okay the honey in that case because it’s so sweet that will drive me to other sympathetic response that’s actually what I use the honey for is the sweetness of it has been tested where they were showing that they were getting people sugar water super-sweet people who have spit it out so never got the sugar in and their performance went up by six percent that was not a bicycle – so imagine for weights you can actually get a super strong response out of the sweet taste of anything I have been just anecdotally I have been doing but for the last two weeks now as I’m kind of increasing my training to things a little bit heavier now and with some overall intensity for conditioning which I fucking hate so it’s like a thing where it’s I almost have to like just shove myself into that situation agree and just you know fight my way out but I’ve been going in almost almost fasted fasted for a guy my size basically like you wanna be queen one coffee and cream in the morning and then I’ll train it like 2 p.m. that’s nothing but honey yeah and and it is now like as for anyone that’s a strong man or powerlifting that honey at when you’re fasted is almost as effective if you swish around your mouth is almost as effective as cracking open ammonia capsules and hidden so is that correct yeah and like so now it’s become like a part of like if there’s a heavy lift or something that’s a little bit even longer than like a single rep because I don’t want to do a set of five heavy squats with nose torque yeah because I can’t breathe that I want but if I’ll do one I will do that for sure not good for you but yet I love that is it no one loves that I do oh I think it’s real I think it’s great oh it’s an acquired taste but see but now that’s like the the honey is almost as as affected to you so if I’m doing anything other than just top-end strength I’ll go back it’s just part of my routine just a little bit of honey keep it in my mouth until I’m ready to lift and you I get fucking keyed in like like I haven’t been in six months yeah you know yeah it’s extremely effective but like for example when I do conditioning like I have that workout that I do which is follow me run on my true form 20 yearsI sit-ups a minute on the nine and some front squat we descend back so severe ons is horrible usually I make it to relatively honest but I go like you know like top speed on everything so it’s a fucking sprint all over after the workout I don’t want Nutella I don’t want any of that I’ll have my car Berlin which is a complex carbohydrate drink but it’s mostly sweet potatoes and rice so it’s actually faster yeah but then I get 60 70 grams okay and then that takes me out of the cortisol mm-hmm mode – well more like the fight mode so okay that’s that’s a podcast in itself well cortisol is in flight not in fact the problem is they say cortisol is a sympathetic hormone that’s not you it’s it is true in the sense of it’s a sympathetic but which part yeah it’s a core it’s a flight mode anyway and so to get out of that I take myself back in to fight with the couch taste great it’s still sweet so I get that but it’s lower glycemic 70 of them I feel awesome that allows me to take myself back in fight and once I feel awesome it takes me back to flow which is where oxytocin all that stuff is so basically what is doing is I’m getting the Cubs not so much for the lesson that the workout I just did I’m doing it for the next one as well so I have the the oxytocin to bound me to the workout since it was good for you how do I go there cortisol plus carbs puts me back into fight that’s the shelter in fighting the cortisol there I’m like that actually I feel better than I thought that’s the free stone model it puts me to flow flow is where oxytocin will be there to bound the prediction that this is good for me and so by having that we work system at the correct reward system that’s very important the correct reward system I’m basically making sure I can do the next session and that’s where it’s so important to create the right reward after you train because by doing that you go from flight to fight to flow and you make sure the next session is better if you don’t do that next session is worse because you finish in flight which is cortisol which is extremely damaging for you and maybe your body doesn’t want to do and then then next time you try to go to that place your body’s gonna go listen dude what the fuck like last time this is evolution telling you not to go there why would you go chase the bear that can kill you like this everything in your body tell me well no no it was bad last time we finish in flight for a reason why would you go poke the bear again yeah dummy and so you’ll do everything you can to avoid that so if we create a reward system that is correct you’re saying we can win we can beat the bear and then you stop with the code reward system you thought you beat the bear yeah well that’s well or at the very least you get that and something goes that was kind of fun yeah I did good I didn’t die well that’s actually how he feels when I do cardio it’s like I didn’t die I guess he was good I thought you died and so by doing that you make sure you can do the next session so now I’m actually having probably two sessions a week of pure cardio cuz on some days I look forward to it so I’m at a stage in nutrition well based on the reward that I’m looking for it will change my training so that’s an auto regulation training like I’m not kidding so for example when I leave super heavy I want Nutella mm-hmm because I’m almost in a panic mode or stuff like that like was I and I also think it’s important to back up is that when you’re gonna do heavy training you want Nutella but also when you’re craving Nutella you know that like maybe you should doing some heavy training today it is exactly done yes I just yeah I’m gonna go do some heavy lifting therefore make sure I get some actually the other way I want you to tell up therefore I should do heavy training that’s literally where I see my body is responding to now he’s some days I know I want to train he was some days no so I’m like I’m out do some active recovery but some days I’m like I’m gonna kill something yeah so another question is what is it I’m killing and then I know if I want cut sometimes I create the karbolyn and I know that’s cause I want conditioning why because it’s gonna take me in flight and some days I enjoy that fight to go from flight to fight it’s important also to say that it’s not because karbolyn is delicious no because how good it feels man once I have it but that’s you seeing easy five capilene after training heavy I’ve done it I don’t feel shit yeah this don’t look good we want so I have it on Marquis whatever that does not make me want to do the next one so now it’s basically an entire training based on autoregulation based on the reward system so I know if I’m craving Nutella that means I have to go leave some heavy shit doesn’t stress me out but I’m like I’m gonna fucking go heavy if I’m on karbolyn it’s one of those days where I have to hover between fight and flight and just murder myself that way and so I have different rewards for different training and the reward tells me what I should do because that’s I think the so we you know with nutrition we add you have macros with joining you have yoga you have program there and whether that day or not you should do heavy it’s like doesn’t matter I’m going to lift heavy that is it’s the same thing as having Kozma you should have protein some days it’s what are you gonna kill today that’s what literally you should think about and that’s what the reward system is giving me see what do I kill today do I want to kill my flight fight do I want to lift heavy do I want to do strongman and based on the reward I know exactly what I should do so it’s that’s a group actually we’re gonna start with the autoregulation training based on how it should be for today you’re not only you’re gonna eat based on what happens yeah you should train exactly like that like today is one of those days all right that’s my training so you should have 320 you should have training based on a week or two week period we’re not daily stuff just like your nutrition should be about the next two hours mm-hmm your training should be for the week coming out of that week I won’t conditioning session to strengthen to strongman sessions whenever whatever days come and so two days in a row of conditioning fuck it yeah three days alright but guess what next week it’s only gonna be three heavy days and then so if I look in a week two weeks months period I’ve done all the stuff I was supposed to do but on that day you’ll find yourself the whole time sat on the contrary I was going with what my body needed which is autoregulation right yeah that’s the boot and that’s what we’re gonna start to group the autoregulation training right that applies the same ideas of the nutrition to training and for me as work so much better on the leanest I’ve ever been by far at 2:20 and Sir Richard white Vishal why are you announced why why are you nothing the autoregulation training all right don’t you stare say email data for information cuz then she will literally kill me she doesn’t know yet no she’s like just don’t have them email me do not email the eternal info at strong dya who knows with the delay well no we’re running out of episodes this will be out in like two weeks so what do we say we are launching anyway alright I’m not following there you go those no but no one will listen to that but no way so no problem let me jump into here where was i right oh to regulation that’s the point yes yep so what about there’s a there’s some specifics here um that I think we can at least touch on these won’t take too long the how about do you want to make a distinction between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids they all differences a lot of the by the way wait wait wait let me backtrack something on the podcast we didn’t talk about the gut flora no witch oh no way we get into that now okay can we go into it a little bit okay a little bit just a little because I think that’s might be if not the entire next episode yes or it might it might be the entire after that yes most okay yeah that’s very – actually let me go real quick into it huh we have the nervous system right has the number of things in it you have the central nervous system which is basically the spine and the brain right and then you have on the other side you have the autonomous and and somatic nervous system which is basically stuff that happens by the like digestion without control and then some I think is what you can actually control and then there’s something called the enteric nervous system which is basically the gut from intestine all the way to the anus it’s actually controlled by the nervous system and that’s extremely important so I’m not we’re not gonna go into details but also in the stomach there is the gut flora and we started studying it only 20 years ago because the bacterias that are in it cannot survive in a petri dish so we didn’t know anything about it and we knew there was bacteria but we didn’t mean anything about them because we couldn’t study them up until 20 years ago well they stopped to do like DNA sequencing of stool and stuff like that and we started to see amazing stuff where the gut flow actually changes behavior its causes basically we know for example depressed people have a different gut flora that non-depressed people we did what is called fecal trans transplant not just the bacterias for depressed people into mice and we saw behavior modification where mice that were fighting on fight anymore there’s a number of things like that and those bacterias also involve in digestion of the food so protein saturated fats and BCAAs are controlled by something named the bacteria rates then you get Prevotella that does the starch and the the sugars and so in any other amino Caucus it seemed like we are basically three and taro types even for people they favor one right and so each is responsible for digestion with certain group that means that your body naturally is going to be better digesting certain food that others and that’s going to have a greater impact on your nervous system that that voice inside your stomach and I’m not kidding basically will be louder or more effective depending on your own composition versus certain food that’s why certain food will affect people a certain way and but not others because it’s an entire thing within the nervous system in the gut flora that is extremely powerful so on three omega-6 or saturated versus unsaturated fat for example do not seem to obey the same entero type of bacteria like saturated fats is back to it so it’s passing pathetic unsaturated fats I can’t tell you exactly which bacteria does it cause I can’t find it educated guesses it’s too well the Prevotella or at least the sympathetic it seems that unsaturated fats give you more energy like almost a sympathetic energy whereas saturated fats is not about the past sympathetic side of things so omega-3 omega-6 they’re gonna be some differences but all that is so much more complex than we thought that’s the problem is looking at food as chemistry is it’s not that it has an impact on the nervous system because of the gut flora it seems like food is a language yeah between the brain and the enteric nervous system so between the monkey and the bacteria this is an entire conversation that happens all the time and a huge part of that conversation is the food so food is not just I get protein this happens oh it’s a language and it’s and the language depends on who you are your environment genetic factorials kids what you ate as a kid are these so much into this it will do podcast about this but it’s the most fascinating thing about so yes there is a difference between omega-3 omega-6 depending on people as well so now I don’t want people to stress about it give me four weeks where you do the principal in a strict way and then we can stop playing and then I’ll give you the guidelines as to more or less how this works and then you’ll experiment but let’s talk about that for a second at the end it comes down to your own mastery of the principles you have to understand this yeah stop asking me for recipes yeah right I am NOT gonna tell you what to do because how could I do you want me to tell you what works for me and I don’t think I don’t think we have this on here but it is a very very common question is these things that come up it’s like well what am I supposed to eat for breakfast I don’t see it’s like oh that’s the wrong question yes you know it’s like first off do you have to eat breakfast can you just eat something like that does have to be what it’s been your breakfast how about you go festive yeah how about some days you go fastest you don’t know how would you know yeah that’s the thing so it’s your own fucking system why are you asking me to tell you if you should fast in the morning or not this is where people piss me off I’m like why would you ask me I don’t know you I’m not you we do not have the same composition or way to get what you asking me to do is change your behavior so we can say we could actually rename that program we could have a separate program instead of autoregulation nutrition it’ll just be Julian regulations and Julian’s just gonna tell you what to eat and what I do every time you ask me a question I’d say D I’m not gonna tell you so should you fast I fast should I have come I have counts yeah should have Nutella I have Nutella start shaving your head yes you asking me to change your behavior yeah and by the way this is not how you long like I talked about the ramen you know ramen heads podcast and why do I talk about that podcast all the time because I want people to understand what it takes to be good at something it takes you taking one thing and being fucking amazing on it but understand that it’s not about the ramen noodles right it’s about the mastery of one thing will force you to learn to learn and will force you to learn about yourself so much that you will apply to everything in your life that do now can learn anything because he knows how to do it you need to learn to learn and to do that you have to fucking experiment like early on the podcast I don’t know I think I said that on Melanie’s you know humans have strong feet was like you don’t want to know what I know they are truth I will not wish on my worst enemy yeah that’s from Mitch you don’t want to know what I know what you want to do is to apply yourself to knowledge the way I did so that you can learn for yourself how to move forward so take the lessons but forget the experience right don’t have my life experiences that I would suggest you don’t you don’t want to know what I know but what you want is you want to get the lessons that I got out of it those lessons will mean that you have to go through the experience your own experience forget that and get the lesson at each point so you can build the principles that is basically learning to learn and this is what most people need to do so I’m annoyed at people that are too fucking lazy to learn Yeah right there are two kinds of people in this world people I want to believe or the people I want to learn which one are you and we talked about it you know testing a t-test wajib like you know to believe first I understand that’s what kids do at first you know you need to learn to believe first and build from there to learn all right most people have long to believe already I think that’s pretty much establish weight you need to step to adulthood which is now you need to learn and that means you need to go out there experiment for yourself win lose at least half the time it’s not Eddie percent so that there’s no other ways to learn but to lose some of them like they go into the plane thinking I want to win the whole thing yeah well guess what there’s no Santa Claus either oh yeah and by the way if you did you wanna learn shit if you were a hundred percent success rate you will not learn anything right sure you need failures that’s why I tell people when they when they fell I’m like please send it to me I need to know where I’m wrong in the protocol and that five percent had failed it showed me the human side where they were doing whatever they wanted but they also show me a score they had Cobb then and and then that Plus that was a learning process for us that exposes a communication gap two-week tour earlier we’ve so much I’ve learned so much has to and I’m still learning by the way and even through the podcast has to explain to people how to talk to people explain them what do you need to do but the biggest thing that I saw was that there was a stop asking me you do it I don’t remember if it was like this is the problem with podcasts and all the talking was I don’t remember if this was who I was talking to if I listened to this conversation in Turners follow us around take notes I have a yeah first note do not email the heads from the but it was a person who I think had started out as a like PT as a physio and it basically who kind of as they kind of became more and more disgruntled by the work just the nature of the work and it was because people would come in deconditioned in pain or in pain because their deconditioned but what would happen is they would come in and just passively expect the physio to just in place that imparts some wellness on to their bodies and then they would march out and that that was the nature of and that’s not a problem with the industry of physio yeah no we’re not doing that is if that is but that ribbon but it’s a problem about the people yeah and that has nothing to do with a doctor or anything like that that’s like that’s the people walking in under the assumption that that’s how health or medicine works yeah where you come in and they give you a thing and now you are different and it’s not the way it’s just not the case that’s not the way learning works you have to become the type of person or the person who has had that experience now in the only way you can do that is to get out there and have and you can’t be that yeah by the way like the whole like oh I can do this I can do that bullshit you she’s been conditioned incorrectly and I think the biggest thing what we see is my clothes for sure well you have someone telling you when you’re hungry that’s insane to me like other guys of course on France sending me a message saying is supposed to get 450 grams of carbs a day anyways like 80 kilos I’m not even like 76 kilos skinny fuckers and it’s like I can gain weight I’m not gonna dude you’re fucking up somewhere well what are we tension I’m like no shit but fun I don’t I am under a hundred grams of carbs a day right now and I can tell you I join your old hard-on and it does it’s insane right the whole but did it on a DNA testing the DNA testing told told him so let’s talk about that for a second he does a DNA testing that tells him like that precise 53 percent of escala we should because I love a DNA testing okay i’ma I’m not the only one who sees bullshit yeah coming Richard don’t you want to do this from feed peer review okay come explain what it is real quick because that’s gonna be a pig let me let me let you can email yeah so we get to spend a whole lot of time I mean now he’s with someone I have my wife but I’m fiancee now so there you go so I I won’t be the third wheel anymore are they are fucking dates so that’s great the best part is is that I can see where this like tingle of I’ve you ever seen this show of Vikings this is Ragnar lothbrok when it’s up on the mountain looking at how he’s gonna conquer Paris and he starts reading these these these studies coming out any stress see he starts to lose his mind a little bit and he starts to go all infuriated and he points at the gaps in everything so I figured coach why don’t we have a youtube channel called peer review by Julian so basically we’re gonna take case studies in all these studies of these readings and he’s gonna mark them up in red we’re gonna print them out and he’s gonna start to go off on YouTube channels well I see there yeah I think it’s be a fun way to kind of get some steam out gonna be so good alright so let’s do a strong feat peer review right now you get a DNA test that tells him 53% cups for each stuff I’m like first of all harder fuck does that work now you have a better understanding of what all they test it for but my understanding is okay oh don’t you my understanding was it basically there was some like inflammation responses to certain foods and that was how they came up with now is that correct it wasn’t no okay it wasn’t that okay no no okay so 53% carbohydrates does that mean you tella it could mean anything how the fuck does that work so now we’re going back to a calorie is a calorie yeah so 1500 grams of Nutella is same thing as 59 grams of chicken all right by the way let’s go there let’s do it what is a calorie does anybody know out there what a calorie is a calorie is an energy of heat is a unit of heat energy exactly so it’s the energy required to heat one liter of water by one degree Celsius other factors that work with a human body we still don’t know right there so it’s that almost random thing basically that we have to food to help people understand first of all it’s very condescending to think that people cannot understand anything past a calorie and everything that’s another thing any furnace me in the fitness industry is training everybody like morons there wouldn’t be morons if we actually educated them about the stuff so instead of using calories can we please use something else that is far more important for example the capacity of the body to digest of food if you have honey he’s dissolving the mouth to enzymes you don’t need to digest it already goes right through right blood stream and all that stuff if you have red meat it’s hitting the stomach for a longer time because it’s very hard to digest that’s how we should best thing we should have a whatever name we want to call digestibility you charge chart or whatever based on digestion and not basically calories because that makes no sense anyway so blue seed first of all 53% we don’t know what kind of blue sit I’m like alright what if there’s a cut if you have a training day or not most programmers eat training that you do this when you don’t train you do that but okay but you still don’t get carbs carbs forward to sustain muscle but muscle are not working you’re on the couch do you really think the body needs cup continuously in order to preserve muscle carbs are again a very seasonal stuff if you go even structures basically we’re only parts of the year but honey is summer so our fruits there’s actually very little time in the winter where you can have you can store some of the statues but you can’t store fruits you can’t star honey they can’t store any of that stuff if you love the higher glycemic the less you’re gonna store it so you can maybe store potatoes and have them but this is seasonal respect two cups cups are an extreme you have to understand and this is not something some cultures like Japan had humongous amount of rice all year long but they had no sugar well you have protein as the other thing is they also have had thousands and thousands and thousands of years and generations to one foot to build one for sort of that not potatoes right right everything base race-based rice based very little protein so we have to look a little bit at how the human body was conceived so evolution when we start look at stuff like that so just saying 53 percent of gross it is ridiculous and again I was like alright so what if you have a stressful day what does I mean what if you have the flu which none of that is in the unit and I’m like okay there’s that 50 so you have to have fun and 30 grams of carbs how’s your training going are you trying are you going conditioning are you going heavy do you think it matters so like you paid for tests understand that we provide a lot of information but I’m like that makes absolutely no sense and by the way none of that testing was based on the controller so that means that you can get from grams of carbs have very low Prevotella for whatever reason and not being able to process it anyway yeah so if we’re gonna go in testing we need a shitload more testing that is not available to us because we still don’t understand all the stuff with a gut flora so that whole 53% is complete bullshit yeah so it’s not it’s it’s absurd and again it’s based on 430 grams but if it’s honey it’s gonna be absorb a certain way if it’s right it’s gonna be absorbed differently is it well as the quality of the food what if it’s rice coming from the mother to Turkey in China with this plastic in it I’m making a joke but it’s like meat like sometimes the cow is sick it will it will affect your response to the meat so quality of food is there if it’s high glycemic or low glycemic or stuff like that they’re going to say obviously it’s low glycemic I know it said 50% 53% looses it that’s what drives me crazy no less and so because I never know where those numbers come from they go they have one test or one study I’m like by the way if you have one study it’s called confirmation bias yeah that’s what people say do you have studies to back that out do you want the thousand studies that I read to back out to you know to back up what I said okay but you or do you want one of the two that are on the other side exactly cuz that’s the problem with this – exactly is that is that anything like there is literally everything on every side of almost every issue I’ll come to the Internet okay so and so the problem is somebody can copy and paste it if you like me wrong if you like me you want the two that prove me right if you don’t like me you want to do that prove me wrong yeah it’s confirmation bias in both cases so I’ll make a deal with everybody where I will post the hundred studies that I’ve read on the subject or stuff like that but then you’re gonna spend the time reading them as well and we’ll have a conversation about it what you cannot do is go on internet and see hey Jeff studies and you expect me to post to that’s a confirmation bias and if you don’t like what I say you look at those two saying that doesn’t mean anything very now I’m spending my time I’m wasting my time machine what annoys me the most an hour of my time putting all the studies for you not to read them or discard them because you asked me for study not to read them and learn but because what I said challenge your belief system and now you want to hang on to it and instead of wanting to have a conversation with me you’re just trying to dismiss me well it’s just too easy yeah it is the science equivalent of what happens when my wife wants to start a new show on Netflix and I don’t want to watch it what I do is like well let me check some reviews and I go and I pull up reviews except I will only look at one-star reviews and I’m like babe this shows shit this never s’en hated it exactly this person hated it look at all the reasons we have not to like it yeah move on and then we watch what I want to watch it you should not say that on a podcast so but a lot of time when I get that can you give me the studies that’s what this is it’s their belief system got challenged like I don’t mind talking about anything all I ask is that if you can ask me that question that means you’re actually gonna read the ten twenty stuff and then you’re going to look at the other points they are making the principles behind it trying to link them together and have a rational conversation about the whole stuff then I’m willing to talk to you but if it’s just to say can you please list them as a gotcha thinking that like I’ve actually don’t read or that I never actually check what I’m talking about or stuff like that just as the gotcha stuff to prove me wrong first of all you’re wrong in the if you don’t think I read everything out there I can well I think obviously you don’t owe me a lot of that behavior on the internet it’s just people a lot of times spend their day now online they’re the online portion of their day though just marking their territory like a dog piss and on offense coast is they go this issue well here’s my take on it yeah yes here’s my take on it yeah and it’s like nobody cares well you’re not trying to help anybody why is doing any time of your day writing comments when you nothing can come well you don’t actually expect anything to come out of it but just yeah getting pissed or just wanting to get angry or whatever it baffles me that people actually spend their time doing that I have a good one here this is a this is a Tyler question yeah I got a Julian question most likely an issue Tyler is very familiar with have you or others notice their relationship to alcohol has changed with this new trend that beyond you I mean I got my stuff it’s special what about so here’s what here’s what I found I had for quite some time due to some injuries on other stuff I had a hard time training heavy with intensity okay this nutrition slowly started to bring that back for me I’m able to train a heavy and tens I’m able to find intensity okay and then and then feeling actually confident under heavy weight which is a thing that if it is it’s awesome but the moment you get under heavy weight and you don’t feel good nothing feels worse in the world than I ever and all you need to do is and that’s a very shitty way to have your training be going for months right um this like like that slowly started getting better body cops are certain but the truth of the matter is you talk about relationship to alcohol when I first started this I think I wanted alcohol way more but like way more I noticed not that I was like a total degenerate or anything but like but there’s only syrup I’m a guy who likes to drink no well yes what did I say I’m not a kind of sewer because I’m cheap I’m just an enthusiast but but but I found that I tended to drink more so which is actually why I had to make very specific adjustments into what I was drinking so I wasn’t totally shooting myself in the foot yeah because you’ve seen five acres exactly and what what I ended up finding was as I have found that sympathetic response in my training there is no pole for me to that outside of it nothing like it was before I actually have drank maybe twice in the last 15 or 16 days which is two or three times which is actually less than usual yeah and I’m not talking get in the house but just having tricks but before that it might be like maybe three to four times over the course if 10 days BAM and I’m we’re just talking having any drinks here but but in getting this what I found is it it was regulating me towards I needed more sympathetic and to get it somehow that’s why the poll was towards it was like well I have a few drinks tonight you know do this do that go and and when I found it in training it’s just it’s the the the urge stopped and then I’m just kind of now just doing things so basic as it should be yeah yeah like you wanted a sympathetic response yeah so you found it somewhere and you know why I found it in that why I was able to find it with booze is because I was not able to find it for so long I had no reinforcements to the fact that I could get it in training yeah I don’t get it training because you want to die on the other way yeah so people will find it in training if they can tell find it in booze or sugar or carbon yeah that’s where the sugar addiction is really it’s just you you needing a sympathetic reaction but not any sympathetic reaction it’s a fight reaction yeah not a flight reaction we get plenty of flight reactions right the problem is we don’t go into fight and so you couldn’t go into fight into training anymore because it was just to having you were hurt so you want to fly it so then you go to the next one and you’ll see people choosing alcohol or sugar because it will rile them up enough that they go into yeah I can conquer the world and that’s a fight reaction and then you need more and more and more carbs or more more sugar to create the same fatty reaction because the problem is you’re applying yourself incorrectly to the problem so the problem put you into flight and instead of fixing that you’re using food to put yourself back into fight and now there’s a wrong relationship I don’t know you’ve been more even communicating obviously more directly with everybody on the subjects but but that’s just my experience and honestly I don’t know that I have heard much on the subject from within the nutrition group of you I know the mental stuff yeah for as far as alcohol goes no no no no what we had yes yes we did because we had a bunch of the ladies if you remember said they used to have two glasses of wine and now they only have one yeah it’s too sweet so we had one I said one tastes so sweet now which is normal and we had another one let’s say I used to have two glasses and when I only have one yeah yeah it’s the same thing so because she’s less in flight all right she needs she needs she doesn’t have as much alcohol to get herself back in fight and as a racial ship with food becomes a healthy one healthier one she’ll also learn mentally to put herself in fight and not in flight which were also lessen the need for alcohol and sugar like people have to understand you can go from flight to fight mentally as well you can just choose not to lose that’s what the flight is a lot of situation is not the bear chasing you it’s a situation that comes at you and you have two choices you can either run away mentally from eating its own cool I’m not mad or hey I’ll deal with it another day or you can choose to confront the person for example confronting does not mean grab a shotgun and start blasting everybody it just means I do not like this like you confront the problem with the person and again so an insult not a rock so that means don’t punch the person just say I do not like this we need to solve this problem that’s a fight mode yeah fight mode doesn’t mean fighting physically it just means confronting a problem versus not confronting it which is I it’s all good we’ll talk about it another day that’s a flight mode so there’s an entire approach to issues even mentally that needs to happen and when you do that you will notice that you need for alcohol you’ll need for carbs and sugars will go down because you don’t need to go from flight to fight anymore yeah and now you just spend there now guys you want to know a pre-workout tip okay go in fasted yep have honey with you I go with a little bit of espresso a little bit of whiskey a little bit’s relative yeah it’s a big big dude it runs in my blood but but but have that and then start your training like that right and then start training between the caffeine in the whiskey its perfidy and then the honey on demand and I swear you’ll go into training just ready to rip the hair off the head off a fucking bowl and so do that then have a reward system after and you can’t wait to go back to the gym yeah that’s the secret so that would be part of the group we’re not talking about is how to also use all this as we want system like all these links they all linked to each other because it’s part of the learning process you need to learn to training aspect you need to learn to train just for today but for the next session as well and the next week in the next month’s in the next year all these ties in to they all tie in to each other we have let’s see so how about this one because this is one of my favorite one this is a very human crackit right this is a this is the type of question we get that’s very habit based and these are the things that that are kind of interesting to me this one is quinoa is a good source of carbs but also proteins yep when would you eat it now I’m gonna answer that question first by saying Christ you do you have to eat quinoa like do you does anyone like quinoa like on its own you’re choosing quinoa over other foods that’s the question like right you’re like there’s this thing that I heard is healthy so I have to fucking eat it like when you’re leaving California you do I guess yes I guess but if you shop at Whole Foods they put quinoa and everything yes but anyway quinoa if you’re super into it when’s a person supposed to eat something that is still so like it it’s 50/50 right so usually when you are out of 50/50 or over your shifting – it’s a sympathetic response okay so it should be before longer workout or stuff like I had that question with lentils because we had some people are vegan I wanted to apply the protocol I don’t know how to do it with veganism yeah if you cut I’m not talking about like pure vegan not vegetarian because it can have fish and eggs we’re talking like full vegan with plant-based everything that I see is plant-based usually have carbs in it probably because it would taste like shit otherwise yeah but it’s such a hard response for me like for example lentils right by the way take 60 seconds going we keep it yeah and you know this is 63 percent carbohydrates lentils is so any weight like 10 percent protein so guess what it’s a carbohydrate yeah that’s what it is what you want me to tell you so have it leave it for you train or be super active all day so happy testing in the world system yeah yeah start there have lentils and quinoa is a reward system yeah well the other thing is this if our this is gonna come out wrong if here’s the old if you like rich whiskey if you like I was getting pissed and trust me not even close is is if you go if you like ice cream we’re not saying don’t have ice cream there’s a time for you to still just sit down have ice cream that’s gonna have training yeah well no I mean I mean aside from totally following the rules I followed Julian you’re a hundred percent 100 percent hundred per second I mean I mean like you’re just you’re just in a situation hey you want some ice yours sure do that that’s there’s nothing wrong I’m a 100% oh you are yeah totally but here’s the deal if you like quinoa see you an 80% oh yeah good quinoa if you’re gonna so not if you’re gonna do it outside the program just just fit it in and don’t do it all that often or have it in the situations that you just yeah because if you’re gonna have it every day then it has to be Carolina so do it before workouts I one day we’ll do a podcast one day on exactly how much calories and the whole macro stuff when it comes to carbs and protein and we have to understand where it comes from like it’s a bodybuilding stuff pass sympathetic all day there’s a number of issues with the concept mm-hmm and we’ll do a podcast on that yeah because this very good stuff with bodybuilding that we should talk about spot reduction why works where it comes from it’s not fat its water and how come spot reduction works the intra carbs that they used to do in the area zone that is whatever I was that’s very effective will explain why and then the whole like protein every three hours that one is wrong and it will explain why yeah so here’s another good one yeah how was the nervous system affected when someone has a cold and is lying in bed resting all day yes what types of macronutrients should take you when you have a cold that means you’re fighting something right is the difference between you at 102 in bed not being able to move them you’re going in freeze yeah right so that’s on the pass sympathetics that you need to heal if you have a call you’re most likely in sympathetic cause you’re still going to work and everything so that’s gonna require more calm so maybe some fruits all day or staff like that maybe all day but like you to keep the energy up because you’re basically in a very low-level fight all day and trying to get rid of the flu that versus being your zone to die and you do want to feed that because that is working for you at that point because you’re working you’re doing stuff right if you’re that bad that you’re on the couch she’s get fucking saturated fats yeah and protein all they stay they are heal and then I will put you in a right face but to our bit different you just you know like I won’t see why are you sick I’m like what kind of sick it’s kind of big I got you in bed like say you sleep on top because that don’t put you in freeze right away that’s basically you need to heal so in this case if they’re laying in bed all day then such a fat is just fats such as fats all day and some like if you use always moment where you have a little bit of you know people come to see you say if you okay if you socialize in that sense I would start to have protein and stuff like that we have to do an episode on that where the reward system can also be associated with saturated fats and protein that’s for another podcast yeah so there’s a couple of more really good ones here we have we’ve kind of addressed this but I wanna in specifics can I follow the program if I’m vegan or vegetarian if your vision you can have fish and eggs we’re good vegan I’m here’s the thing you could I think I’m interested in it just because it would be interesting to see a person who’s willing by trial and error and to really give it the effort to find a way to make it work no I think you could make it well but because these plant-based protein but he’s that plant-based protein obviously powder that you’re ingesting is it how does it have carbohydrates and sugar on it even if they say no did you really test it and then how much is affected from a digestion standpoint because it’s not holes not fibers it’s just fucking it’s how they are so by the way when you have a protein powder out of the Bacteroides because that’s what you would go and plant do they attack that because if I remember the stuff with a whey protein they always like predigested or what the fuck it means I don’t know what any other way yeah but if it says predigested I mean it’s like does it go right through and bacteria does not need to break it down because then I would change the entire digestive process I don’t know how this works so first of all do you know for sure that that company that it’s not right here but plant-based first of all do they put carbs and sugar in it not what they say do they actually do it or not if we were to have a plant-based protein that is not that doesn’t have carbs or sugar in it in that actually forces the back in fact is decomposed by bacteria rates then yes the protocol would work but I don’t know yeah but if those conditions were met yeah yeah yeah it would work you it would work the same but I don’t know if those parallels get digested so fast maybe the gut flora doesn’t get to touch it like for example is an entire problem with health effects with the sweeteners yes right that’s actually a question in here someone asked about artificial sweet so and how they affect we don’t know but we know it’s it’s affects negatively the gut flora so that seems to be a big no-no so technically the problem is we’re looking at it from a chemistry perspective so that but it’s not sugar therefore everything is fine no no since no because your body’s not up taking sugar so then you’re not gonna have that problem exactly except that’s not what’s happening because it seems to have a negative impact on the gut flora and that creates a number of autoimmune issues in certain types of diseases dirty shoes and behavioral problems there’s another set of issues because of the conditioning also I would assume that it would affect your nervous system in some way at least at first yeah because anything that is sweet will crater simple that’s what people like its own actually I think anything anything that is a placebo can be effective at first but that’s what impressive denature and then just over time you’re like yeah this isn’t this is as far as the learning process placebo is your nervous system reacting to something because he knows it’s gonna get a reaction so by the way if you do that for too long and you keep triggering that part of the nervous system and that part of the gut flora without actually feeling it what happens then mm-hmm I don’t know but that might be a lot uglier than we think because we’ve seen some direct issues with the sweeteners now with all that fake sugar stuff and so you might go as far as if he fucks up is a gut flora you’ll go as far as walking up with behavior and can create serious serious diseases within the the entire system because we know the enteric nervous system basically produces neurotransmitters but also very important hormones and stuff like that yeah he’s shown that the the gut flora example eczema that that happens like there’s a number of things basically that are related to the nervous system and who knows if the artificial sweeteners don’t fuck with that if it does we’re gonna create massive issues but there’s no sugar so it’s all good yeah like we’re playing with stuff we don’t that’s the problem is because we’ve been studying the guitar for 20 years we playing with stuff we don’t understand so we producing first and basically right now doing human testing and see how the that’s what we’re doing so nerve scale large scale high number it’s gonna be an awesome study so people in 50 years or 100 years we look at is going you crazy motherfuckers yeah like you actually did that that’s what we’re doing within human studies on the food industry on the food right now where we introduce food and that your ancestors never had a variety of food that we never had extremes of food all year long that we never had and then we and then we fuck up with power about probiotics now we’re starting to fuck with a gut flora and behavior modification without understanding truly any of it yeah yeah sometimes well on those types of things especially just just release come with no checks and balances no information by industry that is famous for not caring yeah purpose it’s all money first but that will completely and totally shape a society yeah but that’s the us for you like they like so now we do so much back and forth I can tell you that Europe to the US every single time I get to us about reaction like we all know you’re screwed in the US with the food but I don’t think we understand how bad it is my I have such a strong reaction when I go to the US now this sugar and everything salt and fat we know that but it’s not even real sugar it’s not real fat anymore the cows are sick so the red meat isn’t isn’t of a certain quality like you could shape a culture and creates of nolle reactions out of a high group of people by manipulating the food I’m not saying they’re doing it on purpose it’s not the Illuminati conspiracy no because they’re solving other problems what they’re doing basically is that shit that started that conference where like they they had the Giants of the food industry in the u.s. saying we’re going to put sugar and salt in everything because it tastes better that’s where and then what is called NDT or whatever like you know that the stuff that they used to have in the chinese-japanese VG I miss G yeah the Japanese seaweed so they starting to fuck with stuff that we don’t fully understand but I now believe you Tori right we could shape a culture by doing that and I do believe that’s what we’re doing with the u.s. yeah like one day you’ll cause Luka it’s all extremes it’s fats and protein just less fat so sorry protein and carbs carbs being the vessel of the protein because it’s always with bread everything so you’re digesting less than less protein you have that protein that is of a lesser lesser quality the cows are sick the chicken are raised in the conditions we’ve seen everything is six so that means that carbs mean you don’t digest the protein approaching is such a low quality that it’s it’s an attack to the nervous system anyway so that means that you’re raising a sympathetic reaction on to people all day you take the fats out and you just feed them basically in that case carbs then you make people make sure they sit and don’t do anything and you have an entire population in flight yeah and then what I’ll be tension B and then after that you start to see all the other issues but eventually we’ll be able to link all this together you might take 100 years maybe 200 years and look how crazy we are in 2019 oh yeah I mean like my son he used to have problems and we couldn’t really pin it down as far as his it’s like a skin would break out yeah just I really rash the bumps just all over and some days it would it would be isolated up here other days it would make its way all the way down onto his stomach and stuff but that wasn’t really a lot to be done about it yeah but but it’s basically a it’s a mild allergic reaction that he was actually very insane all the time and within three weeks of being in Europe it’s gone so it’s either the food or the water I said oh I don’t think the air because there’s any freer than the air and no look I’ve been in Sanji go so air it was there but I remember when I was there not much I got water it’s very interesting and the only thing that I’m in a place now that has legitimately some of the best quality water yes high mineral content standing you really wonder because I’ve been when I was some degree was I tried there was only whole food so normally mmm more organic stuff and everything but I was drinking like Wario and I’m starting to wonder if because your GEICO’s fail lack of faith goes go through that and I’m starting to wonder about the water as well yeah yeah I think in the u.s. you’re screwed man like I think the food anymore don’t worry about that this the food is a far bigger problem that we realize and I’m not thinking about what people eat I’m talking about the quality of woody it’s not even about their decision making no but top of it they are being fed that bullshit story about you need whatever it is actually hundred grams of protein a day and 500 grams of carbs and everything where I’m like but even if people say law comes they still say high protein yeah so about high-fat I mean low carbs and probably lower protein than you think look well how much you weigh when you me I’m about 3:15 all right so you’ve been stabilized there for like at least I haven’t gone up or down more than five pounds in two months two months right how much calories you get today I have no idea but I would guess it’s honestly probably like not over three thousand so right now I’m having a lot of fun three thousand I’ll bet you I’m at 35 four thousand I bet you m8020 I’m 80% fat 10% protein 10% counter I’m grams of carbs are then maybe probably less with the training that I want some time training twice a day I’m at and I’m probably on grams of protein and then everything else is carbs fat soy yeah and I trained five days a week heavy have three of them I think there’s a choice to get for it for two of those days but you’re probably I’m gonna guess that your output and your trainings a little higher than mine is at the moment I’m not trying to kill anything here but I am but but I’m but but I’m still doing it consistently but I used to consume around 6 to 7 to 8,000 calories as I peak up and in that would be 7 to 900 grams of carbs also so do the math here I was only 20 to 25 pounds heavier yeah and I’ve completely maintained while cutting my food intake almost in half yeah so what are the Cubs by way I quote it look and now I’m probably only consuming a hundred grams of carbs a day purely during training yeah exactly that’s it yeah there’s no carb excess even like on my huge reward stuff either training doesn’t go you know from different reason when I shall turn away I’ll bet you the max I get right now is 115 and I don’t have cabinets out of that yeah I mean some ways in cashews and stuff like that it’s okay let’s see 150 grams of carbs a day and that’s one of the huge ones if I don’t train I don’t do carbs mm-hmm what kills what kills me is if I were that that’s why I had to switch with with alcohols I can’t justify drinking beer yeah because it’s just it’s way too many carbs yeah it’s just too many carbs and cuz I can drink a few of them Allah there’s no point I don’t want it I would get 2,000 grams of carbohydrates and me with beer if I’d need it too so straight whiskey is a lot he’s a lot easier on a guy but but but no I actually I actually had beer was like a week ago and it was yeah it was one of those things it was just like almost felt like it was a stimulant at that point because I was so sensitive to the hydrates totally I get super sensitive yeah the interesting stuff oh we saw in the group basically and I saw that on mentoring program as well most people have stopped drinking water during the day or at least reduced it tremendously this is another question on here actually and we all have one more after this before we finish if water can take you into the parasympathetic nervous system should we consider the intent or timing of water and actually yeah okay but I don’t want you to force it right I don’t want you to go I can’t have water during the day I’m just saying that naturally I don’t drink water during the day if I try kind of get stuck in my stomach just like my body doesn’t want it six o’clock is usually when I when I stop my day no matter what turn off the iPad outside of doing my pattern games cuz that’s what I do for fun that and then I count toothpicks drop them on the floor that was a good joke so actually I’m not killing often I do parent games on my iPad yeah I’m that big yeah so six o’clock starts and basically my day is done and I start my path sympathetic stuff so it’s gonna be saturated fats and then I start pounding I’m thirsty I got and then I start drinking before that I just don’t want to like if I were to drink water right now we would get stuck here I just would not like it so I did not look at oh fast if I think don’t drink water and it just was that way and but so I didn’t say anything about that especially on the on the programs cause first of all I wanted to see and second nobody would freak people out right so I didn’t say anything and I think we had 60% of them saying yeah I don’t drink water anymore don’t do that yeah I have it was the same thing as I have no desire to drink water during the day yeah I know I mean I might have a cup this size of water throughout the day like in a bottle but mostly that’s about it and then after dinner in the evening I’ll drink I have these like one liter glass bottles in the fridge I have five of them yeah and I will drink probably three of those before bed so definitely singing now I wake up at least once a once a night to go drink water yeah like um but I want to so I wake up going in water so even it’s not like I gotta get up in pee so I may not be anywhere but it’s more like he’s like I want to so I get up drink my water makes me happy I go back to sleep myself again and I think it’s it’s so we can’t overstate the fact too that all the work that you’re doing to put in all this extra if you’re eating way more protein in a way more carbs it’s not that just in taxes so it doesn’t matter it’s just no extra work it’s extra it doesn’t matter it sends you back because this is energy to digest or at least to store once you store it you start attacking your system so there’s a number of actions that happen when you put so much food in that requires more energy and if it’s undigested it’s not attacking you that requires more energy so the idea that even if let’s instead of 300 grams to get 150 in right instead of that I’m gonna have 200 and get 150 in technically from a number of perspective you have the same amount of protein in but that’s not true because that difference of 100 being put in creates such a deficit on energy that it takes to pro in all that stuff that even though you have the same amount of protein in you’ll do so much better because all energy is not being spent on processing that extra food that’s true that’s what dancing nutrients is so important because then it’s less energy being used constantly the blood can go everywhere else but in the stomach remember if you eat all the time that blood is going to the stomach all the time and it’s not increasing number of issues and I don’t remember who this is you’ll notice a pretty common theme when I attribute corners to people I don’t remember who this was but it said they said about drinking waters like so many people force themselves to drink a gallon a while because if you don’t have water that’s they’ve been told to and what they don’t understand is I don’t know if you guys know this but your body actually has a very good feedback mechanism to tell you when you should be drinking water fucking thirsty or are you not and he has a flushing system yeah cause he tell you fuel thirsty is too late you guys are fucking insane yeah like is there not an insult to the human body where else did that be how would you know better than the human body it is so instead you should drink every 30 minutes I’m like are you guys fucking insane your body doesn’t know when you need water there is an insane statement by the way the body also has a flushing mechanism do you know that when you have a heatstroke you cannot drink water anymore because it just flushes yeah you have to drink calories orange juice or stuff like that because otherwise it’ll make it worse yeah so that three gallons in a is faucet forcing a flushing mechanism from the body so he actually will make you pee more which will dehydrate you and you get to a stage of dehydration where now you at risk of gaining what’s before a heat stroke reheat something whatever I call my mother the name of it right before the his shock well you can actually get to there from severe dehydration for forcing yourself to drink when you shoot it and they are for creating a flushing system if you’re not in a stage where you can process the water pass sympathetic the system will flush it out remember you’re sympathetic also basically won’t let you pee so you’re just going to hold it hold it hold it hold it that is on set of issues and then you start to flush it but it’s a sympathetic reaction but as now you should process water the body doesn’t work like that the fact that we need people to tell us when we’re hungry when we thirsty you need a fucking HIV monitor to tell you when you’re stressed when you slept well yeah you buy you being sold shit that’s all this is what that’s the downside of the Western world and the medical and fitness world we live in the special in the medical profession as well where they need to produce stuff and experimental scientists have always an inflated ego they always know the truth but the truth is inspect them an experimental physicist environmental scientists only know where to look because they are told by the theoretical scientist and we don’t have that in the medical world anymore we only have people that produce and people are produced out the experimental physicist going like let me make a pill and they have that inflated ego where they always know the truth so they’re going to look at five studies and go right that’s the way this works and now they’re pushing it and of course the industry is more than happy behind pharmaceutical industrial food industry is more than happy to push it behind cause they’re beginning more sales and we’re telling people stuff where to stop listening to themselves I’ll tell you when you’re hungry thirsty I’ll tell you when you’re stressed I’ll tell you when you don’t sleep well is there not fucking insane shaking like this will just remove you from the equation is it if you’re sizing everybody yeah will that’s what drives me crazy I’m like we’re going to literally just hand over responsibility to corner of the human psyche where we all tribe animals that’s normal we all social animal that’s where evolution wants us we are used to being part of the tribe so it’s normal for us to look at earlier and say okay which is good because we need that to live in society otherwise everybody would want to be an alpha it’s been tried before with different animals and you always end up in half of them dying right so in society specially Zambian people you cannot have all betters trying to be alphas always will be dead so understand completely the need for that but the problem is they are using it to to play with shit they don’t understand so they’re harming us in the process well they’re like let me take every ounce of responsibility you have toward yourself by basically telling you I’m the leader I know better because I have a PhD and the industry not just that the entire industry behind saying you should trust the guy in the lab code right even though he’s an extra and his action that she does not have a PhD by the way and trust him and follow those stuff because we will tell you literally when you are hungry thirsty stressed or sleeping well yeah now and that’s that’s the world we’re in right now that’s why I get so pissed every time so when people ask me to be that person to them I’m like then you’re gonna have to be part of the tribe yeah because then I get to explain to you everything else but I’m not going to do it for people outside so my tribe is a mentoring program is strong fit and I have a responsibility to help them why because I get to check what you do and call you out on it on a regular basis so that I’m willing to be I’m going to be the leader to my tribe because then I’ll be in the back checking with all of them that they are doing okay but someone of the sweet thing just give me a recipe I was like dude I will not be responsible to fuck up your nervous system if you do it and do it wrong you might do this or that and I’m not gonna be responsible for that so what I want me is to educate people yeah always education man always knowledge is knowledge is power this last question yeah if you do not eat dairy you replace cheese with avocado olives and nuts the problem with that is we’re going from saturated to unsaturated if we were to if this was during the first four to five weeks however saturated fats which is why did you even care though in the first four weeks we know no Derek yeah get your cheese and nuts yeah or get your nuts and olives start there yes calibration point yeah there’s gonna be an issue sooner or later is that saturated is not the same thing as unsaturated for example there was a study I’ll impress everybody with my knowledge of studies and I’ll use one just one so it’s confirmation bias that were showing the effect of saturated fats and unsaturated fats on the liver or while being associated with ethanol okay so that means basically you drink mm-hmm so booze with saturated fats we’re doing less of a damage then booze and unsaturated fats because it seems that booze and saturated fats basically we’re creating a sympathetic reaction on both sides that was more damaging to the liver than the saturated fat they were kind of blocking the sympathetic reaction of the booze interesting so there was an entire thing the other I started to look into so just saturated fats and unsaturated fats are not the same saturated fats is bacteria that’s more deep a sympathetic unsaturated fat I think is not about the sympathetic side so there is a difference first four weeks even Mario but sooner or later you’re gonna have to find me saturated fats so if you can’t have cheese can you have coconut based off I can’t coconut oil just wrecks my stomach I can’t because it’s disgusting no I like it like in Thailand or I like three days of currently looking it all triggers cramp in me go milk I’m okay but have to be very careful how much coconut oil I get like if I start to have like that coconut yogurt which I if I have too much of it I start to cramp I don’t have diarrhea or anything like that it’s just cramps like I have that my 4-pack starts to cramp in homage and it Sani oh yeah oh yeah it’s super strong reaction and I mean also we’ve had some interesting results on the dairy subject so this is a person who’s choosing not to eat dairy that’s one thing but if they’re little dairy sensitive yeah we have that as well yes so that’ll be part of the podcast but basically the idea is to promote Ella is responsible for sugar the problem is there is the lactose which is the sugar so if we activate the Prevotella correctly we’ve noticed that the dairy intolerance goes away we had people that are full-blown dairy intolerant like if they have any dairy it’s baby wipes and I mean unhappy trip and we’ve been able to cut that out by giving them dairy after training sessions like but very specific training session where we trigger the sympathetic aspect get the prevotella going and from the argumentum dairy and they did not have a reaction at all and overall I would say six weeks may at least six weeks maybe more of the protocol we had people that were daily intolerant that are not anymore but it took a while to get everything going that’s out of the pot and it also takes some some alignment with your training to to speed that up that’s important okay by the way those people that got those results this was fully aligned with wizard training good that that is something we’ll have to talk about is most of the people on the mentoring program going into sympathetic most of the people on the autoregulation group the group from outside also go sympathetic on the train we had issues with some people that don’t train arrow that they never push to sympathetic and that I don’t think the protocol will work very well because of the simple reason is you cannot skip the sympathetic part but has nothing to do with a protocol and nutrition that’s to do with life their life is balance is a notch between the pass if I think sympathetic you can not skip that part do you think a person who can’t find that in training is gonna always feel that pull for carbohydrates just to get them because yeah because they’re in flight all the time now the only reason they’re not training like that’s because they don’t want to it’s because they can’t go there they can’t go into a fight mode you want to bet this entire conversation behind that to have on where they are in life and their capacity to deal with situation and stuff like that and your fight that they are in flight most of the time you will see water retention in certain specific places you’ll see the same injuries coming up that’s a flight reaction and so they’re going to use carbs in order to put themselves into fight that addicted to come that we talked about that’s just a need for fight but that’s because mentally you’re going into flight you have to deal with shit in your own life and learn to go to about fight to get rid of that card that continuous cob addiction or booze or getting sub-interface and there’s a wellness one of many reasons why we train anyways well there but there’s a million reasons to train but one of them is that you do need to experience what that is like as a human what it was like what it feels like to be a good on basis yeah so that so that you’re not taking that out on situations where it’s not appropriate when your dog yeah on your dog or on what you have kids or on yourself because you’re shoving your face with fucking peanut butter and jelly but understand that you’re shoving up the cob just same thing as you taking your anger on the dog yeah it’s basically so one is a you just trying to get into a fight and you’re fighting something so maybe you have kids so you can’t beat up the dog yeah but it’s the same basically reaction right is still you’re not dealing dealing with the stuff and it’s a it’s a fundamental part of everything we do is that sympathetic side has to be experience has to be and you have to go there often that’s why I think it’s read to the greatest thing you can do because you’re gonna go sympathetic and at first you’re gonna get your ass kicked you’re gonna go in flattened and because the guy is trying to kill you you’re gonna learn to go to all the fight mode and I think that’s why sheets were so great for me is forced me to go away from flight in to do the dry the dude is trying to kill you do something yeah I mean and I learn to flow within that which was so important so now it wasn’t enough to be invited to Leon to go from fight to flow even though our sympathetic reaction I think to me that’s the greatness or if it’s ooh is that that you can’t find in karate because you’re not gonna fight someone yeah because if they punch you in the face you so it’s not gonna happen often where I was injured so you can spar but now we’re every day hard and not be not I get brain damage from it yeah that’s what to meet the greatness of issue is is that is to learn to go into fight and then control the fight to go into flow and and I think this is everything cool awesome well I hope that cleared up some other questions we have if you have more questions send them our way this is a good forum for us to I don’t think it’s much it’s actually much easier to if you have a question we’d like to address it here we’re usually pretty pretty good about responding to questions online but somewhat but it’s also the worst way to communicate so yeah I mean you want me to answer on stuff in two lanes through comments it’s so hard and it can be mr. Pro traded misinterpreted in 60 different ways and other people attack it because they misunderstand because they understand the question anyway and to be thorough via text message is really you know because one guy sweltering at four guys jumping in saying whoa but you say that protein I’m like yeah been in the context of and I can’t explain that because I don’t want to spend pages of write pages because then people like well will you do my group yes and then can you give me a recipe and then we are back in the same problem yeah so but send us questions we were happy to help well definitely I think this is a the Q&A or a new sub special and then some of the new stuff we have I think any new subject that we roll out is going to be something that we’re going what is it time on this that time is weird because it goes off of like beats per minute or low like time signatures I think it’s been like an hour and 20 minutes bullshit yeah alright so we’ll do this on a regular regular basis yeah it’ll be great alright well thanks a lot guys hey guys all right we’re here at strong fat HQ I’m talking with Andy from where again I’m from Munich Germany okay and Andy you’ve been here now for five to five days what it’s my fourth trade to him okay came before the assessment seminar last weekend what was the what were you like trying to get out of the assessment seminar their assessment just more like to understand doing assessments you just can’t get better by doing assessments and this looks like the best you just have to go and go and go yes just just do it and just to learn more about it what’s rich doing assessments and just learning getting deeper into that rabbit hole will help me getting better at my own assessments yeah so that was the main reason that I came here and you had a bit of an interesting experience here this time from a like a like like a feeling while being assessed yet session that you maybe hadn’t had before what what were you guys trying to do as far as your assessment goes this week so we’re talking about a little bit about the emotional mapping or the emotional side behind an assessment and and contre me alright let’s go downstairs let’s test something so you you wanted me to find my hammies all right there yeah but there’s a difference between you know when you’re in high school and you’re gonna walk up to a girl you’re like do you like me or do you like me wait that is not how to sing right okay so I’m working everything through five or not all right so that’s not Heyward first of all you showed up with all your research or by Chinese acupuncture and the body and stuff like that which is pretty awesome right so explain that one first okay when it comes to emotional mapping I was looking at emotions and how we can trigger emotions with movement and the way I did it I was looking at Chinese medicine because they link it to organs and muscles and then I was looking at acupuncture their trigger muscles and organs as well and I was trying to get like the try emotions right yeah yes an emotions together trying a connection you show up with that yes right trying to get answers out of that one from there we start to establish certain muscle with certain emotions correct right and then the strong phase system based on that which I explained for 20 minutes right things and then we tested it right I need to give background because it’s missing the good part now I wanna I’ve heard the story as far as the test goes but you weren’t given like a thousand different ways to find your hamstrings no even one way yeah usually like I thought when I feel my hammies like went down and I had to feel them and I was like all right I got my hammies in coach looked at me like no you don’t have to your hammies yes I feel them when I move I feel them no probably I’ll take care of that later it’ll be alright for now it’s a it’s a converter issue good so so you were given one tool to find your hamstrings you thought you found them initially you just kind of got wore myself yeah I just that’s that’s what the the sensation came it’s a difference between feeling and feeling yeah so it’s like all right a few my hammies unconsciously no you don’t find your hammies it’s like i got them just think no you don’t find your hammies find your fucking hammies so i was playing around getting really fast frustrated couldn’t find it didn’t know what what to do and he told me all right you were a soccer player right how how many and how many ways did you kick a soccer ball I don’t know yeah all right do that with your hammies so it took me like 50 minutes laying around of just hamster just hamstrings just moving forward with my knees with my hip pressure on the big tone this same exercise say much yeah just on one exercise and then I was finally starting getting somewhere and rich was doing you know like watching me then he did a workout next to it and yours oh that looks better nope you didn’t get it and okay it’s really mad at myself I’m getting super frustrated and then finally I found them after like an hour mm-hmm the feeling when you when you really got it I was like I got super angry and I was just looking at a wall like with an empty face and not doing anything yeah just just not off yeah but the good thing was I found them but I didn’t feel anything else anymore yeah there was no like reinforcement of that at all you just you found him and then I suppose had you left at that point in time it would have just been like well that’s why there’s my hamstring yeah yeah so makes me 45 minutes tomorrow yeah so basically we went into four freeze mode is literally here looking at the fridge going German yeah me like you went for German and so is mod basically not feeling anything anymore the funny thing about this I need to put the context is there was an entire testing being done there were two phases which I explained to him for 20 minutes which was nodding about which was we’re going to do skill two final Yama’s once we have that you’re gonna have a reward system toward the pass sympathetic side and in that case you will be there for saturated fats go ahead Andy so I’m sitting there looking at the fridge and cut across like all right here’s some cream target chuck cream target all right so strengthen the grille and I’m sitting there for another five minutes and I feel really happy and I turn around to coat you know like god I don’t know what you were testing but you got me happier which which which if you’ve seen the movie Zoolander is like about to say you know what that scene when he says so what why man morals is like fucking you spent 24 times I was like so he looks at me literally going like I don’t know what I was but I feel really happy right and he’s all like smiling and everything I’m like I explained to you for 20 minutes you will not him I actually I and it goes it looks at being wise oh I get it and now you wanted I also think that’s important though not to downplay the the actual power of finding something in way where you are forced to just do it I mean there wasn’t there wasn’t a bunch of hand-holding in which they basically did it for you no there was no handle and it was the first time I really felt the intensity if I would have done it at home I would be alright to feel my hammies all right now get some cream all right they put a little bit cream in my coffee and that’s it and now I was like really fifty minutes just working on my hammies until I really fed them and then chugging I like that a whole cream then it was like alright that’s intensity now I feel any no I feel something the best part or the best part was the next the next name we we did the assessment workshop and I had Rosell Sagayam and here the same trouble not finding his Sammy’s so ah I experienced it couple days ago do I got a trick for you I’m just gonna yell at you for 45 minutes and then I’m gonna give you some cream do not steal my tricks alright so I was I was giving him some exercises to find the Sammy’s and the same comes – do you have feel your head missing it’s like yeah so assessment is kind of over and reach work is up to me and he goes no he didn’t feel her Sammy’s how did how did you look couple days ago I was like alright same stuff happens we did I pushed him a little bit harder I cranked up the intensity I pushed him harder and harder and harder and then there was this moment he really turned white mm-hmm he was just white and staring at staring at me I remember I remember that there was mine a couple days ago boom yeah there was so there that actually turns into wait did you give him heavy cream yes okay then what happened actually we went gave him a couple euros okay go to Zuma get some heavy cream and no he didn’t get heavy cream he went with his boot coconut oil but as you know I still saturated yeah okay he spooned coconut oil I’m ten minutes later he was like oh thanks dude I feel so good but that was crazy thank you so I think it’s important though not to downplay the I mean Julian’s busting balls a little bit with the whole like but we just went over what we were testing thing but the funny thing is is like that is seems to be that that’s kind of pretty common when you find something like that after working a skill like that for a long time and then it becomes a pretty intense experience and then you’re just that was another experience for me because and they should be for everybody in the sense of it’s about intensity mm-hmm when I say I think but it’s on me too when I say find your hammies the problem is I didn’t explain that like a and er no clue it’s okay I did I fill them and I’m like fuck did you cramp no but then Union find them now did you but that’s because I don’t explain to me it’s normal is that funny new amis I means everything cramps and two hours area your ass is still cramping but to most people it’s like I can feel it I’m like so that’s on me from not explaining the context and it’s been doing clearly what I mean by fun your fucking habits now he knows so that means that’s on me for not explaining that like that see they start calling people out it’s explaining one intensity is there and I think I’m select way too much on that where it’s like that’s not good enough that’s what I’ve been doing a lot with the mentoring program is like that’s not good enough I want better I don’t want you to find you I miss like ya know II want you to fucking find you homies like from the bottom all the way to your ass and your money explode you found your homies but sure of that it’s not that so I think that’s the problem that I saw also in the mentoring program is that is we don’t explain intensity and what it is enough yeah like I want more and it’s not better let me rephrase I want better it’s not like explaining intensity you have to feel it the same with the theory I didn’t understand the theory I was I knew what what we were testing but I was so surprised after I felt like that theory what did actually what it feels like and after you and the thing is too is after you had actually felt that the next assessment he rolled into with the same problem like how much more effective are you eating that that said that second time then you would have been if you’re just walking up to a person doing what you thought you had it was so much easier just a learning curve from having that experience and doing that assessment was like right I don’t know how many steps I took yeah yeah so feel everything when I go home when I go home and my coach is gone we have a meeting tomorrow where all my coaches are sitting and they’re gonna ask me what did you learn over there over the couple days you were at strong fit and that’s such a hard question to answer because I feel like when I go home I’m back in than 90 20s and I have to explain the fucking Internet yeah all right you know you have the left of what is a laptop your electricity what is electricity I don’t know you know where to start yeah because if I come in like I found my hammies they’re like yeah like I said a beginning they’re right there yeah they’re here so that’s gonna be the biggest challenge just to to take it know step by step by step I need couple days to process everything and the whole experience and then the whole weekend and then going back it’s like I don’t know how to explain it I will find a way yeah with likely with the assessments I go home and start educating my coaches but it’s gonna be him you they will feel it don’t teach it to someone just making sure yeah and that’s a really adding a difference between feeling and feeling it’s like in high school and you walk up to a girl like do you like me or do you like me I know it going feel your hands yes yes awesome well I think that’s got us all wrapped up here it sounds like a pretty awesome pretty wild experiences great experience and and Julian seems to be a little warmed up to you now as opposed to probably when he was barking at you for your hamstring so we all got out the other side so awesome and he thanks a bunch for coming on thanks for having a we’ll see you soon see you soon

Randall Smitham