March 29, 2020
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Express Diet – Ketogenic Diet Program

– Good day, now, express is just arriving
in our show, I am not talking about a train but a special diet program Express Diet and
Katarina Peroutkova is here to present this interesting diet for us. – Good day, Express
Diet is a special ketogenic diet program which burns stored body fat without the loss of
muscle tissues. It was developed in the USA where it reached huge success thanks to its
safeness and fantastic results. As you have mentioned, it is express to smaller sizes.
– How this diet works? – The diet is designed to provide the body with high-quality natural
proteins together with reduced intake of carbohydrates, fats and energy under 850 kcal a day. Usually,
the primary energy source for the body are carbohydrates, if we decrease carbohydrate
intake our metabolism changes and our body uses stored body fat as its main energy source.
This metabolic change is called ketosis – so thanks to ketosis we burn our own fat stores.
– How we can reach the state of ketosis? – You do not have to be a nutrition specialist or
consult your meals with a doctor, you just eat 4 instant protein Express Diet meals you
can see here every day, and these meals provide the body with all the needed vitamins, minerals,
trace elements and fibre. Also, at the same time, Express Diet meals keep you in the state
of ketosis, that means you burn calories really fast and what is important, without feeling
of hunger! – Are 4 meals a day enough? — For the first 2 days, you might feel hungry because
the body uses up all the carbohydrates reserves within these 2 days and subsequently produces
so called ketones thanks to fast fat-burning — ketosis. These substances – ketones supress
the feeling of hunger in the brain, and activate feeling of energy and pleasure. You feel great,
and do not feel hunger at all! – That is perfect! To sum up all the information, it is a 5-day
ketogenic diet and we can see the results after 3-5 days already; can we use this diet
program longer than 5 days? – You can follow Express Diet program longer than 5 days, it
depends on your desired weight, how much weight you would like to lose. What is important
is that, you need to follow the Express Diet program continually to not discontinue the
state of ketosis. – What exactly the Express Diet is and how much does it cost? – You can
see the Express Diet package here, it is package for 1 person and it contains 20 Express Diet
meals such as Tomato soup, Asparagus soup, Mushroom soup, Cheese soup, Strawberry smoothie,
Chocolate-raspberry smoothie, or Apple-cinnamon and Strawberry-vanilla porridge. Express Diet
package is for 5 days and the price is 59 €. It is approximately the price you spend
on your groceries and, moreover, you do not have to cook so you save your time which can
be used for other activities. – Perfect, it does not cost as much as other similar products,
but what about the so called yoyo-effect which is not unusual after we finish dieting. – You
do not have to worry about the yoyo-effect, as I have mentioned before, you do not suffer
from hunger when dieting with Express Diet so the body does not tend to store fat. You
just need to follow a gradual transition to your normal diet after you finish the diet
program Express Diet. – And for the conclusion, tell us where we can find more information
and how we can buy the diet. For more information go to and click on the
e-shop button to buy it. Thank you for the information provided and good bye.

Randall Smitham