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family meal is the most beautiful and
unforgettable memories of every Vietnamese it symbolizes for union and
love is a time where all family members sit around tables enjoy home-cooked food
and we talk to each other about our days as well as share stories of the past
meal is served all at once and shared among us besides steamed rice which is a
stable each meal would requires the balance between protein vegetables and
carbs and every meal should include a soup salty braised or fried dish and some
sort of vegetables either boiled stir-fried or pickled it could be quite
a headache if you have to think of this combination for every meal so in this
series I will introduce you some simple meals that my family have so you have
more ideas what to cook for your lunch or dinner tonight. Each meal will come with
a theme and for today’s menu we are going for seafood. One of the most wonderful
thing about living in a big city like Da nang is that you have access to really
great seafood is fresh from the sea and we can buy every morning even in the
afternoon really really fresh so today inspired from all the amazing seafood
that I found at the market this morning I’m gonna cook up really really
delicious and fresh seafood meal for my family and I hope you’re gonna enjoy it
for today seafood meal we’re gonna have fried fish in tomato sauce. Steamed squid
with a side dipping ginger fish sauce and some fresh green fruits and herbs and we’re gonna have seaweed soup with shrimp and tofu. Let’s start!
We’re gonna start off with the fried fish. I have here really huge and
beautiful pomfret fish from the market this morning. This is already
the smallest one! For frying is will splash a lot,
so it’s very important that you pat it dry with some paper towel. You want to
lightly season the fish on both sides, so it has some flavor and also sprinkle
some flour, so it will not stick and also to make the skin more crispy. Now in the
pan you can pour in quiet a generous amount or enough to cover the base of
the pan. One more trick to prevent it from splashing is that, you sprinkle some
salt into the oil. Keep the heat on about medium low and gently slide in the fish You can use one of these frying shield
to cover it to prevent it from splashing. Next we’re gonna prepare the
shrimp for the soup. Trim off the legs and the head. Peel off the skin and remove the vein These shrimps are still really fresh so
the skin still stick to the flesh. So you can put it into the fridge or the
freezer for just 5 to 10 minutes before peeling, it will be a lot easier. Next
we’re gonna season with some minced shallot a little bit of stock powder, some fish
sauce, about a teaspoon and some freshly cracked pepper. Mix it up Okay! When the fish is done on one side
gently flip it over. It looks very crispy! For the squid, just gently remove the
quilt and the innards. Peel off the skin and cut the tube open. Just score diagonal lines like this and then makes a cross then cut into about three pieces. So the fish is now really beautifully nicely golden brown, we can turn off the heatand remove it first I’ve washed the plate by the way! So we’re gonna pour out the oil that we fried the fish in, because it will be quite fishy. I’m not gonna use that oil. Use a piece of paper towel and gently wipe off the pan. Turn back the
heat on and add in some oil. Quickly mince up some garlic and add to the pan. Also
we’re gonna cut up some tomatoes and onion make a delicious tomato sauce
remove some of the seeds so it won’t be too sour and then we gently cut it into
slices into the panis goes right up some onion
to add some more sweetness into the song I just you half an onion to this we
gonna season with hundred TSP of sugar and 1 tablespoon of this sauce if the
sauce is to try you can add about 1 to 2 tablespoon of water
oh my gosh you smell amazing I love making tomato sauce because I love this
flavor and the smell it’s good enough really great balance between sweet and
savory when the tomato is slightly soft we can return the fish back and simmer
on low for like 3 to 5 more minutes until is absorbed that amazing flavor
from the tomato sauce okay so the fried fish in tomato sauce is done we’re gonna
move on to cook the soup and also why the squid hid the saucepan on medium and
a samuri you can stir fry the shrimp first fry some shallots so it’s nice and
fragrant then toss in the stream when the shrimp turn orange we can occur
in the water I also have here another pot of water to bring to a boy and
you’re gonna give this to by the art sweet act about four cups of water for
the seaweed I have soaked in water and then rings well you can slowly chop it
up so it’s easier to eat if the seaweed is too big I have here
one chip of treasured gram of actor foo cut it open and cut into about half an
English Rose what really sucks into the surface goes at the seaweed okay next
we’re gonna season the soup with about half a teaspoon of stock powder half a
teaspoon of salt and you can have a taste and not just adding more fish
sauce if you prefer when ice you come back to a boil you can turn off the heat
meanwhile the other part is also boiling we can add in a dash of vinegar the
vinegar will have to keep the squid in shape and also keep it have a really
nice white color make sure that the water is rapidly boiling when you add
the squid because we score it so when the squid is cooked it will curl up
really nicely into little beautiful flowers we can add a little bit of salt
to give it some flavor but don’t add too much because we’re gonna dip the squid
in ginger fish sauce later squid and other kinds of seafood cooked really
fast so just one is curves up and turns opaque that’s when you can remove
transfer the squid into a bowl of ice cold water to stop the cooking process
and also keep the squeezed plum me why we will also cut a piece of
ginger into strips you’re gonna quickly blanch the scallion
and the ginger to have some really beautiful flavor and top up to accompany
our steamed squid we’re gonna have a really exotic Asian ingredient of
Vietnamese ingredient this is to it yet it’s really taut and it’s always
accompanied with star fruit which is very sour so is the combine of texture
and flavor will make the dish really interesting further to eat yeah we just
peel like this and because it’s very taut so it ducking very fast so make
sure you do this really quick it’s very pretty and immediately you have to soak
it in a bowl of ice cold water and we like to add a dash of vinegar or plum
juice so the green star fruit you just remove the ball ends and trim off the
edges like that then we also slightingly into cute
little stars that’s why it’s cause the fruit you know very pretty if you want
you can also suck in the bowl of ice water to keep it crispy if you lit over
seas it could be very hard to find the green banana and star fruit so you can
replace with plantain and kiwi maybe otherwise you can always use cucumber to
add some crunchy texture and freshness and finally just make the teacher fish
sauce to dip the squid I have here about 2 centimeter of ginger two cloves of
garlic and one red chilli you can act in here about a teaspoon of sugar one more
teaspoon of sugar and about 2 tbsp of fish sauce lime juice remove some of the
remembrance from the line you will make the sauce look so there you have it we have brought all
the most amazing and freshest ingredients from the ocean to our dining
table I have here the fish the squid with so many colors and texture
everybody we have a bowl of rice to serve and we’re gonna share all the food
together I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and if you would like to see
more families time you like this on my channel please let me know in the
comment section below also don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe for more I
will see you then in the next video why with the flavor of the sea is gonna
follow you to your dream

Randall Smitham



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