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Hi guys, welcome back to another video we are coming to you from Costa Rica So as you guys know clips enough synopsis quick summary Trip B came out here with tart tart invited us to the trippin with heart ever Ashley and my plus one We’ve been here with Whitney and Christy and Megan and Nikki and everybody and it’s been so much fun But we figured we haven’t seen each other in a while. So we figured we might as well do a Weight loss update fat loss update with you guys. It’s been a minute So and I know you guys love what I bring Ashley on. She’s like, I don’t know why I always say that The crowds love you, you’re my clickbait friend So, um I also want to quickly since I haven’t told anybody this but I’m gonna stop calling it mission lose ten pounds because One that was originally the weight that I thought that I wanted to get to like I was at 121 and I thought I wanted to get down to 111 But I’m realizing like as I’ve been consistent for the last month now that like putting a number To the amount of weight that you want to lose is not always ideal Like I think you’re not doing a larger weight loss journey off the is beautiful numbers out there, but when it’s like a difference of like 5 to 10 pounds, I think saying that Kind of puts a weird like judgement and you’re like a weird judgement your head because I started weighing myself You know when I was going to the gym five six times a week I was in my caloric deficit I was doing my cardio and it wasn’t losing weight But I was looking different and I think that that’s like one of the things that is so easy to forget about it Yeah
You know Keith and especially I like your size where you already don’t have much to lose Like especially depending on like your muscle mass right thing. You’re having that number if you’re saying uncle Ugh, I think this number got his number, but you already love how you look Yeah, it’s just like yeah, it can be a number It’s very arbitrary it is so I just wanted to make sure to put that out there This is not going to be mission lose 10 pounds anymore I don’t have any cute names like grace has like get shreddy or like shreddies yet for summer and mine is just gonna be like Fat loss updates I doin doing it. I can’t think of anything maybe mission look good naked But I’ve seen oh you guys Okay, so we figured we would take this time give you guys our little, you know nutrition workout Update update right? So I’ll let you start cuz I just did a whole spiel Okay, I’m gonna start with nutrition. Yeah okay, so Nutrition. Yeah, I’ve been more meticulous when it comes to counting my macros cuz uh I did like you said I took some progress pictures and took new measurements and stuff And I did another DEXA scan and it kind of shown me that although like I’m losing fat Like I’m also losing a lot of muscle and I know it my size like I am going to be losing muscle It’s kind of inevitable But yeah, I still want to make sure I retain as much as possible, you know while doing this weight loss journey and stuff Okay. I need to be more just adding it about tracking my macros, especially like my protein and stuff become you not been tracking I was like loosely tracking because I was just like losing weight. Like I kind of hit some days some days I know as long as I don’t go crazy over and I was like right with it Okay You know and then I woke you all at least want to make sure I’m hitting my protein consistently And so that’s something I’m doing as well as most recently I’ve been trying to clean up my diet So, I mean I’m still fitting things in because it’s you know, it fits your macros and just stay sane Like I know I mean, you know I don’t want it’s like I’m depriving myself too much Right cuz it won’t be sustainable and I can’t stick to it and up inching that kind of stuff But I am just trying to clean it up more in general So like I was talking to Whitney and I’m like girl. Why don’t you eat every day? She’s like, I don’t know everyday let us, you know what I mean every day I just want to be a little more consistent and eating a little cleaner because I just you know I just want I want to expedite this a little. Uh, no Actually, I’m down another two pounds So I’m at 226 less for a total of about thirty pounds lost awesome dish for total literally amazing I mean, I thank you. I’m gonna take a couple minutes. I was good like please feel like a year I couldn’t lock out I know us remember that you you said like just a few months ago You’re like I don’t want to look back and be the same way that I was when I said I was going to start this Journey, and you’ve already done. That’s true that was the perspective that you need to have when you look at I know I know I know you’re gonna be Hiccups along the way. Hello I started my journey and then everyone got mad at me because I was like Oh, hi guys back with another mission lose 10 pounds update so far. No progress Everyone is like you’re a waste of space. Yeah, you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing. Thank you Yeah. Oh, yeah, what about you? Okay, so I will say within the last month I have done like a complete like I’ve probably been the most serious about my lifting than I have been in like nutrition and everything’s and I’ve been in the last Literally in the last year you actually is always in the gym. Yeah, I’m always by my friends. I’m like the yeah She’s at the gym So you’re going to see your post like yeah, I’ve been basically doing two days at the gym ever since Riley. I’m done I honestly yeah, I feel like Riley has like lit a flame under my ass I’ve gotten back to in a minute fasting for the first two weeks I just kind of took it easy and I was just tracking my macros but I found that and I talked about this when I first brought up intermittent fasting is that I always Get hungry after 8 o’clock. That’s like my sugar hour I feel happens with intermittent fasting and I think this is actually like proven in studies But then again, I’m you know, not certified in this whatsoever. But You start to kind of lose some of your cravings So like I found that like the first week, I was like kind of like with keto or kinda genic diet or whatever um you get those cravings but For like your sugar and everything cuz you’re coming up the carbs and then after like 2 weeks 3 weeks it goes away So I noticed that in the third week. Alright, sorry the second week I was like, oh, I don’t really want my sour patch kids anymore. I don’t really want this I only did that that 12 to 8 window so I would stop Eating snacks because I would know like, okay You ate all your calories saying you’ve got nothing left like you closed off eight and clock is eating so you can’t eat anything now So yeah, I notice after like the first week. It was really really hard And secondly, I was like, I don’t even create it But that’s what I’ve been doing up and intermittent fasting with my calorie intake and I finally started making progress. So I genuinely feel like ever since I started intermittent fasting. That’s why I took that before-and-after picture and I was like Okay, I see progress. I’m happy about this. So once you figure out something that works and you’re seeing that progress is oh, yeah It’s so addicting it’s so yeah I want to ask how have you been diet wise in Costa Rica and because we’re gonna be completely transparent here. We’re on vacation That’s true. We are on vacation. I do want to say I’m eating one or two meals a day But it’s trash what it’s trash why it it’s not enough. I don’t even think we’re hitting our calorie goal No, that’s what I was about to say. Yeah, I was like, okay. This is like all day yesterday We had the during the without a man. Yeah, I have like one lobster tail and I’m just busy like you busy Meanly having fun talking to people and then it’s like okay it’s time for dinner. I haven’t eaten all day I want the Sunday Funday up bring me that time yeah, one thing I do want to say at least like I know for you and I I feel like When we do have the we do order the main courses like we’ve been trying to get protein in you know, like yeah You know we oh, that’s what you’re gonna say. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I’m saying like we’re not bad at eating yet Yeah, all there is there is a balance of it. So what’s working out? I want to say the last couple weeks. I’ve been doing cardio, but I haven’t been lifting the way I should in fact like taco You know distraction I’m losing weight and I’m losing it slowly but it’s coming off and like I said my diet I’m cleaning it up Hitting my macros and stuff more and as far as the gym I’ve been going, but I’ve really kind of only been doing cardio I’ve just I’m not feeling super inspired In fact, if you’ve seen some of the videos on my channel like I’m at the gym and I’m just like yo This is a bad workout. But I’m here and I’m just like doing it lately like but IB I’m still going I think you’re showing up. Yeah, and I’m still getting the cardio in which I know is that really a sad poor initiative workout Yes, I know. I’m actually feeling really good while here in Costa Rica I did go to the gym once did more cardio because they don’t have any slot machine or anything anyway But I just like lunges that was on the treadmill and that kind of stuff and I’m actually seeing a lot of improvement In that yeah, I like tested recently like how long I can jog for and I was able to run for eight minutes I thought I saw that video Yeah, I mean, I keep it like the speed on super low, you know, so yeah And I was still but you said it was just that your back started to hurt, right? yeah my back so you could have kept going most likely no, I Got into a stride Yeah, so that’s what I did for my training doing a lot of cardio need to get back in the weights You know going forward I want to Continue lifting and continue trying to add more weight on and that kind of stuff, but you haven’t hit my cardio. So Cool so I would say for myself like I said this past month has been like the most consistent I’ve been in a long time and it’s purely been just out of passion and enjoying my workouts again I did go back to a program that I used to a long time ago. I feel like I was training it lifts society They gave me like the push that I needed to get back to doing my own workouts I was going there because I felt like I had no drive to go to the gym by myself I was like, I need somebody to push me I need somebody to yell at me and then after like two weeks three weeks sounds like okay. I got the push I needed I’m ready to go back to my workouts. Like it wasn’t feeling like end up and that’s no shame on them. They’re amazing I still plan to take classes there every once in a while Like I want to keep doing their metabolic conditioning class, but as far as weight training I find that I progress the best when I have my own foot Obviously you have your own personalized program and you’re just going in the gym and doing yourself So I did go back to that program. Mike is to me I said in videos by forum I know a lot of you guys have been asking if I’m like back to doing strength training and I’m still gonna say I don’t Want to specify what kind of training I’m doing right now cuz I feel like interests nothing ABAB Yeah, it’s gonna put me in a box and you guys are me like well When are you gonna hit a PR and I’m like, I’m not focused on any of that right now I’m just focused on building muscle mass again getting stronger by in love with it exactly and just falling back in love with it Which I am so so I go to the gym every single day in the morning fasted obviously since I don’t eat til 12 I go to the gym facet and it is proving to be difficult on some days, especially on my strength days But it’s not unbearable. Like I said, I’m not I don’t have numbers that I’m trying to hit every week So I just do the weight based off of what I feel and it’s still pushing me. So I go five times a week Technically seven times a week to do my cardio Unless I go out and about I’m like a hike or linea, you know Just like walking around shopping with my friends and all that and as far as weight loss goes I have lost three pounds I thought it was two pounds. Yeah as 121 like when I restarted this, right? I don’t know how much I was when I first started this journey, but I was 121 when I recently weighed myself And I recently I meant 118 so No, but I don’t know if I’m gonna be that when I get back home because you know my way just fluctuating I’m trying not to focus on the scale too much but it did feel good when I was like, oh my god, finally Finally something like I get it like, you know, maybe not losing 10 pounds but like something Something so I know that when I’m at 120, I’m not like I’m not the happiest with my body But once I’m like around around this way, and I start to be like, okay I’m like I will say for those of you that are curious like if you are like curious what program I’m doing I am doing the flourish strength program that Omar Mike and Bart like we all kind of like created through Kaizen That is the program that I’ve been following religiously every single day It’s a really good program and I get the best results what I’m doing it. It’s not everything sounds good I’m excited for our next update especially like we keep the same old mango, you know, we are gonna keep this Adam and guess what guys What Ashley and I are going to Amsterdam together Public yeah Prague Czech Republic and Croatia Ashley was already gonna go. I was like, can I come back? And she’s like, yes, I was like, okay. Yeah South Africa, it’s the best in December. Yes a whistle. Yeah. This is like next not next one It’s gonna be fun Now that it is hidden the ball of gems and knowledge of all the gyms all they’re gonna be is all the locations Alright, that’s it for this video. Thanks so much for watching guys. If you don’t already follow us on Instagram It’s on the screen for you guys. Follow Ashley follow with your journey. It’s been so awesome to watch my BFF make the change and might be a tip to Enough like You’re like freaking Idol Alright guys. Thanks so much for watching. 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