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Finally Reached Goal Weight, Now What? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

so you reached your goal weight now what
do you do hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with
Violet I’m Violet I’m psychologist the reason I make these videos is because I
want everyone to understand that your physical health and mental health come
together to create your overall sense of well-being if you find these kind of
videos interesting please consider subscribing so you reached your goal and
you’re wondering what happens next and I want to tell you in all honesty it
really doesn’t depend on how you reached your goal so let’s look at the people
who got to this point by treating Tito like a diet if you try to feel like a
diet that very likely means that you had some cheat days so because you were
allowing yourself to eat carbs on occasion throughout the dieting process
then when you try to do your maintenance because let’s be clear you’re going to
get to a goal weight that you’re comfortable with even if you’re doing
some cheat days when you do keto and the reason that’s going to happen is that as
long as you do more days where you’re eating well then days where you’re
cheating you’re still eating far less food and far less carbs than you were
eating when you’re eating standard American diet so you are going to get to
your goal weight very likely but so here’s where the problem comes in when
now I’m at goal and it’s time for me to recalibrate how I’m eating two things
are gonna happen see when it’s time to decide how am i doing maintenance and
maintenance is the process of eating enough energy to fuel my day and when
I’m trying to make that decision about how I’m gonna increase my energy because
if I keep eating this way I’ll keep losing so I have to now really regulate
what I’m doing so that I get enough energy first people who treated keto
like a diet tend to want to re-add minister that sound very medical to
reintroduce carbohydrates to their life now let’s be careful if I’ve been doing
low-carb and that means that I’ve been doing
haier bats or at least Ally myself to eat the fats that were coming on my
meats etc and I was buying regular fatted food so regular fat milk sorry
regular fat yogurts and cheeses and creams and all that stuff and regular
fat salad dressings if I was doing that then that means that when I reintroduce
carbs and I’m still having those higher fat foods now I’m doing high fat high
carb and that’s gonna cause me lose to gain weight problem number two when I’m
trying to recalibrate how I’m doing my foods even if I don’t automatically
reintroduce more carbs and I’m able to do what I should do which is raise my
fats a little bit those cheat days that I was having now that I’m having them
along side of maintenance so those cheat days all of a sudden will
start to house my weight to rise part of the reason that all of this is gonna
happen is that living a ketogenic lifestyle even if I’ve only done it for
six or seven or eight months it’s still long enough for me to lose that fear of
eating fact I’m no longer thinking of fat as the enemy as a negative and it
really isn’t except when I’m eating high carb so if
I’m doing both high carb and I fat then yeah they’re both the enemy they’re both
doing things in my body that’s leading me to a bad place because the high carb
is rising my insulin and then causing my body to need to store that those
carbohydrates as fats but then once my body is already storing it’s gonna store
those high fats that I’ve been eating as well along with the carbs we really need
to be careful when we’re doing maintenance that we’re still looking at
the combination of foods that we’re eating and keeping in mind what those
combinations mean for us when we eat them I really want to point to the fact
that keto isn’t strict and it frustrates me when I hear people say that keto is
strict because it it’s not about strictness as much as it is about
understanding you know when I understand what carbohydrates do in my body I will
make choices and the based on that understanding so what does
that mean for me if I would like to eat something on a particular day that’s
higher in carb and I’m still not even talking about a cheat day and now I’m
talking about maybe I want to eat some cheese or maybe I want to eat some
teetle friendly food but that it’s higher in card that I typically would
eat some nuts for example then what I would actually need to do for myself is
look at my day look at my situation and make choices based on what I’m gonna eat
to put myself in a situation where I don’t go over my carb limit Chino is not
about being strict it’s about flexibility I always have the option if
I want to eat something Carvey to not have veg with my with my meat I always
have that option but if I decide to have my veg with my meat and still have that
extra carbs and put myself over I need to understand that that’s gonna have
effect on my my metabolism and that effect on my metabolism is gonna affect
whether or not I’m in ketosis at that point in time because there isn’t a
moment that I can take a break from my health right my health is always
something that I’m working on 24/7 if you’re chill well in this warrior you’re
always thinking about how does this affect my health and it’s not to say
that I need to be scared about my health it’s about being realistic with myself
if I do something that takes me off plan that I have to accept that being on plan
will have repercussions for my health that’s very basic and very simple right
and I want people to be honest with themselves because it’s only by being
honest with yourself that you’re going to make the decisions that keep you in a
healthy space now in some cases what ends up happening is because people are
not paying super close attention to how many carbs are eating they end up
cycling in and out in and out of being in ketosis not being in ketosis being in
photos and what that actually does is it keeps the carb addicted up mean that’s
coming from having carbs in my system I’m keeping that addiction alive and
it’s gonna make me chase carbs in different scenarios right when the carbs
are available I’m gonna want to eat them and maybe even sometimes I might go
looking for them because I want to eat them and I want everyone to understand
that if you find yourself in that situation where you notice that you’re
actually looking for seeking carbs chances are you’re still allowing too
many carbs in your life even if all the foods that you’re eating or kita
friendly the amount of food that you’re eating matters again if I’m trying to do
maintenance I need to do maintenance with the right amount of food to fuel my
body without putting myself in a situation where I’m no longer in ketosis
and the reason for that is very simple I’m doing a lifestyle change that means
that I’m doing this ketogenic lifestyle because actually it’s the best way to
keep my insulin in check it’s the best way to make sure that my carbohydrates
remain in check and it’s the best way to make sure that I keep my body
functioning the way that I wanted to function so that I have less
inflammation less body pains less aches that my body is working the way that I
want it to work and then I’m building muscle and building the body that I know
I will be able to use well into the future
in a healthy way if I’m trying to do all of that in my maintenance I still need
to know how many carbs I’m eating and I still need to make sure that I keep my
carbohydrate numbers under 20 now of course I want to make sure that I point
out that it’s normal to have variation in weight the reason that we’re trying
to find the right amount of energy that we should be eating to keep ourselves
stable is because that’s the way that we’re gonna stay around the weights that
we’re supposed to be in in fact because every single day I use a different
amount of energy every single day I’m also gonna eat a different amount of
energy because I eat a different meal in different right so I’m not ever gonna
eat exactly the same number of calories that’s and I’m just using that where
calories it’s the same amount of fuel it’s not gonna happen just because we
don’t function that way but ultimately the goal is fuel my body
in the way that what I eat gets used and the least amount gets stored as possible
of course there’ll be some days where I store and there’s gonna be some days
where I pull from storage and that will balance itself out
now that variation in weight is part of the reason that I don’t encourage people
to weigh themselves daily or weekly when we weigh ourselves too often and see
that variation we get nervous and we feel like we’re gaining weight when in
reality it’s normal for our way to fluctuate by a half a pound quarter
pound here they’re even a pound sometimes here two there especially if
you’re women and you’re menstruating the reason that I talked about people
weighing themselves monthly or every few months is just a check-in to make sure
that I’m still in maintenance the way that I would like to be I’m still around
the weight that I would like to be but the other way that you can verify is by
how you look how your body feels and your ability so your energy levels and
your ability to live life the way that you want to if you notice that your
weight is rising though it’s important for you to again look at am I staying at
20 grams of carbs or less living a ketogenic lifestyle means going into
your future that you’re keeping your grams at 20 your grams of carbs at 20
grams of carbs a day or less that’s what’s healthy so the best way to
do maintenance what you’re actually going to do is increase the amount of
fat you’re eating in your meals and how you’re gonna do that is slowly you’re
going to introduce a little bit more fat and then see can I make it through my
day and when you do your weekly or sorry we were monthly check-ins you’re gonna
see like has my weight stopped decreasing the one of the things you’re
going to notice is that when you allow yourself to eat that little bit more fat
it’s not gonna take that much for your weight loss to to regulate itself so
it’s for you to stop losing I think what’s important for us to understand is
that we are gonna hover around the weight like I said a little bit more a
little bit less it’s okay but you’re gonna have a run away and you’re gonna
be able to tell about how you feel and what you see in the mirror that you’re
staying where you need to be the best way to make sure that you do maintenance
correctly is to make sure that you do weight loss correctly by making sure
that you eat 20 grams of cars or less per day by making sure that you eat the
fat that comes along with your meat and keep doing that in your maintenance and
that we treat treats the way they’re supposed to be treated you don’t have a
treat every day you don’t have a treat every week if you’re doing that that’s
part of your meal plan you have a treat occasionally and when you do have treats
we still make sure that it fits in to my overall day that means that even when I
allow myself a treat I’m still under 20 grams for the day if I have to do no veg
on that day to accomplish that I do it but I make sure that all fits in why
because doing a healthy ketogenic lifestyle is about making good choices
so if you do your weight loss well when it’s time to do maintenance what you’re
gonna notice is that you’re already used to eating appropriately eating healthy
you’re already used to managing treats as treats and when you reintroduce a
little bit of fat your body is going to accept that little bit of fat and you
will be able to tell if it’s enough because you’re gonna feel as if the
energy you have is good and you’re gonna be able to see on your body whether or
not you’re increasing or maintaining maintenance can be a lifelong healthy
process if you plan for appropriately the best way to plan for it
appropriately is to start that in your weight loss phase I want to thank
everyone for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet if you are
new here please subscribe click the bell so you know when my videos are coming
out I love making these videos for you guys and I really can’t wait to talk to
you guys in the next video

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  1. Rachel Rose Posted on October 14, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Finding it hard to stick to my goal weight. It was easier to lose weight to get to my goal than it is for me to maintain.

  2. Brian P. Posted on October 14, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    I’ve been at goal weight for 13 months. But lately I’m thinking I need to get a little closer to ideal BMI.