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Food & Wine Magazine – July 2019 – The “Keto Friendly” Review – Looking for Low Carb

hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto.com and in this video we are
going to be doing a keto friendliness
review of the july 2019 Food & Wine
magazine but before we start if you
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watched one of my previous keto
friendliness reviews on magazines like
Food & Wine magazine or milk Street
magazine you recall that I have four
categories for recipes the first is keto
ready these recipes are good to go as is
next we have keto easy these are recipes
that require one or two substitutions
and is generally going to be something
that you have already in your keto
pantry the third category is keto
challenging these are recipes where
you’re typically going to make three or
more substitutions and some of those
ingredients might be things that you
don’t have readily available and may
need a special order the final category
are the no-goes these are recipes where
either the main ingredient or central
ingredient is just not gonna cut it for
keto or you’re going to need to make so
many substitutions on this dish that it
is going to change the fundamental
nature of it and it’s just it’s not
going to be true to the original recipe
so let’s hop in I’m a little bit spoiled
by milk Street Magazine just sort of
being no ads and wall-to-wall recipes I
need to get to page 62 for our first
recipe in food wine and that is crispy
crab cakes with tomato butter these look
quite tasty and I’m gonna call this keto
easy just one substitution we need to
make in here and that is substituting in
panko or substituting out panko for pork
rind panko then we have a trio of keto
ready recipes that come together in
the double-cut ribeye with sweet
gorgonzola butter so that recipe is keto
ready this sweet gorgonzola butter is
keto ready and the heirloom tomato salad
with pickled ramp vinaigrette also keto
ready followed by to know goes the ham
jam sandwiches and the blueberry
Buechele a jam bread and jam not gonna
work for us
then there is the next-level turkey
burgers with lemon aioli
this is keto easy you know grab one of
the recipes out on the internet for a
keto friendly hamburger bun or use a
lettuce wrap kimchi fried rice with
spicy shrimp and sesame sauce if we
substitute out the rice and put in rice
to cauliflower that is keto easy pan
seared bass with garlic scapes Elmer
ilio that is keto ready and I don’t know
what’s Amarillo is I hope I pronounced
that right pulling it from the pantry
Puttanesca because this is a pasta dish
and I have yet to find a pasta that is
keto friendly that I actually enjoy I’m
gonna call this a no-go lamb chops with
mango honey those last two words should
give it away mango honey no go
strawberry granita with sweet pesto that
calls for both honey and simple syrup
making that a no-go wild rice crusted
trout now there’s only one ingredient we
need to substitute out here but I think
the moment we remove that wild rice that
really changes the whole nature of the
dish so I’m gonna call that a no-go we
then have a very delicious looking
recipe that I’m gonna call keto
challenging and that is the floating
islands with dark chocolate creme
anglaise and toasted pistachios we’re
looking at three or four substitutions
in this which is why I called it keto
challenging we’re gonna want to dial
back the milk probably in favor of heavy
cream it calls for both granulated sugar
and powdered sugar which we can
substitute out for their corresponding
versions of swerve and then the
chocolate we’re gonna
we have to make that a little bit darker
maybe go with a Lily’s chocolate on that
but this looks pretty tasty
here’s another one that looks tasty and
I would have been all over this a year
ago it is sweet corn and bourbon bread
pudding I just started salivating just
saying those words it is however a no-go
buttermilk fried chicken with pickled
peach fennel salad initially I was
leaning towards keto challenging on
this but I think the quantity of
substitutions in this it’s just it’s
gonna change the whole nature of the
recipe and I think push it into a no-go
blackberry and mascarpone CREP cake boy
you know I’d love to call this keto
challenging you know it might be worth a
try with some coconut flour or possibly
some carb quick but I just I don’t know
that you’re gonna get the same sort of
CREP texture way I’m it’s probably not
worth that the effort I’m gonna call it
a no-go
now this particular issue of food wine
is one of these flip it over and there’s
stuff on the other side issue it is the
best new chefs the first new chef’s
recipe we have is spicy fried rice
stuffed chicken wings and as much as I
would like to make this keto
challenging I think ingredient wise it’s
just it’s gonna be too tough probably a
no-go we then have some babu kaki with
chashu pork and sesame vinaigrette I’m
torn on this one because outside of the
noodles it is a pretty keto friendly
looking dish I’m not sure if miracle
noodles would stand up on something like
this it might be worth the effort maybe
keto challenging this one looks really
interesting the enoki blooms it kind of
looks like a blooming onion with enoki
mushrooms but for the batter it requires
cornstarch and I’m just not aware of
that is Kido friendly that gets sort of
that light tempura batter consistency if
you’re aware of something that does
please put it down in the comments I’d
love to hear about it but unless I hear
otherwise I’m gonna call that an oboe
cucumber avocado salad with gooseberry
piri piri now I’ll be honest I had to
look up gooseberries first on Wikipedia
and then I had to look them up in carbon
manager to see if this is a recipe that
we could pull off in the recipe it also
says that if instead of using
gooseberries you wanted to use ground
cherries or husky cherries you can do
that and I’ve got some of those growing
out in my garden so this is one I was
curious to see if we could do you’re
looking at about twelve net grams of
carbs per cup but based on the recipe
size and the number of people that it
serves the cucumber avocado salad is
three net grams of carbs the gooseberry
piri piri also three net grams of carbs
and then you’ve got the Trinidadian
green seasoning that’s keto ready the
other two I would call keto easy if your
carbs or if your macros are at a place
where you’re willing to do six net grams
of carbs for essentially a side dish
it’s up to you
if so Kino easy then we have dawn Jeng
cream cheese corn now corn ought to make
this a no-go but if we substitute that
out for cauliflower and instead of panko
use pork rind panko this becomes keto
easy and looks quite yummy ricotta
gnocchi with eggplant and peppers hmm
I’m torn on this one if something like
carb quick would work in this then it’s
probably keto easy but you know I don’t
know if carb quick or if coconut flour
might be a suitable substitute for the
all-purpose flour in here if if that’s
gonna have enough consistency to hold it
together or if you’d need to add some
you know xanthan gum or something else
to make sure that your gnocchi holds
together I’m gonna call this keto
challenging just until you know I were
to try it out and see the
eggplant sauce unfortunately we cannot
do because key ingredient that is honey
sautéed eggplant that’s key tow-ready
parmesan mousse keto ready and that
looks like that’s a gonna be a total fat
bomb so good for our macros grilled
black cod with herb bundles and elk
spice the recipe itself is keyed already
but a lot of the ingredients in this to
put together the herb bundles are not
things that are readily available some
of them I don’t know that I’ve even seen
at a grocery store so because of the
difficulty I don’t know it’s probably
not worth the effort charred cucumber
panzanella with grilled steak so on this
it calls for sourdough bread but you can
easily get rid of that it also has one
teaspoon of honey which divided by four
to six servings is negligible so I’m
willing to call it keto easy it does
call for Wagyu beef so this is not going
to be an inexpensive recipe along with
this goes some salsa verde that is keto
ready we then have jerk smoked duck with
peach barbecue sauce no-go scallop crudo
with mango and pomegranates this looks
really good unfortunately there’s no
good substitute for mango and
pomegranate that is going to maintain
the flavor of this recipe that’s a no-go
Cambodian black pepper beef that is keto
easy and then finally we have this bento
box which has one two three four five
five different dishes that comprise it
the total time to make this recipe is 13
hours and 20 minutes that right there is
enough to make it a no-go as far as I’m
concerned so based on my count we have
nine keto ready at least nine keto easy
there’s two that are kind of on the cusp
between Kido easy and Kido challenging
to Kido challenging and there’s another
two that are kind of right on the edge
of being a no-go and then 14 that are
know goes so not quite as kitto friendly
as that last issue of milk Street
Magazine but there are some very solid
Kido ready and Kido easy recipes in here
and food wine honestly it’s a cheap
subscription it’s probably worth picking
this issue up just for a couple of those
recipes so I hope you enjoyed this video
if there’s any of those recipes that you
saw that you think would be an
interesting video to watch me make put
it down in the comments below I’ll see
what I can do thanks for watching

Randall Smitham