April 2, 2020
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hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto
and in this video we are gonna test out for different corn extracts to see which
one of them or which combination gives the most legitimate corn flavor to our
keto baked goods but before we do that if you enjoy low-carb cooking videos
product and ingredient reviews like this one as well as lessons learned from my
experiences with a ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting I have a hard
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next to it so you’re notified whenever I release a new video when I started doing
keto there were a few things I really knew that I was gonna be jonesing for
and kind of got on a personal quest to make sure that I could create these sort
of Holy Grail type items one of them is a corn tortilla and I’m really close
really really close on that another is corn bread and I get a lot of requests
for that in my comments so in this video we’re gonna look at four different
extracts now a note about extracts you can’t just taste them straight up they
taste awful just if you put it on your finger in fact I would highly recommend
you don’t do that I’m speaking from experience here it’s right along the
lines of tasting black cocoa powder straight out of the bag which you should
also not do so to give each of these extracts their fair day in court we’re
gonna whip up a batch of birch benders keto pancake mix and use our little dash
griddle to make four different pancakes the extracts that we’ll be trying out
will be OOO flavors corn bread I’m assuming that’s
what the 3os is pronounced says so ooh cornbread the Amoretti sweet corn
Capella popcorn and Lorann oils buttered popcorn for this recipe will use the
standard birch benders kedo instructions which is 2/3 of a cup of the birch
blenders mix 1/2 cup of water which we will whisk together
dividing our batter into four servings is about a quarter of a cup each and
that means roughly forty grams the amaretti is the only one that actually
says on the directions how much to apply and it’s a 1% ratio so that’s gonna be
kind of tough that’s gonna be a half a gram and this scale doesn’t go down two
tenths of a gram so we’re just gonna kinda wing this and I really already smell the corn give
this a mix and then we’ll repeat with the GU flavors or ooh
flavors this is a little thinner so I want 4 or 5 drops
yeah I know not real hardcore science here mix and let’s make some pancakes it’s been about four minutes not super
done on the top but looking pretty done on the bottom so we’re going to take
these out I’m more concerned about the flavor than I am about creating the
perfect pancake here now the taste test first the ooh flavors not doing a lot
for me the birch benders keto very much has the texture of you know cornbread
not a good cornbread but a cornbread nevertheless but I don’t think I’m
picking up any flavor from the extract I take that back maybe maybe a little this
could be one that if we add a little bit more
we might get where we’re going now the amaretti I would say the amaretti tastes more
like corn and less like cornbread so it might be interesting to try these two
together but first let’s try the two popcorn
flavors on the Left here we’ll be using the cappella about six drops kind of
what we used on the other stuff and on the right the Loran I can really smell
this one mix and mix and griddle let’s get these guys out and onto a plate first up we have the capella I’m getting
nothing at the very very very end I get an aftertaste that’s kind of like I ate
some popcorn an hour ago next up we have the lore and oils again I’m getting
pretty much nothing out of this alright at this point I’m ready to throw what
little scientific method there is in this video right out the window
and try two more pancakes where I really hit them with the extract one will be
the combination of the first two the flavors and the amaretti the next one
I’m gonna put all four into and see if I can really get a corn explosion the left
one I’m gonna do ten drops of the who flavors and as best as I can
ten drops of the amaretti on the right one for no particular
reason I’m gonna do those seven drops and now make it ten ten drops of
amaretti roughly ten drops of the capela popcorn ten drops of Lauren oil mix them
both up congrat Illume up I’m not sure why but
both of these puffed up a lot more than the previous batches I don’t know if
that has anything to do with the additional extract so here we’re just
gonna do the ooh flavor and amaretti this is finally starting to taste a
little bit like cornbread to me I think with a little bit of butter and some
sugar-free honey this might make for a passable cornbread now the one with all
four of the extracts I’m definitely getting more of a buttery flavor in it
but there’s also a little bit of bitterness to it so I’m not really
digging those buttered popcorn extracts so what are the takeaways first the
buttered popcorn I don’t know I don’t know what is gonna be my use for that if
I can come up with some sort of a snack where that might be handy otherwise that
may have just been a wasted purchase so you know if I save you some money on
that great I feel like the amaretti has more of a corn taste whereas the flavors
has more of a cornbread taste I think the next time I use them I’m gonna make
sure that I’m looking at a minimum of 20 drops per quarter cup of whatever batter
I’m using also I think I’ve learned enough from this experiment that I think
I can take one more trial run at my corn tortilla recipe with these as well as
some other secret ingredients and release that video probably next week
I realize this probably isn’t as fun as a standard shuffle video but thanks for

Randall Smitham