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Fresh Direct Delivered For Weight Loss Plan

pudding I’ve been mixing I did it
yesterday with Ovaltine so I’m gonna do a little bit of that for the cheese
pudding I also have the oven on I’m gonna roast a little bit of leaving base house I gotta go home
groceries are coming fresh drag yay a lot of calories today so we labeled it a
cheat day but then we had cheap food which was my waffle and fruit and bacon
then we had rose’ and espresso martinis and then like I’m notch I want a BLT
with guac and OH Bae such a bad influence but cheater
tomorrow is a rest day from cardio so I’m gonna get up and do yoga but let’s
get home get the groceries and sort it out from there shall we all right recipes I have made it back
home I’m waiting on fresh drugs it’s a little
after 9:00 9:20 and they’re meant to be here between 9:00 and 11:00 I mentioned
this earlier those African American Day Parade in Harlem and so we couldn’t get
to me earlier I was at Bass House anyway so I’m gonna do mini meal prep because
I’m not I don’t have time to do prep all night right if it gets here 11:00 so I’m
going to do my chia pudding I’ve been mixing I did it yesterday with Ovaltine
so I’m gonna do a little bit of that for the chia pudding I also have the oven on
I’m gonna roast a little bit of corn to make a roasted corn salsa and then I
will put in a little bit of an ox tail that I made from when I made the beef
bone broth so I’ll have oxtail wraps because when the groceries come I’ll
have lettuce wraps in there so I’ll have that I’ll pull that out and there’s some
black beans so I’ll mix that with the roasted corn chop up some tomato and
onion a little bit of garlic and have the roasted black bean corn salsa so our
roasted corn black beans also so yeah and then I’ve got the water boiling
because I’m going to do eggs so I’ll have eggs for tomorrow so not full meal
preps but enough to get me through the day tomorrow
and then we’ll do meals to mine so chia seeds is one tablespoon so I have this I
just I use the other sweet almond milk soy about calories I’ll do one
tablespoon of that in only no I mean yeah there we go and then this is two tables it’s old
teen rich chocolates got 12 vitamins and minerals it’s 40 calories
it’s got good stuff in it so calcium vitamin D I can’t hurt and it tastes
yummy um I’ve got strawberries coming tonight so it’ll be like who doesn’t
like chocolate strawberries right it’ll be like a chocolate strawberry breakfast so I’m just gonna mix this really well
so it’s all incorporated and you can see I’ve got my scale out so when the
groceries get here I’ll be using that that’s the oven it’s ready for the corn
that I’m going to roast yeah so this is all nice and mixed in so it’ll be like
chocolate chia pudding so that’s just for tomorrow again we’ll do like a
bigger meal prep my water is boiling now so I’m going to pop my eggs in set the
timer for seven minutes all right seven minutes and not starting
now okay so we have a timer set for the eggs I’m going to get a bowl of water when the seven minute timer goes off
I’ll drop the eggs into here and that mainly helps them cool down so that they
don’t continue okay all right so I will be back I’m going to get their corn
roasted and when the groceries get here I’ll be back with you all right talk to
them alright so that’s our first bag of pressure we have some tahini here I’m going to
use this I’m going to make lemon not with these black beans some other we go
we’ve got a garbanzo beans so I’ve got two boxes of hormones or beans I will
make hummus using the tahini some garlic and some other things we’ve got onions
tomatoes so all that will go into our sauce served also jalapenos I’m going to
do this week we’ve got burrito bowls planned and some taco wraps explora I’m
doing the oxtail wrap so instead of using a tortilla shell I’m going to use
and then berries I’ve got organic I’m organic antioxidant blends and some
strawberries blackberries blueberries cherries and pomegranate arils your good
source of antioxidant level it seems out of that and frozen raspberries all of
these are low in sugar I’ll use these in put my smoothies and in the cheerful
parfaits and I’ve been making for breakfast so yeah more videos and then
more coconut oil I needed this for I’m gonna make pita chips for the hummus and
some other things about my other coconut so this is good it holds heat better and
it helps with our omega-3 omega-6 balance okay so I will put these away you guys knew I was magic right okay
back number two this is what we’re going to be using to make the legs rest and
sweet crunchy ready for service or tortillas nebulas I’m using the less
rats so that what helped us okay more carrots I’m going to chop these up these
are organic carrots have to feel them and drop them less expensive than the
baby carrots and I’m always suspicious a baby carrots not why did they get that
way thanks they didn’t grow guys I wouldn’t touch them so anyway yes
then I’ve got they had this on sale I love this it’s health a kombucha it’s
the power green version of it and especially with the diet and sometimes
that worries I’m not you know things to try to remedy that this week but with
the power green and its probiotic I feel so obviously lots of broccoli I also got
cilantro so this is going to go as organic cilantro and you’re going to go
in our salsa that we’re making so I’ll put them in the salsa and then also chop
them up and put them in the meat that’s going in the taco there’s now really a
lettuce wrap to keep your Mexican legend I’ve got a spinach here organic spinach
so we’re good to go there and then I have chicken grass there’s a couple of
them I will set these aside because I need to separate remember thin freezer
acts but the date on them was transferred back to the menu because I
don’t think we’re doing chicken every night this week so I’ll take out what I
need I’m and up cooking like three tomorrow this week I got the almond milk again
the other alternative plane this time because thanks to my fitness now I
realized the other one a lot this one had six grams and the one even the
vanilla at 16 grams so that was not good for my sugar intake anyway which I’m
dropping the berries that are lowest in sugar in the raspberry strawberry
blueberry so I feel pretty good about that and then I got some good old bacon
this will be for the weekend on the internet about making up bacon cup but so here we have the avocado so that’s
gonna continue with our Mexican theme I’ve got two dozen eggs
I’ve enjoyed the eggs so much two eggs per morning my mom is doing great so I
want to continue that I want to boil these and then mix them up into some
other greens I got some shrimp this is a great source of protein I’m gonna hook
it up with some agencies in a rush I got using the cauliflower so I’ve decided or
I guess I’ve learned over the last week it’s not really just about the healthy
food but it’s also about making it taste really good and enjoying it and making
it beautiful so I’m going to do garlic mash which I did this to Thanksgiving
long so go with bay or we had a dinner party we were a smash always cauliflower
is also so I’m going to make for that and then I’ll have one into roasted
garlic cauliflower again but that way I could
have that website I got this wild Alaskan salmon I can have a cooler
salmon or with whatever else and it just has like a feeling I’m kind of luxurious
meal wild salmon is important you don’t want to get farm-raised or you want to
steer away from farm-raised like they’re all firm
together they’ve got antibiotics and other things on too wild is best for you
health-wise and it’s like a green omega-3 fatty acid contributor so it’s
also you want and then I got the pita bread so I’m gonna make pita chips with
this I’ll make them on pan margarine no props just spray them down with coconut
oil and pop them in there just kind of up and that’s when we go in our celery tomorrow what our list is as far as the
recipes for a meal and then we’ll do like full meal prep for the I will talk
to you later busy bees busy bees let me know what you
did hey you made it to the end I hope that
you’ll subscribe just click over here and if you want to catch up on my name
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join me tomorrow for food witnessing something really fabulous

Randall Smitham



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