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Hey guys! My name is Nelson Cuesta and welcome to vlog number 1. Now, truthfully, I tried making this first episode a bunch of times. It’s very difficult, there’s a lot I want to cover, so I think the best way to go about it is just to bring you guys through a full day and show you exactly what I’m about. It’s 6 a.m., to get started, I’m going to go wake up my videographer. If you’re wondering why I have a videographer living with me, it’s because I just spent the last three months roughly filming a documentary. Just the filming part, I still have to make it. The documentary is basically about how we can use a rite of passage as a way to– It’s kind of hard to describe this documentary. Some Native American tribes have this tradition where to become a man, a boy must leave the village armed only with a bow and arrow, and no food, and he’s got to kill a wolf. I love everything this represents because it means that this boy basically has to take everything He’s learned over the entire course of his life, and now he’s got to apply it to a definite goal, a definite result. And if he’s not successful, he dies, or he just doesn’t become a man. I basically did the same thing: My wolf consisted of three individual goals. The head part of the wolf was my business goal, which was a list of a hundred things that I knew if I implemented, I could grow my business dramatically. The body of the wolf were 3 physical goals: I had three strength goals, specifically in squat, deadlift, and benchpress. And I had to accomplish those goals with low body fat, ideal body composition. Basically, pound-for-pound strength. Light and tight. And the legs of the wolf were my expressive goal, which was to dance a complete song of salsa without thinking. I started this whole thing on December 21st, 2017, just one day before my 34th birthday. And last tuesday, of February 20th, 2018, after about 60 days of working every single day towards this goals, I finished the final goal, my salsa goal. I guess you could say I’m back to civilization. And so, to kill of my wolf, I basically left the village, I left civilization as well. I completely removed myself from Facebook and all social networks. I cut off all communication with friends, family. My mom is still extremely upset with me. Basically I decided that I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t directly facilitating the acquisition of these goals until I had completed the goals, until I had killed the wolf. This is actually a pretty good glimpse into what this vlog is going to be about, so if that sounds weird or not interesting, it’s probably fair to say that you should just tune out right now. Anyway, so Stalin, my videographer was living with me throughout the course the entire documentary since we were filming pretty much every day. Now that I’m doing this vlog, he’s going to keep living with me. We’re going to keep recording pretty much every day. Let me go wake him up and let’s get started. Hi. Hey. He sleeps on the floor of the room that set up for recording. I swear, I’m not a bad boss. He just likes– I don’t know why he sleeps on the floor, but anyway. I typically wake up naturally between 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. It’s a little later than that right now. It’s almost 6 o’clock. Actually, a little after 6:00. Just because that first little introduction part that you just saw, it took me like 45 minutes to actually get done to the point where I was satisfied. When I wake up, when my eyes open, my goal is to get moving as quickly as possible. You’ll see my whole morning, my whole preparation is basically a lot of movement, a lot of running. So, the first thing I do, I actually do it as quickly as I can, is make my bed. I think making the bed says a lot about who you are as a person. It says that you clean your messes. My goal in life is to massively, positively, affect change in the world. I think if I’m going to do that, the first place I need to start, is with myself. After I’m done making my bed, I run to my living room, I do a little bit of light excercise. And, after that, I start brewing my coffee. Now, I live in Medellín, Colombia, so you better believe I’m getting the freshest, best coffee that Colombia has to offer. I’ve tried every different way there is to make coffee, Chemex, french press. Mine is a Bialetti, I think it’s called a mocha express. This is the best, by far. Just pack it in. Colombians know how to make coffee, and Italians know how to brew it. So, with my coffee on low flame, I’ve got about six minutes till it’s ready. With five of those minutes, I like to take a freezing cold shower. They key is to start with hot water, cover your entire body, and then switch to cold. Cold showers have a tremendous amount of benefits. For me, the biggest one is discipline. Pretty much, every thing good that comes in my life, has come from being uncomfortable. I think taking a cold shower, first thing in the morning, being comfortable being uncomfortable, is just a good way to start the day. Also, if I wasn’t already fully awake, now I’m definitely awake. And obviously, I don’t usually shower in boxers. Just trying to keep this PG. And that leaves me with about one minute before my coffee starts to burn. During that one minute, first thing I do is, I apply a natural cream to my entire body. Now, I think this is extremely important. I do a lot of things to try to stay young. I think moisturizing is probably one of the most important. Also, I try to put moisturizer on as fast as I can. I’m trying to just keep moving. And then, the last thing I’ll do is, I weigh
myself and I also check myself in the mirror just to do a little bit of an analysis. 146.7 pounds. This way, I see if I get better or worse than the previous day. I think doing this sort of daily check ups, if I got worst, for example, I know that I messed up somewhere. Maybe I didn’t sleep enough, maybe I had a lot of stress. Whatever it was, if I got worst, I know that I did something wrong the previous day, I know to try to improve it today. Just in time. We’re just in time for the coffee. We’re going to turn it into a bulletproof coffee. Before I started filming the documentary back in December, I started the ketogenic diet. I had a bunch of energy issues, and I’d heard a lot of good things about keto and so, I wanted to just try it out for myself. The keto diet, in a nutshell, is 70-75% fat, 20-25% protein, and then just incidental carbs. I could say 5% carbs, so really, your carbs only come from vegetables, nuts– They’re completely incidental. You want to keep your carbs lower than 50 grams. I keep mine lower than 30 grams. To turn this into a bulletproof coffee, I like to add a tablespoon of ghee, as well as a tablespoon of MCT oil. I used to also put cinnamon and cocoa, but those things spike my insulin just a little bit, I like to do what’s called a “fat fast”. Basically, fats don’t spike your insulin and I don’t want to spike my insulin until I’ve started working out, or after I worked out, so, my first meal. I basically, will only consume fats– Healthy fats. Alright. That’s ready to go. I like to pour this into my Ember mug. This is my coffee mug, this is an Ember mug. Keeps my coffee at 145º F for at least an hour, which is amazing. I used to just use regular coffee mugs, I drink my coffee over the course of the morning, so I’d have to just run to the microwave every 20 minutes to heat it up. And this thing keeps my coffee blazing hot. It’s amazing. It’s so good. It’s so good. It’s so good, every time. I take a few sips of coffee. I’m actually going to put a shirt on quick. And then I like to meditate. I meditate at least once a day. It’s probably the most important thing that I do on a daily basis. As you can see, I have an entire designed just for meditation. The way I look at meditation is like this: There are the things that happen to you and there’s your reactions to those things. Meditation helps you to become conscious of that space in between, not only does it help you to make them conscious, but it helps you to grow that space over time. Growing as a person means becoming conscious of yourself, becoming conscious of your actions, within the greater context of the world around you, When you grow that space, you’re able to control how you react to things, instead of just reacting. That allows you to make good decisions. It’s how you grow. It’s just how you grow To meditate, I have a couple of tools. First, are my Bose Quiet Comfort 35. These shut out all the noise around me. These are fantastic. I also use an app called Calm. I tried every meditation app, this is by far, the best. The first thing you do when you sit down to meditate with Calm is, you chose the backgroud noise, I love “Fireplace” and “Thunderstorm”. But I’ll listen to a different background noise depending on just how I’m feeling mentally. And then, the next thing you do, you just chose your meditation. At this point, I’ve already done over 140 sessions with Calm, so I’ve done pretty much everything. I try to just choose a session that is relevant to whatever I’m feeling today. Maybe I woke up today feeling a little stressed, so I’d just choose a guided meditation on “Stress”. This app literally has hundreds of meditations, and it’s got crazy stuff. For today, I’m actually going to listen to a guided meditation on one of the characters from Winnie the Pooh. I’ll try to be as authentic as I can with this vlog so, I’m going to go ahead and choose to meditate on Tigger and authenticity.. That was actually 140th session with Calm, which I just started using a few months ago. Really important before I start working, I eliminate every single distraction. When I started filming the documentary, I actually would take my phone and I’d put it into a safe. I’m just going to keep doing that. I really liked that. Beyond that, my phone, even if it’s not in a safe, it doesn’t have Facebook not Instagram. Facebook, for the most part, is garbage. Obviously, I use it for business and what-have-you, but you guys know what I’m talking about. Absolutely no distractions. My tablet has nothing on it, even email, even the chat tool that we use in my business, that stuff is just on my computer, it’s not anywhere else that would potentially create a distraction during any other part of my day. Alright, time to work. Alright, so here’s the first of my three workstations. This is my treadmill desk. For roughly the past 7 years, I work pretty much entire days. I can tell you firsthand that sitting is probably the worst thing that humans can do. Sitting for long periods of time. Humans are made for movement, not seats. I’m putting a band on because my knees are kind of jacked up. I think my knees, just standing naturally, they kind of cave inward, and I have a lot of hours logged on this treadmill, so my knees start to hurt, so I had the idea to just start using a band to kind of force my knees outward. And it’s helped a lot. I’m a very broken person. I have injuries all the time. I’ve had a tremendous number of injuries over the course of my life, and so, I’ve gotten really good at learning how to listen to my body and really learning how to work around injuries, even right now, I have tennis elbow, I have a wrist issue. But that doesn’t stop in the gym or anywhere else. I learned how to work around this stuff. Everyone always asks me: “Isn’t this extremely difficult? Walking and working at the same time?”. It’s a little odd for the first couple of hours. With this band, this is probably like level 10. And I’ve got a little bit of incline going as well. I like to switch up the incline and the steep. Maybe, with those factors, it’s a little bit more difficult, but, for the most part, it takes an hour or two to really get used to. When I’m working, even on a incline and this speed, with the band, after 5 seconds, I don’t notice that I’m a treadmill anymore. The way I work is as follows. I have an app that I use, it’s called Goodtime. This is what is called a Pomodoro timer. I basically work in 45 minute blocks. I’ll work for 45 minutes and then I rest for 5 minutes, then I’ll work for another 45 minutes. My goal over the course of the day ist to try to get in as many of these blocks as possible. During that 45-minute, I’m only focused on one thing. My goal is always a flow state, to lose myself in whatever I’m doing. I’ve been doing this for a bunch of years, so I’m pretty much able to get into a flow state almost always immediatly. I used to procrastinate so much, and I would say, these days, I don’t even procrastinate for a single minute over the course of my day. Also, this is how I look at work. I think I work probably 2 times more than most people. I also think that I’m 3 times as efficient. If you do the math, in one week, I can basically do what a normal person would do in 6 weeks. In one month, I can do what a normal person would do in half a year. That is real power. While I work, music is very, very, very important. Music generates emotion. Music, actually, is emotion through the medium of sound. If I’m trying to generate like fire energy, I know that I was born in the US, but I have latin blood flowing through my veins. That’s a big part of the reason that I’m here in Medellin, Colombia. If I need fire, I’ll listen to Latin music. If I’m writing personal stuff or reflecting, I usually listen to role-playing video game music from my childhood. If I need to be creative, I listen to jazz or electronic music. Anyway, time to start my first session. Alright, that sound means that I finished my first work session. I’m going to click “Start break”, and now I have 5 minutes to chill out. Some times I’ll meditate, some times I’ll just stare out the window, some times I’ll wash dishes. Basically, just take my mind out of the flow state that I was just completely inmerged into for that 45 minutes. I’m also really nice and sweaty, as you can see. I like doing this first session in the treadmill a little bit more intensely because, I haven’t eaten anything that it’s going to spike my insulin, so I’m definitely in fat-burning mode right now. Still have aways to go with this, but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at not. I’d like to get way more– And it’s not just for the aesthetic, I think the more tone that my body has as a whole, it’s just a better indication of how strong my body is. Strenght with optimal body composition. I’m not trying to be a big, bulky, body-builder. I want to be as strong as I possibly can at as light a weight as I possibly can. All right, so this is my work station number two. I like to go from active on the treadmill to recovery here. These are called pneumatic compression boots. They’re from a company called Rapid Reboot, and these will basically give me a massage and help with my recovery. I try to do everything I can over the course of the day to recover as fast as I can because that means I can train harder and, ideally, put on more muscle. So, I like to sit on tiny pillow, make sure my elbows are nice and supported. Bring this over here. Let’s go ahead and turn this on. All right, so it’s time to start session number two. Alright. Done with session number 2. Going to take my 5 minute break. And then, start session number 3. Get back to work. This is my third workstation, this is my desktop computer. I love computers, I love technolgy. This computer, I actually built myself. I brought all the parts back from the US to here. So, I think you can kind of see inside. This thing is fully loaded, it’s got a dual-graphics card, water-cooling, I’ve got it overclocked. It’s heavy duty. I’d bet that it’s probably the fastest personal pc in Colombia. Don’t quote me on that. I also think just building this computer, is a good representation how I view myself. To really understand how this thing works, I had to understand how each individual part works together. Same thing with myself. I think now is also a good time to just talk about my business: I’m the very proud owner of We make real estate websites for real estate agents in the US and Canada. I started the business in 2013. In 2013, I basically sold everything I had and moved back into a spare room in my parents house. I was working off of a mattress on the ground. The second phone line for the business was just my parents second line. Once in a while, I’d have clients call in and my mom would be like washing the dishes. Those first few years were basically the best and worst years of my life. They were the best years of my life because I was doing something I loved, I was creating, I was designing. I really loved what I did. They were the worst years of my life because I was filled with fear, and it was really a scary time. I didn’t have money so, whenever I had issues, if the websites were having bugs, which that happened the time, I had to basically learn programming languages to fix the most basic things. I had fear all the time. I had fear. And that was actually really good for me because it taught me how to use that fear, how to channel that fear. But, for the first few years, I definitely did not know exactly how to do that, and it was scary. There were a few instances where clients asked for refunds, and those are the scariest moments of my life because I literally did not have the money to refund them. So, despite that, I never asked for money from my friends or from my parents. I always, always, always figured it out. I started the company back in 2013, I didn’t hire my first employee until 2015, and now here we are in 2018 and we’ve got close to 30 employees and hundreds, and hundreds of clients in the US and Canada. For as much fear as I had, I never doubted that I would be successful. I think those are 2 different things. I never doubted that I would be successful because I knew that the idea was good and I knew that I was going to work as hard as I had to, as long as I had to, to make it happen. The more I worked, the more I bled, I worked every single day from the moment I got up until the moment I went to bed. If I wasn’t working, I was thinking about work. Honestly, during this time, I suffered a lot. I suffered mentally, I suffered physically, I actually got to the point where I couldn’t sit in a chair, that’s why I was working off of a mattress on the ground. Sitting in a chair for more than a few seconds, I’d feel tremendous pain throughout my entire body. Doctors told me that I needed surgery because I had a collapsed vertebra. I’ll talk about that in another video. And, I think, over the course of that time, I learned that I have a gift. And it’s not a gift that I was born with, it’s a gift that sort of evolved as a by-product of everything that I was doing. So, that gift is that I love to suffer. I love suffering. That is the key to everything that I would accomplish moving forward. Because, it was always easy for me to move forward if I was happy, if I was excited, if I was filled with energy. But, it was hard for me to move forward if I was suffering, if I was sad or if I was depressed. And that was like 50% of the time. Back then, I think I mentioned I had this epiphany moment 7 years ago roughly, where I’ve learned to channel negative emotion positively. But, I was still really learning how to fully do that. And now, I’m at a point where I can, anytime I feel fear, or suffering, or anything, I know how to take that, I know how to channel it to move me forward. Of course, moving forward when I’m happy, and I’m excited, and I’m also moving forward, even moreso now, when I suffer or when I’m sad, or when I’m scared. I’m not gifted, I’m not gifted genetically. Everything that I have, I’ve worked really, really, really, really hard for it. I think there’s a war going on between good and evil. I think this war is probably always been going on, but I think right now, evil is kind of winning a little bit. I consider myself massively on the side of good. And my overarching goal in life is to positively affect change in the world, as much as I can. I believe that I will do that in this lifetime, and I think a big part of the reason for that is that I don’t care about my own personal happiness, and I know that sounds weird, but I truly don’t care about my own personal happiness. I’m willing to sacrifice. And that is what makes me most happy. I don’t to talk too much about financials mainly because I know my dad’s probably going to be watching this and he’s absolutely terrified that someone is going to kidnap me and murder me. What I will say is I can basically do or buy anything. If I wanted to go to China tomorrow and just stay there for a few weeks, I could go and buy a ticket right now and go to China. My business is at a place where financially I can do that. And from a business standpoint, I can do that. I have really good people in place. I’m going to make a ton of money, but that’s not the point. I’m going to do things the right way and all of the money that I make, I’m going to reinvest into myself, and I’m going to reinvest into the things that I believe will allow me to make the sort of changes that I’m trying to make in this world. In the months and years to come, I’m going to accomplish even more amazing things, and I want to share that experience directly with you guys. I’m going to show you exactly how I’m going to do that, how I’m going to do it the right way, my goal is just to be as authentic as I possibly can. I’m working for the side of good, and I hope in just showing how I’m trying to be good, to help good, that I can help other people to be good as well. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, I’m going to get back to work. Alright. It’s time to hit the gym. Let’s go! I’m taking the phone because there’s an app that I’m going to need for part of my workout. I’m still not going to check Facebook. I don’t even have facebook or anything that has any sort of notifications installed on my phone. I’m on the keto diet, at this point I haven’t– The only thing I’ve had to eat– The only thing I’ve consumed today was that bulletproof coffee. One of the cool things about the keto diet is, I actually feel satiated pretty much throughout the entire day. There’s very few points of the day where I actually feel hungry. Even though I had that coffee many hours ago, I still feel really good, really energized and ready to go. I experiment a lot with supplements, pretty much my staple supplements are creatine and– Yeah, just creatine. Since I’ve started the keto diet however, I’m doing a lot with MCT oil. I’m also experimenting a little bit with exogenous ketones. When you go into ketosis, what happens is, your body starts to produce ketones, because it uses those ketones for energy. Exogenous ketones are basically ketones that are produced exogenously, outside of your body. Like, in a lab. I’m experimenting a little bit with branched chain aminoacids. I’m going to take one entire serving throughout the next couple of hours. One serving is 8 pills, I’m going to take 4 pills right now as kind of a pre-workout. And then, 4 pills about half-way through my workout. I’m also experimenting with citroline. Maybe I should grab that. Citroline. I just started this a week ago, so I’m not going to say anything about it. But, I like to experiment. I tipically like to run different supplements stacks for 2-3 weeks, and then just see what sort of changes I see in my body, or my energy, or whatever that supplement is supposed to be doing. Let me actually show you my full supplement closets, my pharmacy. Come in. Yeah, I really don’t mess around. Looking at all the stuff I’ve had shipped from the US. Supplements are very expensive, especially when you you’re testing as many things as I am. Most people probably won’t be able to test on this level, but at least you have me to test, and then I can tell you kind of what works and what doesn’t. Definitely the most important from a vitamin standpoint is just a good multivitamin. Vitamin D and Omega. Omega fats as a whole are, without a doubt, just a staple of my diet and my nutrition. I just showed you my pre-workout, let me show you what I start drinking about thirty minutes of the way trough the workout, my recovery drink. Another scoop of Creatine. This is powdered MCT. I used to just use the regular MCT oil. I started using this about two weeks ago. It is absolutely delicious. For me, the flavor isn’t as important. I would eat dirt if I thought that it was going to positively affect some aspect of my physical or my mental. But, now that I’ve started experimenting with exogenous ketones, and this is an unflavored exogenous ketone, this tastes absolutely disgusting. I need to throw something with flavor in there. Yeah, this is absolutely horrible. Shake that up. I’ll start sipping on this about thirty minutes of the way through my workout. You may have noticed my pre-workout, my post-workout, no protein. This is probably one of the hardest things– It was hard for me to remove all the negative associations I have with fat starting the keto diet. The hardest thing for me is the protein. Ketogenic diet is a protein sparing diet, meaning you need much less protein. I take in very little protein now, I take in maybe 70 grams a day. But, as you can see, I have better body composition than I’ve ever had in my entire life. And this has been the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around because before the ketogenic diet, I was always trying to eat as much protein as I possibly could. Every single meal, the main thing was protein and I was just always trying to eat as much as I possibly could. I’m 145 pounds, and there were days where I’d eat up to 200 grams of protein, that’s a lot of protein. You actually got to be very careful because if you keep over a certain amount of protein, you’ll actually get knocked out of ketosis which was actually happening to me. I’ll explain the science behind that another time but– Completely game-changing for me the idea that I could put on muscle without consuming tremendous amounts of protein because that’s– I came to understand as a fundamental truth that I needed tremendous amounts of protein to put on muscle, and that’s just simply not the case. I also want to just introduce my housekeeper Luz who just arrived a couple minutes ago. Luz! Luz, I don’t know what I’d do without Luz. Luz, she cooks all my meals, and she’s starting to learn what the ketogenic diet is. She’s a little shy, keeps my place nice and clean. She’s a big part of the reason that I’m able to do as much as I do in the course of the day. She’s also learning, I’m slowly teaching her what ketogenic diet is. For her, it seems completely insane. She thinks I’m insane to begin with, and she’s probably right, but, the idea that just eating fat all day is completely insane to her. Anyway, she’s starting to get the hang of it and doing a really good job with the meals, which we’ll see in a little bit. Alright yes, let’s head to the gym. Over the past few years, I’ve become pretty much fluent in Spanish. It’s 11:00 a.m. right now, super late. I usually go to the gym much earlier, but we’re making this vlog, and recording some of the stuff is taking a little bit more time than I would have liked. When I started that documentary, I took a completely different approach to my body. A lot of my training now is just very free-form, I’m really just trying to trust myself, listen to my body, listen to what it needs. My goals for my body, and I’m still very far from my goals, but my goals are basically optimal body composition while being as strong as I possibly can. Pound for pound. Light and tight. I see my body as the vehicle that basically brings me through my entire day, and so I want that vehicle to be as strong and have as much energy as possible. One of the things that I really like about the gym in particular is that it’s a place where you can really test out complex mental concepts within a physical realm. Specifically limits. We’re kind of taught to have limits. We all have limits. This gym is somewhere where you can see firsthand how just by strengthening your mind you can overcome limits. Just with your mind, you can lift more weight, do more reps. As far as today goes, I’m just going to listen to my body. If my body is telling me I need to hit my back a little bit, I’m going to hit my delts. I’m going to do what my body says. I do a lot of super sets, I try to be as efficient as I possibly can in the gym, so, I always super set opposing muscle groups. If I’m working chest, I’d immediatly do back or legs, this way, I can be much more efficient with my workout. I’m still just 3 months into the keto diet, so I’m still kind of figuring it out. First couple of weeks were really rough from an adaptation standpoint. Very, very low energy, definitely lost some strenght. A lot of people say you can’t build strenght on keto, I’m definitely not finding out that to be the case. I’m definitely stronger than I’ve ever been at the lowest body weight, body fat that I’ve ever been. I’m still very much just figuring things out. Another thing is I like to go the absolute muscle failure on every rep. I just need that as a human. I try to do everything the same, if that makes sense. When it comes to working out, I’m always going to go to my limit. And try to pass it. Just trying to hit my back. I’m just getting down to that point and do it really slow. I’m about 30 minutes in, I’m starting to feel it, so I’m going to start with my recovery drink. To finish the workout, I like to do tabata training, which is basically, really high intensity on/off training. Basically, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. I’m going to finish off with abs and I’m going to do– Usually, tabata is 8 rounds, I like to do 12, maybe 14, depending on how I’m feeling. I’m only going to do 12 today. Like I mentioned earlier, I think everything is connected, and that’s one of the things I really want to show with this vlog, is how my salsa helps my business, my gym helps my salsa, it helps my business, my business helps my salsa, my gym. It’s all connected and there are underlying– There are similar underlying themes connecting all of these things, and by developing my abilities in one, I’m actually developing my abilities in everything else. Anyway, let’s get started. Had to do a little bit of recovery. Get my first meal. And get back to work. This morning I woke up with a little bit of a sore throat, so I’m here at the pharmacy to get some stuff for that. On keto, you have to be so careful. Usually, the cough drops have sugar, so I found these, and these actually have Stevia. So, I’m home free with these. Forgot my keys. Hopefully Luz is home. It’s a beautiful day here in Medellín, Colombia. I’m going to get some sun, I try to get about 10 minutes of sun a day. Then I’m going to hit the sauna. Also, before I head up, since I got Luz here, I’m going to ask her to just get my lunch ready this way, I can just eat when I get back and get right back to work. I forgot it’s monday, the roof is always closed on monday, so I’ll just hit the sauna. Sauna has a ton of benefits. Is particularly good to do after the gym, because it temporarily elevates growth factors, like growth hormone, which is why it makes most sense to do it immediatly after any sort of strenuous training to get that additional recovery. I’m going to take a cold shower and then I’ll eat. Tell me that doesn’t look good. I try to keep all meals roughly 3/4 fat, and the rest, protein. Pretty much all my meals are incredible delicious. Fat is delicious. And I never would have thought that it was so good for me. Probably the biggest benefit of the keto diet is just, pretty much, all day I feel like a euphoria. I feel this mental clarity that I’ve never had before. My brain loves using ketones for energy. Anyway, time to eat. Going to take a break and then more work. It’s just late and I have salsa in about an hour, I’m just going to have my soup. I will talk about this in another vlog, but– This is soup made from cow eye balls and bones. I’ll about that in another vlog. This is a collagen protein. This soup is already extremely rich in collagen, but I like to just add a little more. Very little protein, this is 11 grams of protein per serving. So, to remove the taste of eye balls, I like to add a little bit of lemon and some red peppers as well. I also throw in a tablespoon of MCT oil just to make sure that I keep the ratios fat heavy. Of all of the things that I eat this, is definitely the biggest secret. Aw, sh*t! So excited to eat my soup that I spilled it everywhere. So, Stalin works a lot, sometimes, he gets tired and falls asleep. I have to wake him up. Get the f*ck up! It’s 3:30, it’s time for salsa. So, this is my lovely salsa teacher, Daniela. Daniela does not like to talk to cameras, so I’m going to do all the talking. I practice salsa 6 days a week for an hour a day. I think my greatest weakness as a human, if I can say that, is, I think too much. I think a lot. I think to the point where I have to find ways to get myself to not think. So, meditation is one of them. Before I go to sleep, I have to listen to a fiction story, and literally can’t go to sleep with all the thoughts in my head. And so, one of the big reasons I do salsa is to help me think less. With salsa, if you look at the highest level of any sort of dance, the highest level of mastery is characterized not so much by knowing, as it is by forgetting. Let me explain that, basically, a dancer– They spend their entire life learning, and training, and learning, and learning the steps, and training more. And then, at the higest level, they forget. When you watch 2 people dancing salsa, when you watch 2 really high level dancers, first of all, it’s one of the most beautiful things that you can see on this planet because it’s one of the most pure forms of pure physical expression. But, when you watch really high level dancers, they’re not thinking, they’re just moving. And they’re communicating with each other, not through movement, but with energy. It’s really something special. Something that I want for myself. Anyway, I think it’s time to dance. She has no idea of what I’m saying. My salsa has gotten way better since the whole documentary thing. I still feel like I have way more to go. Daniela is a fantastic teacher because, number 1, we’re not just learning new things every week. Everytime I’ve had teachers in the past, they’d just be teaching me these steps, if I make mistakes, they don’t correct them. With Daniela, every time I make mistakes, she will not let me continue if I make a mistake. Also, we keep repeating the same steps over and over, until they’re just part of me. Anyway, I think my salsa has a long way to go and I’m going to be doing a lot over the next weeks and months just to really get to a mastery level. Hey guys, so this is now a week later. Unfortunately, after the salsa, I started to get really sick. After I had my dinner, I just went to the bathroom, threw up. I was done for the rest of the night. But, the way that my schedule would have continued is, I would have continued to do 45-minute work blocks, between my 3 different work stations. Then I go to sleep about 9:30-10 o’clock. Fin. The end. Wake up the next morning, do it all over again. If you watched the video up until this point, I really appreciate it. Hopefully you guys have a better understanding of who I am as a person. The purpose of this video is to show now only what you can expect with the content moving forward, but also just to get who I am as a person. Something I hope that anyone that watches the video took away from it, is that, this is not a routine that I settled into overnight. When I was much younger, I used to just burn myself out at work for five to six hours straight. I did a lot of things that were extremely unhealthy with the goal of massive progress. Now that I’m a little older, I’m 33 years old, I know that I have to– This is a marathon, and this is not a sprint. When you’re young, you think everything is just a sprint because you don’t understand the effect that time has on things. That’s another thing too, I’m really excited about this vlog because I just had a really cool point. I tried doing something like this many times over the last bunch of years and I failed at every single time. Even last year, I tried to launch a full production, YouTube like TV show, and that was a complete failure. But I’m so happy I did it because these were all just really important lessons for me. And now, I’m at a really cool point where I’m not young. I’m 33 years old. But I’m not old. I’ve been working on myself, I’ve been just obsessed for the last seven years, and I’m pretty happy with the progress that I made, but I’m now advancing, I’m now growing at a faster rate than at any point in my life. I’m at this really cool intersection where I have a lot of experience, I have a lot of knowledge. I’ve failed and made so many mistakes that I’ve been able to learn and grow from as a person, and then I still have– That’s my younger self, and now looking forward, I’m growing at a faster rate than ever. In my business, every single month, we’re having the best month in the history of our company, by far. We’re growing at an unbelievably exponential rate. What I’m going to be able to do with my business, what I’m going to be able to do with my body, with my salsa, with all the understanding I have, with how I’m learning how to tie all these things together, that’s the sort of stuff that I’m really hoping that I can package together well, and communicate well over the course of this vlog, which I’m going to commit to. I’m going to commit to this vlog for at least a year. I’m going to try to do daily episodes. We’re going to shoot for 10 to 15 minute episodes. You don’t to worry about watching another 40-45 minute– I think this episode’s going to finish at around 45 minutes, so I apologize for that. Believe it or not, we’ve actually cut this thing down so much. There’s a lot but I wanted to get in there, and this is my vlog, so I can choose whether or not I want it to be long or short, and I think as long as the content is interesting, as long as there’s a cool message, I think I have a cool message to share. I think I have a cool story. I think I’m excited at the prospect of being able to tell stories. I think this whole vlog format is really fascinating. I’m excited. I’m excited so, I really hope you guys like what you’ve seen. If you can do me a favor and Subscribe. If you guys have any specific things you didn’t like about this video, let me know. If there’s things you want me to focus more on that you really liked, let me know because ultimately, the feedback that I get from people watching this stuff is going to really shape the direction of where I go with it. Thank you guys for watching. Please, please, please subscribe. Let me know if you have any feedback, and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Randall Smitham