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Full day of Eating a Ketogenic Diet with Pruvit Keto OS  – Ketogenic Diet Before and After

Anthony, what are you eating to lose weight?
When are you eating?
What are you taking with it?
Hopefully I’ll be able to answer those questions
in this video.
I’m calling it the full day of eating with
Pruvit Keto OS and I’m just kind of walk
you through a typical day for me.
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So, here’s the video today, Full Day of
Eating with Pruvit Keto OS.
Okay, I wake up every day about 5:00 to 6:00
AM and I immediately go down to my home office,
which I’m in today, which is messy, I haven’t
finished cleaning it up, but we’ll deal
with it today.
I try to drink a bottle of water right off
the bat and then I wait a little bit and then
I actually, I check my emails or start doing
a little bit of work, but I’m waiting and
then I check my ketone levels and my glucose
And I do that, some people do it with a blood
This is my little care package I take with
me when I travel and I keep near me.
But I like to actually test my glucose in
my blood on a meter.
This is a glucose meter and a ketone meter.
You get the little strips in the canister
and you can test your blood and your ketone
every day, ketone levels every day.
Some people do it ketones with the strips
that you pee on and those can give you an
indication, but I find that the blood test
is more accurate.
It only takes a tiny drop of blood, it’s
very painless, it’s pretty simple.
Anthony Flatt: So, I check my ketone levels
and my glucose levels first thing in the morning
just to kind of see how things went over the
night, how did I do the day before, and kind
of helps me mentally get ready for what am
I going to need to do today.
Are my glucose levels good?
Are my ketone levels good?
And that just kind of helps set the mindset
for the day.
So, then about 6:00 to 9:00 AM, between 6:00
and 9:00, usually when I kind of, my head
comes up and I think about taking a break,
sometimes I great really involved and hours
go by, but between 6:00 to 9:00 AM I drink
a Keto OS drink.
And I either drink a Keto OS Bio Max Maui
Punch, or a Keto OS Orange Dream, or Keto
OS Chocolate Swirl, or I might have coffee
with the Keto Cream in it.
Now, sometimes I do use one of those, I’ll
just do a bottle of water, I’ll do one real
quick here.
Bottle of water, packet of Keto OS, let’s
do the Bio Max.
This is probably my favorite just because
it’s a fruit punch flavor.
Well, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite,
it’s my favorite by itself.
I’ve kind of gotten into mixing and matching
some of these and Frank Preed gave me, actually,
I think it was his daughter that kind of invented
it, but he mixes the Keto OS 2.1 with the
And I did that and then I mixed it in a blender
and made it into like a Slurpee or an ICEE
or a slushy, whatever depending on what part
of the country or world you’re from depends
on what you guys call it.
A little iced thing and what I do is I keep
this, I don’t what they call these, I always
Yeti, yeti cup.
I keep this nearby and I put it in there,
but for today I’m just going to have one
of these.
So, I drink one of these in the morning.
Either just like this or maybe I’ll put
it in, I’ll mix a couple, like I said, the
Maui punch and the orange dream.
But what I’ve been doing lately also is
I’ve been taking chai tea and mixing chai
tea with the chocolate swirl, the Keto OS
chocolate swirl and the Keto cream, mixing
those together and blending them into an ICEE
and having like an iced coffee or a Frappuccino
or something.
That’s really good.
I like mixing these up because I’m not a
guy that can do the same thing every day.
If you told me I could live to be 180 years
if I ate spinach 3 times a day every day and
that’s all I ate, I’d probably ask you
like, what do I got to do to make it to like
I just, I need variety.
So, between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM I’m going
to drink a Keto OS or drink a Keto OS combination
with another one.
And then I go back to work, jam things out,
get a bunch of stuff done.
I’m most productive in the morning.
So, I get up between 5:00 and 6:00 and between
that 5:00 and 6:00 and probably noon, 1:00
o’clock, I probably get a whole day’s
worth of work done in that timeframe and I
just knock it out.
That’s just me, that’s just the way I
Around 11:00 to 1:00, I try to eat a ketogenic
Now, I try not to eat after 7:00 PM and before
11:00 AM, I call it the 7-11 diet and I’ve
got a video on my YouTube channel, you can
check that out, it talks about that.
But, basically, it’s just giving your body
time to rest and repair itself, a little intermittent
fasting if you will.
And I’m not a big morning person so I don’t
eat a big breakfast in the morning and I know
somebody just said, Anthony, the breakfast
is the most important meal of the day, and
that might be true if you’re burning glucose
for fuel.
I’m burning ketones for fuel, I’m not
burning glucose.
If you burn glucose, when you consume carbs
and consume sugar, they’re going to burn
off within about 2 hours.
So, that’s why if you think about these
diets and these nutritionists that tell you
that you need to eat every 2 hours, it’s
because that’s the glucose regimen, how
long it takes to actually process that.
So, you eat breakfast, two hours later you
eat a snack, two hours later you eat lunch,
two hours later you eat a snack, two hours
later you eat dinner, two hours later you
eat a snack, two hours later you go to bed.
So, if you think about that process if you’re
burning glucose, that’s why they want you
to eat every two hours.
I’m not hungry in the morning, mainly because
I’m in a fasting state when I’m asleep,
I wake up in a fasting state, that means my
body’s burning its fat for fuel.
I want to stay in that state as long as possible.
Obviously, I have a lot of fat to burn.
So, I just don’t even think about eating.
I start to get hungry between 11:00 and 1:00
and when I get hungry I go eat.
So, between 11:00 and 1:00 I eat a ketogenic
meal and I’m not a purist, I don’t say
that it has to be this and that and measure
this and it’s so many of these and those.
Man, I just kind of keep it simple.
Just kind of generally follow a ketogenic
I do, a lot of people eat bacon, eggs, avocados,
cheese, I do that a lot.
Sometimes it’s fried eggs, sometimes it’s
scrambled eggs, sometimes it’s scrambled
eggs with avocado and salsa and sour cream,
I just mix it up, make different things.
I also eat a lot of steak, I don’t get the
lean cuts of steak, I don’t get fatty low-quality
steak, but I get steak that’s got nice marveling
and nice trim on it and I eat all of it.
So, here’s a couple of things I have on
So, we’ve got the eggs, bacon, avocado and
We’ve got, that’s one possible meal, steak,
Brussel sprouts and a wedge salad.
That’s another possible meal.
These are all meals that I normally eat.
A bacon cheese burger, bacon cheese burger
with all of the toppings on it and I wrap
it in a lettuce wrap, so I take some iceberg
lettuce and I overlay two pieces of iceberg
lettuce and make a wrap.
It works out really good.
You can also get those at Five Guys Burgers
and Fries, they’ll make those for you and
there’s a number of other restaurants that
will do that as well.
Red Robin will do that as well; they have
a bun-less hamburger that you can get there
And then broccoli cheese soup.
My broccoli cheese soup is made with cream
cheese, heavy cream and broccoli, oh, bacon
grease, some bacon crumbles and a little bit
of bacon grease just to give it a little flavor.
And then with that I had a grilled cheese
ham and cheese sandwich.
Now, I’m not a bread guy because I’m trying
to stay away from carbs, but there are a couple
breads that are a little bit better than others.
The Ezequiel bread or the very dense, very
heavy grain breads.
So, you go to your grocery store, you’re
going to have to be careful because a lot
of the healthy breads are not healthy at all.
They’re crap, they’re worse than the regular
So, I look at the backs of every one of the
breads and you can find bread that’s probably
between 6 grams and 9 or 10 grams per slice
for regular sized slices.
I don’t want a little micro slice; I want
a regular slice.
And so, I just try to find one of those.
I don’t eat it very often and it’s good
to keep in the freezer, so I keep it in the
freezer, take a couple slices out, put it
in the toaster or take a couple slices out,
let it thaw for a little bit and then make
a grilled cheese with it.
And I make a grilled ham and cheese and I
use regular ham with the fat in it and all
that good fun stuff, it’s very good.
If you’re looking for recipes, people will
always say, Anthony, how did you figure this
stuff out?
Simple, go and just Google “Keto” and
whatever food you’re trying to figure out.
Keto meatloaf, keto casserole, keto pizza,
keto dry rub ribs, keto pot roast, keto roast
Whatever it is you’re looking for, there
are tons of recipes out there and what I usually
do is I usually print out 3, 4, 5 different
recipes and then I kind of compare them and
then I look to see what ingredients I like
to use and what ingredients are easy.
If you’re going to tell me that I got to
sift this and I got to trim this and I got
to zest the lemon, man, I’m going to shoot
some lemon juice in there or squeeze a lemon
or something, but I’m not a gourmet chef.
I want something to be relatively quick.
So just search Keto and whatever.
So 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM I eat a ketogenic diet
and then sometime between 1:00 PM and 3:00
PM, I drink another Keto OS drink.
And it just depends on what I had previously,
if I had a double previously, I might have
a single now or if I’m really tired and
groggy or if I’ve got to go do a bunch of
stuff, I’ll just mix it up.
And again, I’m the variety guy, so I like
mixing all my different things.
Usually I’ll have, if I’m going to have
a coffee, I usually have a coffee in the morning,
a hot coffee, and I make a coffee called double
barrel coffee, and that’s basically coffee,
hot coffee, with the Keto cream, with some
Kerrygold butter, real butter, grass fed butter,
and some either MCT oil or coconut oil and
I mix that.
So, it’s a double shot because the Keto
cream has MCT oil in it, so then I’m putting
more Keto Cream or more MCT oil in it, that’s
why I call it a double barrel coffee.
So, I get both.
Some people say, well, Anthony, do you eat
with your Keto OS?
Can you take Keto OS with food?
Yeah, that’s fine.
I don’t have any issues with Keto OS at
any time.
I can drink it in the morning, I can drink
it with a meal, I can drink it without a meal,
I can drink it on the road, I can drink it
outside, I can drink it warm, hot, cold, I
really don’t have any issues, but you’ll
have to figure it out for yourself what the
challenge is.
I guess the one issue I have is when I forget
to take it, I can really feel it.
So, I really need to make sure that I stay
on my regimen.
And doing the double up, doing the Maui and
the orange together and putting it in the
yeti cup with the, blended in the iced tea,
that works out pretty good because instead
of me drinking that in 15 minutes, I can drink
that over an hour or an hour and a half and
I’ve got a double dose in there.
So, that works.
Alright, so you take a second Keto OS or I
take a second Keto OS at 1:00 to 3:00 PM.
Somewhere around 5:00 to 6:00 o’clock, I’m
going to eat a ketogenic meal, another one.
Same kind of deal.
Now, for lunch, sometimes I eat a little bit
bigger meal, but not necessarily.
And then I just try to not eat two big meals,
I try to eat reasonable meals, and I don’t
force myself.
If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat.
So, I only eat when I’m hungry and I only
eat until I’m full.
But some other things I would eat in the evening,
crust with combination pizza.
If you like pizza, go and Google “Keto crust-less
Now, you can make crust, pizza crust, out
of some almond flour, coconut flour, there’s
recipes for that.
You can make pizza crust out of cauliflower,
I haven’t really played with that, I’m
not sure how that would work.
I like it just the crust-less pizza.
It basically looks like lasagna.
You’re making a pizza in a baking dish and
I put everything in there.
I put Italian sausage, I put ground beef,
I put peperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers,
multiple kinds of cheese.
Sometimes to just mix it up I’ll put a little
ricotta in there or ricotta mixed with cottage
cheese, usually not because it doesn’t set
up as well, but I use lots of lawyers of cheese
because that’s my big binder and that stuff
works out great.
I make an entire casserole dish, I cut it
into servings and then I’ll put it in that
food saver bag and I’ll freeze them and
I’ve got those Keto pizzas just whenever
I’m hungry.
They’re really good, the sausage and ground
beef have good fats in them, the pepperoni
has good fats in them.
If you get your better or hard cheeses, don’t
your super cheap off-brand cheeses, you want
to get good harder cheeses, but that is an
awesome one.
Chicken, when I eat chicken I either eat a
baked chicken or grilled chicken, skin on.
We roast them, we put them on the grill, but
I do skin on and I particularly like thighs,
I like dark meat and a thigh just seems to
be a right portion of one or two thighs or
a thigh and a leg.
I will do some white meat, but I’m not a
white chicken breast tasteless.
If I get a chicken breast, I’m going to
pound it out thin and I’m going to season
the heck out of it and I’m going to cook
it in some bacon grease or I’m going to
cook it in some butter.
So, I need some flavor there.
And then I like asparagus.
You can do asparagus lots of different ways:
bacon wrap, put it on the grill, bacon wrap,
put it on the broiler or just cook it.
Also, if you have leftover asparagus, you
can actually put that in a blender with some
heavy cream and some cream cheese and make
a cream of asparagus soup with your leftovers,
especially if it’s been roasted, that’s
really good, roasted asparagus soup.
Barbeque ribs, people say you can’t have
barbeque ribs on a diet.
Buddy, I have barbeque ribs all the time,
I just don’t have the ones with sauce on
I have the dry rub barbeque ribs; I don’t
even buy the premade ones like at Costco or
whatever because I don’t know what they
put in them.
A lot of times they’ll put brown sugar in
there or they’ll put table sugar in there.
So, I just buy my ribs and then I just put
a good dry rub on it, okay?
A little cayenne, a little paprika, some peppers,
some good sea salt or Mediterranean salt and
we’re good to go.
Another big one we eat a lot is taco salads
and fajita taco salads.
So, ground beef, we mix up ground beef with
taco seasoning.
We have it around and available because my
kids are doing sports and activities and they’re
running all the time.
So, we have that available.
I do taco meat, so I’ll do some chicken
or some beef, some steaks and do it fajita
style and then I’ll have that on a salad
with no bowl or with no crust, right?
Just in a bowl.
And that’s usually lettuce, tomato, onion,
black olives, the fajita meat, either chicken
or steak or both, and then sour cream, guacamole,
and taco sauce and salsa.
That’s a nice size meal and it’s got a
lot of lettuce in it.
I also eat a lot of wedge salads with blue
cheese and bacon crumbles, that’s another
one that’s good.
I have…
About a year ago, I tell you all the time
I don’t eat salad, I hate salad, it’s
rabbit food, blah, blah, blah.
My taste buds, now that I’m not eating the
carbs and I’m not eating the sugars and
I’m not eating the processed crap, I’m
actually enjoying my vegetables more and I’m
enjoying salads more.
I’ve just got to make sure I eat enough
fats with my salad, so I’ve got to have
a protein with it and I’ve got to have a
good fat protein.
You’ll notice that I said avocado a lot.
I try to eat an avocado at least every other
day, if not every day.
I’ll buy the guacamole, single serving guacamoles,
and keep them in the refrigerator as an easy,
quick to go, if I’ve got a couple of avocados
and one of them goes bad and I need to go
back to the store, I can always grab one of
those out.
So, I try to do avocados every day.
Alright, from 5:00 to 6:00 I’m going to
eat another meal and then from 6:00 to 7:30
I try to get some kind of exercise.
Okay, so I retired a couple years ago as a
chairman of team Georgia USA wrestling, so
I was out of wrestling and just when you get
out they pull you back in.
No, actually I wanted to coach again and I
wanted to coach the little kids, the 5, 6,
7, 8, 9, 10-year-olds, the beginners, the
kids that don’t know anything.
I actually like teaching them.
Most coaches don’t because those are the
kids that scream and run all over the place
and climb all over everything and have the
attention span of gnat.
I like figuring out how to coach those guys,
playing games, teaching them things when they
think they’re playing a game but they’re
actually doing a drill.
So, I coach a couple nights a week from 6:00
to 7:30 and then the other nights of the week
I’m in the garage, cleaning up the garage
and doing stuff in the garage, doing honey
do projects and doing stuff around there.
Working in the yard, we just put a patio out
back, we’ve got a bunch of stuff that we
want to do.
Kids are getting older and getting ready to
go off to college so now we’re trying to
figure out what we’re going to do with the
house as we’re moving on, so we’re kind
of doing the entertaining stuff now and we’re
working on the backyard more.
A walk in the park, I don’t walk in the
park as much, but my mother-in-law, Nancy
Green, she walks every single day, 2 hours
or more a day, every single day.
And she has lost, I don’t know, 80 pounds,
90 pounds.
She looks fantastic.
I wish I had 2 hours a day to dedicate to
walking and/or I wish I actually would want
to walk for 2 hours a day, I’m not sure
that I’d want to walk for 2 hours a day.
But those that like to walk 2 hours a day,
my mother in law is religious about it, she
does it every single day, and man she looks
And then the other one is go to the gym, and
again, I don’t go to the gym very often.
I have some workout equipment here at the
house so I can walk on the treadmill.
I have a universal gym, I have an Olympic
bench ad weights, I have a bike, I have an
elliptical, so I have what I need here.
So, I’ll do a little bit on one of those
or I’ll go to the gym, but that’s kind
of at the bottom of my list, because I’d
actually rather coach wrestling or do work
around the house than I would go to the gym.
I don’t know why, but that’s just me.
And then when I get back, I get back from
wrestling practice, it ends at 7:30, you chit
chat, you get home, it’s about 8:00 o’clock.
I may, if I’m feeling a little hungry or
maybe I had a Keto OS at 2:00 o’clock or
1:00 o’clock and I’m wanting to have another
one, I’ll have another Keto OS, but I’ll
have an un-caffeinated version and I’ll
just mix that up with some water and have
one of those.
That way I’m not taking any caffeine right
before going to bed.
And then by 8:39 o’clock, I like to be in
bed and I’m usually asleep by 9:00 or shortly
Now, a couple things that I do.
I grew up not being a reader and then when
I did become a reader, I only read technical
manuals and I only read personal development
stuff, and I kind of still pretty much do
So, I’m going to give you a couple things
that I’m ready, that I’ve read, that I’ve
So, let’s see.
For business books Dotcom Secrets, Russel
Brunson’s book, awesome book.
I keep it nearby, I’ve got several of his
courses as well, so that’s one thing.
I’m a big Seth Godin fan, so Big Moo, Tribes,
All Marketers Are Liars, Permission Based
Marketing, these were all great books.
I try to get my books both in physical and
on audible.com because I can wear headphones,
I can speed up audible.com and I can listen
to it and I can look at the words on the page.
I have ADD I’m sure, I’m not doctor diagnosed,
but I’m sure I do.
So, listening to it and looking at the words
helps me go faster, it helps me speed read,
but it also helps me get the information without
me realizing that I’ve went through 2-3
pages and I don’t remember what I just read.
So, that combination really helps me a lot.
Here is the one that I’m reading now is
Willpower and this is, who’s this from?
Well, just look it up.
Willpower, it’s a New York Times Bestseller.
Anybody who thinks Willpower is just a matter,
well, I’m just going to do it, Willpower
is a chemical reaction.
We need to put ourselves, put our bodies into
a state that allows us to have Willpower.
People know that sometimes they have a lot
of Willpower, sometimes they don’t, it’s
more often than not a chemical combination
than it is that you’re just a lazy slob.
So, that’s a good book.
I’m about halfway through reading it for
the second time.
This is one’s, this is a book for you, Tim
Ferriss’ Tools of Titans.
A bunch of people are reading this; a bunch
of my friends are reading this.
You can get this at Costco for like 16.99
I think, it’s a 28-dollar book, Costco had
them at Christmas time for 16.99.
I bought a bunch and gave them away.
I’m only on page, what am I on?
Page 75.
This is my restroom reading, so I keep this
in the restroom and a read a couple pages
every time.
So, I’ll eventually get through this book,
but that’s my restroom read.
And then up next, Brainfluence.
Again, I’m all about what chemicals affect
the brain, how the brain affects your performance,
how your success factors are based on how
well your brain is operating.
So, this is another good one.
I haven’t started this one yet.
Picked up a couple books yesterday at the
used book store, there’s a place here in
Atlanta called 2nd and Charles, there are
some other places, but I’m sure there’s
used book stores as well.
Another Seth Godin book, The Icarus Deception.
This is a good one so I’m going to be reading
that one.
And then this one’s interesting and I just
read, it’s got a reference by Seth Godin
in it.
So, I kind of picked it up.
It’s called Flip the Funnel.
I’m all about sales funnels and business
funnels and business processes, so Flip the
It’s basically about how to use your current
customers to reference sell to other customers.
How do you use your customers to get more
So, that’s another good one.
So, if you have any ability to buy books,
buy them.
If you can’t buy books, you just don’t
have the money, don’t have the resources,
go to YouTube.
Most of these books, the concepts that are
in these books, they’ve made videos, somebody’s
made a video on.
Go to YouTube, you can watch the video for
I often times… where’s my stuff at?
Here we go.
I often times will go to bed at night watching
a YouTube video and I picked this thing up
on Amazon for about 27 bucks.
It’s a little headband, I’m not going
to put it on now because I have a business
meeting I need to go to, but basically you
put this on and it’s over your ears, you
can pull it down over your eyes too.
I haven’t travelled, but I’m planning
on travelling with it because the airplane
and there’s noise and all that good fun
The headphones aren’t that great, they’re
just kind of like your average headphones.
I’ve got some good Bose headphones, I’ve
got some Ear Candy headphones, but this works
well enough and it’s soft and you can sleep
in it.
So, I’ll plug that into my iPad and I’ll
put on a video or a playlist and just go to
sleep doing that.
You can also listen to meditation music and
things that will really calm your body and
all that good fun stuff.
I find that when I do this, I fall asleep
right away, right away.
I just put it on, somebody talking, put it
on at medium volume and I don’t know about
this you learn all this stuff in your sleep,
maybe you do, maybe you don’t, I don’t
know, but I do know for sure that I sleep
better when I have some headphones covering
my ears and I’m not hearing all the other
background noise.
Okay, so 8:30 to 9:00, go to bed, get some
sleep, get as much sleep as you possibly can.
And really focus on trying to be consistent
with your sleep, trying to get as much as
you can.
And again, if you’re going to take a Keto
OS, if you take one an hour or so before you
go to sleep, I believe it helps me sleep,
I believe it helps me induce sleep.
I used to take PM medication to go to sleep
and I don’t take any of that anymore and
I used to wake up 10-12 times and sometimes
wake up completely, I have a Fitbit, it’d
tell me how many times I wake up, and that
doesn’t happen anymore.
Maybe I turned over and tossed 2 or 3 times,
maybe I wake up once, maybe I don’t, but
it’s a lot less than I used to and I’m
getting a lot better sleep.
Okay, well hopefully this video is helpful.
Again, if you didn’t…
If you’ve got some questions that didn’t
get answered in this video, please put those
questions in the comments below and like the
video, subscribe to this channel.
I’m going to continue to make some more
videos like this.
This is a little bit longer than I wanted
it to go, but if you’ll tell me the videos
you want me to make, I’ll try to make videos
that specially address the comments, concerns,
suggestions, whatever you have.
Again, AnthonyFlatt.com, you can leave me
a voicemail, you can send me an email to [email protected],
you can leave comments here on my YouTube
I think that’s it.
Reach out, let me know, hopefully you found
that useful and I appreciate it and take care.

Randall Smitham