April 5, 2020
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Full Day Of Eating I Keto Krate Winner I Keto At Burger King

Good Morning y’all so I’m about to get
my nails done which I definitely need don’t know what color I’m gonna get
but we will decide once I make it there and oh my gosh y’all I’m literally over
here starving I should’ve ate before I made it here but I was like oh my gosh I
want to continue my fast so I did my 17 hours fasting and I’m going to break my
fast with the SmartSweets Sour Blast Buddies alright y’all so this is what my nails
look like I have blue and white and then blue and silver on my fourth finger on
both hands okay why am I telling you all that I don’t know whatever but I think
it’s cute what do y’all think y’all think is cute too let me know I really
have a problem y’all I’m back here at Hot Tamale Heaven I just can’t stop hey
guys I’m here currently at the dealership I gotta get some stuff done for my car but I do have a new flavor that I’m gonna try out from Bang Energy it’s the
Cotton Candy Flavor. Somebody oh my gosh I forget who it was they stated
that this is their favorite drink so hopefully I like this one too yeah let’s
try out this bang energy drink hopefully it’s good I like this one yall. Even when I was
younger, I was not like a huge huge fan of cotton candy flavored um what
suckers or whatever but I like this flavor y’all as a right now the Bang
Energy Sour Head Drink is still number one but this cotton candy y’all it’s in
second place now I like this! today’s workout is going to be probably a full
body workout because I didn’t workout yesterday because it was the end of my
period and I just wasn’t feeling like the whole little gym thing so did not work
out yesterday but we’ve got to get this workout in today Mrs. Shelley
she’s a lady who typically do my nails y’all I love her so much so kind and
it’s like we both like balance ideas about like what my nails should be like
like I love her she’s like her and her daughter are like my favorite people to
do my nails period! Last thing I say before I go into the gym I promise so I
have braids all over my head I know I always look crazy because I have my hat
on but it’s always braids underneath my hair y’all like I really want my hair to
grow out no more cutting it none of that so yeah the girls here recommended that I try
out the weight instead of just using that bar with it yeah do you see this
I’m slated I’m only at the beginning last year we was last place this year
we’re first we was hungry for the title now we quench them that dose he was on
your best behavior yeah we are not worse killing killing the competition rolling
around in the house life is like chess except the dating game some pawns remain
pawn some pause to come case all right y’all I’m done with my workout. It near by killed me but it’s over with that’s all that matters
okay yeah so I know this is kind of lame to even admit but I feel like so
accomplished right now because I actually talked to two people at the gym
today and I know that sounds like kind of weird but y’all I really don’t talk
to people so that’s like a step in the right direction for me we’re gonna also
let y’all know that this is absolutely nothing nothing to do with me thinking
I’m better than people y’all is the fact that I am such an introvert and it’s so
hard y’all like a thousand things go through my brain when I’m talking to people and
then on top of that y’all I’m a Pisces and then on top of that my degree is in psychology like it’s just too much too much going on in my brain when it
come to people too much and I would always hear like they like the people
that made you in psychology are the people with the most problems and I
promise you y’all I am a true testament to that saying switched it up y’all I
have my lemon peppered wings from THot Tamale Heaven I just don’t even want the
sweet honey like anymore right now because I’ve had enough of that flavor
but the lemon pepper wings are so good alright y’all so about to go walk inside
of scoops don’t know what I’m getting but we’ll find out okay also I got two
snacks from Dollar Tree because I’m literally over here starving I have one
slim jim doesn’t have the best ingredients but we gonna make it do what
I do hashtag lazy keto then I have some pumpkin seeds and I haven’t had pumpkin
seeds in a while so yeah alright y’all here Burger King let’s see if we can do
keto at Burger King okay awesome thinking about getting the number four
but with no bun no cheese and no mayonnaise maybe and maybe add lettuce to it. I don’t know maybe I don’t know alright yes I’m gonna get a Coke Zero yes
alright y’all so keto at Burger King when you order your food make sure you
say leaf lettuce because if you just say lettuce they give you shredded lettuce
so I have bacon underneath here I have ketchup and mustard they have two pieces
of meat so this is the Bacon King Burger I noticed that McDonald’s they do the same thing as well so I’m gonna try my
best from now on just to make sure I say leaf lettuce because I didn’t want these
little shredded lettuce but I’ll make it do what it do it’s not a problem at all
and then y’all my mom ordered a fry and look at this temptation temptation mama
come get your fries and she has a Hershey pie y’all and she has a fish
patty mom has a very interesting are you saying about your fish patty it it definitely looks like the fish is
dead you don’t have to worry about that. It is dead Hey y’all so editing version
of myself coming in I wanted to announce the March 2019 Keto Krate Giveaway
Winner honestly y’all these last couple weeks have been like kind of like very
stressful for me y’all and I’ve really been trying my best to just say
consistent on keto and just being consistent on here as
well hopefully y’all can hear me because the grass is currently being cut right
now but oh my gosh it’s getting louder okay so the goal is hopefully before
this video right here goes up I have replied back to everyone who commented
on my Keto Krate Review + Giveaway from this month like I said I’m really
really sorry about everything it’s just my mind has been in a whole other place
right now and maybe one day I’ll tell y’all about it I don’t know but I’ve
just honestly been dealing with a whole lot the gym has really helped to make me
feel better y’all like if you’re like going through anything I really would
recommend even if you don’t want to go to the gym just like walk around or some
to that nature to help clear your mind because I can just honestly make just
like a world of difference I would also like to thank all those who wish me a
happy birthday like oh my gosh if you don’t know my birthday was March 17th
which is Saint Patrick’s Day so when it is St. Patrick’s Day hopefully y’all will think
of me from now on thank you so much for the messages on YouTube and Instagram I
truly truly appreciated it oh I came out here to talk about one thing and I don’t
start as help my other things as well but anywho let me stop so the March 2019 Keto Krate Winner is DivaliciousKeKe so I’m back to hop in
your DMS on Instagram and message you and just get your contact information
just so we can go ahead and send out your March 2019 Keto Krate out to you
yayyy! On each video, y’all I do have my Keto Krate Link Plus my Keto Krate 15% off discount code in the description box so just in case you are interested in
purchasing a Keto Krate you can hopefully support me and save some money as well If you’re a new to the channel, WELCOME TO THE FAM! I’m over here documenting my keto weight loss journey here on social media and your
girl is sharing everything so just click that subscribe button + the notification
bell as well so you won’t miss out on any future uploads here to my returning
YouTube family I thank you so much for watching this
video as always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay
blessed and I will see you in the next video! Byeeeee!

Randall Smitham



  1. Lauren Ellis Posted on March 19, 2019 at 8:45 pm

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  5. PRINCESS HAMILTON Posted on March 19, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    I laughed at the "I talked to 2 people at the gym today" I'm a introvert too so I can relate to what you are saying

  6. Maria Cole Posted on March 19, 2019 at 9:28 pm

    I love your braids there is nothing wrong with wearing it! It’s a protective hairstyle

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    You are not alone. I am a total introvert! You are really doing great at the gym especially all the core workouts. Hope things are going a little smoother for you and just know we care if you ever decide to share. Oh I am loving you mom I the videos.

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