March 31, 2020
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Good morning beautiful people of the
world! So, I am about to go into the gym and do some cardio (MUSIC) I’m very proud because I really wanted to hit 250 and right now I only have 20 seconds left and I have hit 276 calories that I’ve burned. So, YAYYYY! This
is what the body is looking like right now. Eh, whatever. I am happy to say that
I did not gain any weight nor lose any weight this weekend which is pretty cool
because I did have a few keto friendly desserts. Well, not a few but I had
honestly a good amount of keto friendly snacks so yeah I’m gonna be slowing down
on that this week definitely but yeah so glad to be done with this….. AYEEEE! I am currently down
seven pounds so YAYYYY and if y’all were interested in a side view then here
it is okay whatever, okay bye! this year we have first we was hungry
for the title now we quench them that dose he was on your best behavior yeah
we are not worse killing killing the competition So, this is what your girl’s stomach is currently looking like I am down 8 pounds now so I am at 182.0 yeah and I’m happy about it can’t
wait to be in the 170s so yayyy You guys I am finally free so happy oh this air
feels so good I have I don’t even have a jacket on but oh well good I was hot as
I don’t know what in the gym. Okay y’all, so I am having a nice little meal. I’m having two pieces
of my ground beef patties two bacon strips one egg that I was gonna make to
be a round egg I was like nah I want to make a scrambled egg and then some
green beans with a little bit of bacon in it Currently baking my first-ever keto
friendly brownies and I put some walnuts on top of it then I ran out of walnuts, so I just put cashews on top but I mean we’ll see what that it’s gonna
taste like. I am about to eat one and I’m saying one because I’m saying it to
myself one of these keto friendly brownies. I actually used a little bit of
the recipe from Keto Connect If you don’t know about them are you even
really doing keto. I’ll link keto connect’s video in the description box, if
you’re interested they did not add walnuts or a cashews like I did but
you know that’s cool because I used their recipe and add it on to what I wanted to
do and honestly that’s what it’s all about so yeah your girl is about to have
one just one of these keto friendly brownies. I do not need to eat two three
four five six seven eight nine ten okay! Haha let’s see what this keto friendly
brownie taste like hopefully it’s good fingers crossed oh my gosh I want more than one!!! Having
some tuna that I made yesterday and cucumbers I put salt on top of the
cucumbers and I did include a little bit Well, not a little bit… I included some avocado
oil plant-based butter inside of my tuna as well, so yay! Gonna have some sugar-free jell-o and I’m currently drinking my water I’ve
been doing pretty good with water as well today so yay for progress I’m just
going to snack on some cucumbers put a little bit of salt really not a little
bit but I put a whole lot of salt on top of the cucumbers and of course you
know you girl up here drinking her water because you know we gotta get that
water in every single day I just want to snack on something so of
course you know your girl was like I need bacon so that’s what I’m having. I
am drinking diet cranberry juice it only has one gram of sugar in it. Currently,
working on YouTube videos because you know your girl trying to be consistent
but I did want to have a few hot wings. So, I only have four y’all. I know y’all
gonna be thinking well girl why are you burnt your hot wings. Listen, these hot
wings are good, but when I like get them like a little crispy like it’s so
freakin good y’all I promise you I don’t even want to like normal anymore I
wanted like a little crispy now

Randall Smitham