April 9, 2020
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It’s a snow day! Um… I guess it’s going to get worse…? Hey guys! Welcome to A.D. Keto. My name is Aaron. This is the channel where I talk about the ketogenic diet. I do some keto
food vlogs like I’m doing today, I do some keto product reviews, and to do some keto recipes. If this is your first time here, please consider subscribing, and if
you do, be sure to click the bell icon, so you get a notification whenever I upload
new content. Well, look who’s on the table. Look who’s on the table, Sophie! Who’s on
the table? Who’s SUPPOSED to be on the table? You’re too adorable. I don’t care. I
like to prep and blend my coffee in a mason jar, because it’s big wide mouth like me. My bulletproof coffee has changed up recently. In the past, I’ve done heavy whipping cream, coconut oil, butter, Truvia. It hasn’t
changed too much. I’ve just basically replaced the coconut oil with MCT oil,
and I’ve added a raw egg. It makes me feel not unlike Rocky. And since I’m
completely out of Wild Mountain Blueberry, today its Caramel Vanilla Cream. I almost forgot an egg! Oh, look who’s up. It’s Snow Day Girl! All right. Nicely done. Thank you! You’re welcome. Honestly, the raw egg is imperceptible. Why a raw egg in my coffee? Just for protein. I actually listened to a cool podcast with Dr. Phil Maffetone,
where he talked about putting an egg in his coffee. He said it was very satiating,
and I gotta agree. It ain’t bad at all! And for my breakfast’s main course, five
eggs, five pieces of bacon. Don’t shake your head at me! It’s gonna be good. Ohhh no! I got a couple of shards in there,
but that’s okay. Got ’em. All right, into the bacon grease goes my
eggs. Get out of there. And I’m gonna add a little bit of this magic. So that’s five slices of bacon. These
came out nice and crispy. Look at that. And five eggs with ample EBTB seasoning from Trader Joe’s. I’ll put the macros right up here. Let’s go out to that shed and
grab your Legos. Wait, I need my boots! So I completely forgot that I had put Peter’s
three bags of Legos, that had gone untouched for years, in our green shed out here in the backyard. They in there? How many more bags? Three. Peter, if I told you that was gonna make waffles for lunch, would you be okay with that? Yeah, I don’t think I’d eat any. Okay. What even is my life?! Retrieval! How’d it go? Fine. Soph! Soph, sniff the Legos. Look, it’s right behind you. Sniff the new thing! You’re freaking out! Oh, she’s coming out, Peter. So you should… I guess you should put them in your room. All right. Can’t leave them here. I know. Is that all of them, or is there one more there? Move, Ted! OK, bye, Ted. I’m sure your floor will be beautiful in a few hours. Please turn that thing off. I’m just looking at
all the pretty Legos! Look, a horsey! Great. That’s brilliant. So after trudging through the ever-deepening snow to get to our shed to get the Legos out of it (because
that’s where you keep Legos), we’re gonna warm up with some waffles. I found a keto waffle recipe on a site called TryKetoWith.me. I’ll put the link down
below. And we’re running low on eggs, so we’re gonna halve… HALVE the recipe. It’ll
still yield, I think, four or five waffles. Ooh, one hand! Is it coming out? Oh boy. That is how
you do it. Just a little bit of an overflow. Spillage. Euht! Completely buried the other one. I’ll just eyeball it. That’s a couple tablespoons. So what’s the verdict, Caroline, do we like it? Yeah, I can taste the coconut flour. It’s really quite good! So I will flash the
macros right up in this area, right here. And i’ll see you guys a little later. Ugh. I look awful. I woke up from a little mid-afternoon nap, and then had to jump
into some work stuff, some important stuff at work that had to get done from
a distance, which is trickier than doing it when everything is right here where I
need it. But I’m finishing up now. I feel tired. But I’m gonna have some chicken thighs
for dinner. It’s all riight?! It’s okaay?! It’s all riight?! Super delicious dinner: Three chicken thighs, broccoli, and spinach. Gonna go
clear some snow. I don’t want to. I mean, I’ve seen worse. The kids and Sara are gonna attack the
steps, and I’m doing the death driveway. Check out how big this coat is on me. This… I used to be… I used to be stressing the seams of this coat. I’m kind of swimming in it
now. So here’s a quick before picture. I almost don’t want to disturb this. It’s
pretty. But I gotta clear it away. Okay, Greg Shea. Here’s the moment of truth. Ha! Whoo. Just finished plowing the… snowblowing the driveway, with some help from Sara and the kids. And I had the gas run
out on me two minutes into the endeavor. Always fun. So a quick trip to the
kwik-e-mart, filled up the gas tank, and was able to finish up.
It was pretty light snow, I must say. It was very powdery. Not heavy. So it could
have been a lot worse. But today’s eating, I think, went pretty
well. I had a decent breakfast, good lunch, I don’t know if you guys could tell, but I
was really pretty tired most of the morning. I didn’t sleep well… all that
well last night. I took it a nap at about 2:30, and it really perked me up. I had some work things sort of explode on me in the afternoon, so didn’t get as much
vlogging done as I really wanted to, but got all those things taken care of. Got
files where they needed to go, and had a nice dinner — chicken thighs, broccoli,
spinach. Here my macros for the day. About where I want them to be — under 30 grams of net carbs, up around 190 grams of protein, and then fat was… whatever it was. 160 or something, I think. Those the goals I’m trying to hit. So there you go. Another
full day of eating vlog in the books! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so
much for watching. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I will see you next
time. My snowblower ran out of gas, and I wanna die!

Randall Smitham