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Full Day Of Eating Strict Keto I Weight Loss Vlog 2019

Good Morning y’all so we are about to
start meditating today is very sunny
like I’m feeling very positive today
y’all the only thing that’s really
getting me down is my period like it’s
only day two and it’s being dramatic yes
right now like I needed to like take it
down a few notches right now for me but
yeah other than that I’m feeling today’s
gonna be pretty great alright YouTube
Fam Bam I don’t know where that came
oh yeah so today well I’m not y’all know
this now so my workout schedule right
now is going to be Monday upper body
Tuesday lower body Wednesday upper body
Thursday lower body and Friday that will
either be upper body or a full body
workout that’s the plan because I really
don’t need to have a whole day just
dedicated like it used to be Monday
would be dedicated to cardio on the
elliptical machine but I do Zumba y’all
basically every day so there’s no
purpose of me doing all that cardio in
one week like that’s not cool
and yeah so I’m gonna really be trying
to like tone up my body now y’all so
wish me luck on that we don’t know how
that’s gonna go but we’ll see but
anyways y’all so we are about to head to
the gym today
I guess there’s gonna be upper-body day
so yeah we’re not gonna let this period
get me down no no no we’re gonna keep
high vibrations okay high vibrations I
know that song this should be a song yep
big money
we are done working out I can just fill
my glasses basically falling off my face
right now I’m kind of hungry I can wait
a little while all right yeah so I’m
about to go hang out with some of my
family members here at the cemetery real
quick and then after that I’ll go go
home and cook some food could you girl
this hungry nice food I’m a system
because I’m start getting cranky yeah
yeah I’m about to start cooking but I
went ahead and made some
chocolate and peanut butter fat bombs one of them like
this side tray it has chocolate at the
bottom peanut butter in the middle
chocolate at the top and this one is
peanut butter at the bottom and then
just chocolate at the top so yeah I just
decided to switch it up I guess a little
bit whatever I’m still ready to eat
y’all I just need food in the system
first meal of the day y’all so I have
two chicken wings with some hot sauce of
course then I have some smoked sausage
and green beans and I’m just drinking my
water of course over here and I just
posted a video so yay hashtag consistent
Queen on YouTube that’s not gonna stop
anything hopefully who knows
I honestly can’t remember if I took some
Aleve recently or not my mind has been
going like at a thousand y’all today so
I don’t even know if I took a leave
recently that’s something I should
probably know right yeah alright y’all
here at Zumba let’s kill it
like creating an imaginary
y’all I really enjoyed the Southwest Avocado Salad from Wendy’s that I had the other
day so well yesterday so I’m going to
get it again I want to get it with no
cheese and instead of the ranch dressing
I’m going to be getting the Italian
of course duh and I’m gonna get it with
no tomatoes yeah that’d be smart okay
y’all so here is my Southwest Avocado Salad from Wendy’s
has avocado grilled
chicken I tell them no tomatoes but it’s
okay we’ll take them off I’m have a few
of them cuz apparently God wanted me to
have a few tomatoes so you know we’re
gonna be obedient to his word and we
have some bacon as well and lettuce and
like I said my own dressing is Italian
so y’all due to the fact that moms over
here driving the car all right you want
to say hey to everyone I think I showed
you in this video they may have seen you
a little bit dancing but just the back
here I’m gonna say something I’m doing
on this rainy day y’all it just started
raining out of nowhere it is so
beautiful but anywho my love’s if you
are new to the channel welcome to the
fam! I’m over here documenting my
keto weight loss journey and your girl is
sharing everything for the month of July
I am do a stric keto but typically we
do lazy keto but straight keto is going
great as of now y’all so join me by
clicking that subscribe button plus the
notification bellow as well so you won’t
miss out on any future uploads here I do
upload three videos a week so you can’t
expect the video from me on Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays to our wonderful
amazing beautiful unique one-of-a-kind
spectacular YouTube family thank you so
much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I
love you so say bless and I will see you
in the next video which will be Friday
alright you guys stay safe and yeah
have fun as always! Byeeeee : )

Randall Smitham



  1. gregory johnson Posted on July 31, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    IM here! Yo period is on all the time! Lol!!

  2. SuizySnowflake Posted on July 31, 2019 at 10:42 pm

    Yes mom work it!