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FULL DAY OF KETO FAST FOOD | In N Out Double Double, Chipotle, Starbuck |  WHAT I EAT ON THE WEEKEND

good morning guys today we are doing a
full day of eating now I eat a little bit differently on the weekend during
the week I’m Mel prep which is the key to my success but on the weekend I like
to you know see how I feel and go out to eat for the majority of the time so I’m
gonna take you guys along with me I am on the way to drop my sister off because
my car is the struggle bus so we need to use her car today
so I’m actually having tunnels right now my mom requested me to pick up something
for her so I’m gonna do that I actually have some stuff at home that I want to
eat up McDonald’s breakfast is honestly like
the best breakfast to me if you guys haven’t seen my mukbang on that I’ll
link it in the description box below but this McDonald’s today is actually
for my moms and I think I’m gonna make something at home because I have some
leftover trees though that needs to just be eaten and nothing sounds better than
a quesadilla to me right now so I’m gonna have a quesadilla for breakfast so
I have some leftover cooked chorizo that I want to go ahead and finish eating I’m
just going to sandwich that with some Mexican cheese and this Latour Tia
factory low carb tortilla this is amazing on the carb count if you look
the total carb count is 11 grams but there’s 8 grams of dietary fiber so it’s
really two carbs per tortilla now these tortillas are a little bit
tough mission has a pretty good one that’s for net carbs that I think you
should check out but if you want to go as low carb as possible these are a
winner because there are only two net carbs
they tasted really good if you cook them I’ve been using them as like a BLT wrap
and I don’t warm him up or anything but cooked these are amazing and they crisps
up nicely you see that Suzhou decide not I got a
new dress guys it looks so good in person I promise
who knew you would actually like shopping once you are able to fit in the
clothes so I usually eat exactly where our film and watching YouTube videos I’m
just going to go ahead and do that yeah that’s good good wear whatever you want
cool what’s up just looking at you you know you wanna bite come down hmm trees
Oh so struggles of a natural girl my hair
wasn’t acting right so had to be lit up in a puff which not the puff is very big
today which I’m happy about so it’s time for us to go to church get a word in and
I don’t know it’s up to my mom whatever she wants to do today we’re gonna be
doing that because she’s on vacation so I want her to have a great day I eat slower now you know trying to
decide when I pull you know I’m kind of on a weight-loss journey
you know you know you guys this is the best flavored water
ever the watermelon period fizzy water zero carb zero sugar zero fat zero
everything but all the flavor I promise you get it good price yeah these were 2
for 250 I’m definitely gonna order some of these they’re so good as this is my
first time trying these eat peanuts they’re amazing and the carb count is
really great on this it is only 9 grams of carbs and four dietary fiber so I’m
gonna be snacking on these all day I’ve been out since
4:30 or 5:00 so this is much-needed it’s just a grande iced coffee with a shot of
sugar-free vanilla syrup and a splash of heavy cream the trick is to add cinnamon
and vanilla to this the powders that they have out there definitely take
advantage of that so we’re ending our night with a good movie and we’re gonna
sneak in some in and out no because we don’t want to spend any more money that
we need to at the movies definitely let me know in the comments down below if
you’ve ever snuck food in to the home theaters and if you still do that
because I do that with no shame I’m not gonna spend $10 I can’t even eat half
the things there first of all so I’m not gonna spend $6 on a hot dog back and
only have the hot dog and not the button that just doesn’t even sound right to me
guys special whim it’s good I was not wanted
definitely great idea mama ah oh my god you said extra don’t mess around so goodbye wish you well I don’t think
I’ve ever had pickles on my burger it’s a good no they don’t normally put
pickles but they have it maybe most people don’t like pickles on it because I find it weird that they still
have it yeah McDonald sailing for like – all right for my burger has to be in the
mood for it up here do a single party we are you guys wrong I’m almost finished I had like three
more bites Oh sure I’ll take one thank God
hmm laughs bye Nosa them let’s do it so much for watching this video if you
like more on what I eat in a day videos definitely definitely give me a thumbs
up and leave me comments down below so I know to make four of them and I’ll see
you guys in the next one bye

Randall Smitham



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