April 5, 2020
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Fun-To-Share Breakfast Nachos

When the weekend finally rolls around, we
often have to balance how much time we need to devote to our “to-do” list with how
much time we can spend relaxing and having fun. With the recipe we’re making today you can
start your day with a fun to eat breakfast, no matter what you have planned. And since it’s fast, filling and really
tasty, you can’t miss. The first thing we do is scramble a few eggs
until they’re fluffy. A little trick to get the fluffiest eggs ever,
add a touch of warm water to them before cooking them. Then, we spoon the eggs over some tortilla
chips that we’ve piled onto an oven-proof platter. Over that goes some sliced breakfast sausage,
crumbled bacon, fresh salsa, and lots of shredded cheddar cheese. We’ll pop this into the oven and while it
warms, we’ll some scallions and jalapenos ready to sprinkle on top. Once the cheese is melted and the chips are
super crispy, it’s time to dig in! Think of this as a rise ‘n’ shine version
of your favorite nachos supreme. To get the recipe for our “Fun-To-Share
Breakfast Nachos,” simply visit our website. I’m Howard, with Kelly in the Mr. Food Test
Kitchen, where today we found a “nacho everyday breakfast way,” for you to say … “OOH

Randall Smitham