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GALLE SRILANKA |Food, Dutch Fort,Cricket Stadium, Unawatuna Beach| Bus Journey|Expense travel vlog

we’re getting out of here now galle from colombo galle almost from here 1hr distance too will know from the journey right now here’s we’ve just got this bus it’s air-conditioned coaster 20 seaters this is bus terminal it’s near fort railway station well let me tell you a little bit last night we reached from Ella to Columbo through local bus one thing I tell u here that here is little bit different criteria as compare to our countries as we see that this local bus is just like normal bus i mean that these buses are just like the buses which travel in cities so our experience was little bit tough i want to tell you that because firstly there is 7 hours travel and we went out at 3pm and on 10:15 pm we reached our hostel and that bus drive too fast I thought we should avoid from this just rough and tough driving as we say and very speedy travel that is and just a local bus as people climbing and descending again and again from the bus during 7 hour travel the sitting arrangement of this bus is also difficult for this long root so we should avoid from these buses instead of buses you can travel in train which are best in srilanka and if you get first class or second class then it would be best I am talking about foreigners and the local travel anyway should be avoided as i mentioned and that was the feedback about the local buses as we went from kandy then we had this type of bus and this is AC bus that’s why this is better secondly we are now going for GALLE And we will explore GALLE and after it we will try to come back to colombo beacuase we will have flight on 11 dec and today is 9 dec and here the time is 10:45 am and almost 1 hour distance from here and the bus is empty and will take time when it will be filled then it will start and that was till now and now our destination is GALLE now let’s enjoy and this bus station near from fort station fort station is very famous here i have shown you before in video 5 to 10 mints distance from station just started Galle city very famous for beaches all surroundings are beaches this is first impression of Galle city bus terminal is behind this is galle railway station we have just arrived at galle train station checked the ticket for return this is Galle bus terminal/station these are the style of galle streets now when we reach to galle we had lunch have to come to an arabic restaurant now let’s see the dishes expensive in galle here’s our lunch in Galle srilanka expected bill aount i 2k SL Rupees these are arabic dishes this is khabsa with chicken falaful french fries and mayonnaise already ordered for arabic bread galle street Dutch fort road The mosque is sound coming from here little bit about galle in galle very famous cricketers are those belong to galle much famous is lasith malinga home town of him other than hirat and before i remember a srilankan player kaluwitharana he was opener with jayasuria famous opening pair both are improve one day cricket scenario so he was very famous belong from galle too so these three cricketers belong from galle as well dutch wall fort that is in front of galle muslim cultural association masjid and this is Galle beach and this fort wall this is light house these are houses in front there are also restaurants and lodges and it’s called look water neat and clean look water neat and clean green water swimming is also happening this is swimming spot let me tell you one thing here i already inform you but here i need some correction when you arrived to galle from colombo they are inform to only one and half hrs travel distance buses and coaches persons but this travel is more than 3hrs because when any the cars comes they come after being stopped and there a lot of cities pass by during it because there is no gap for highway when a city ends another city starts we realized that it takes almost 3 hours and 15 min in this travel it means bus drivers says 1 hour or 2 hours ,thats not true it takes more than 3 hours in this travel then they drop you on GALLE station the railway station then after that you can come on port or beach or any other attractions you can go and there you can use tuktuk(rikshaw) and also a walking distance because port is 2 km from there i want to tell you that travel is of 1 hour ohhh bowled……..! in this GALLE city children are playing cricket and it is situated near beach this is GALLE CRICKET STADIUM it is situated in center of main city GALLE CRICKET CLUB MAHINDA…… RAJAPAKSA PAVILION here is LASITH MALINGA cricket academ school is also situated here …they call it
“vidyalok” all things are there they practice here for cricket He is SRILANKAN and telling us that Malinga’s school is also near and here he comes for bowling is Malinga standing there? no no please call Malinga.. i will make vlog of him everyone likes him MALINGA…MURALITHARAN…JAYASURIA…DE SILVA..RANTUNGA jayasuria house is situated 20 km from here whose jaysuria’s if you want to see jayawardena home inside sangakkara home also inside, yes inside yes in galle ok he inform that sangakkara and jayawardena houses in galle but hometown in kandy sangakkara i had already inform you but here they have special houses in galle city due to galle is beautiful beaches city so stay here ok and thanks this is new galle city area new galle city and old city on other side and here right side bridge yes i see dutch fort it’s called Unawatuna beach Galle actually some difference between pronunciation they said different words unawatuna and this is longest beach mean if you see there is a big beach as just like a pattaya ,Langkawi same look like color of water same upper side sand is dry and lower side is wet and this is beautiful beach here boats are available but here like i see in pattaya & langkawi little bit difference here between there many many boats here normal boats not automatic which is very big here not available here other kind of boats this is a beautiful beach and very pleasant atmosphere here it just happens on beach here’s green water cause more beautiful beach you see and feel more and galle atmosphere little bit hot due to lot of beaches here some humidity here when we arrived here temp was 31’/32′ now temp go down will be 27’/28 but still humidity feel here with sweat which is i feel first time in srilanka except first day when we arrived in colombo otherwise ella and nuwara eliya was cold so galle weather is different this beach is very famous due to many foreigners come here this beach shape just like necklace that’s why popular beach if you search beach you can find most popular beach fish market this is fish market this is bevada beach bevada beach this suitable for fishing boats available here

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  1. Arif Farooqi Posted on February 16, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    Well job fareed bhai.complete tour guide…Abid makkah