April 5, 2020
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are you looking for a healthy low-carb
organic keto friendly replacement shake to incorporate into your daily keto diet
well I’ve got one coming up what’s going on guys and welcome to
another video in our keep it simple keto series I’m your host Charles Watson and
today guys I want to talk to you about a product that I’ve been using over the
last several weeks that has really made a difference in my keto diet today I’m
talking about the garden of life doctor formulated keto meal balanced shake this
comes in different flavors I prefer chocolate but I believe it also comes in
vanilla today I want to share with you a couple reasons why I really love this
product I’m excited about it and I think that you should be using it also guys
garden of life has really taken the work out of counting your macros and doing
all that brain work in making sure that you are keto compliant each serving has
70% fat 23% protein and 7% carbs and guys it’s two scoops per serving and in
the morning I’ll just throw two scoops of this with a little water maybe I’ll
add some blackberries or some raspberries to my smoothie and it really
truly is a great tasting keto meal replacement which is so much better
because if you could cut one meal out a day whether it be breakfast or whether
it be lunch and then you come home and eat a keto friendly meal it’s really
gonna help you maintain ketosis and it’s really gonna help you on your weight
loss journey another thing I really love about this product is that there’s no
chalky aftertaste and that’s really important to me after you drink it and
you have it in the morning really puts a pep in your step does it taste like you
just grabbed a bunch of chalk threw it in your mouth chow down on it you don’t
feel bloated and it’s really nice and really smooth and it actually tastes
really good and that’s important because the keto diet is super hard you’re
trying new things especially when it comes to like these supplements these
BHB powders and these meal replacements so it’s important that you find
something that you like because that’s going to keep you excited that’s going
to keep you on the diet and that’s going to keep you you know wanting
to continue on your weight loss journeys so I’ve really found that this product
for me in the morning I’ve tried a lot of these meal replacement powders and
this one is awesome just my personal opinion
guys this retails for forty eight ninety four on Amazon and it is an Amazon
choice and don’t take my word for it it has a hundred and sixteen reviews so you
could check out the link in the description below you can read those
reviews and you can decide for yourself if the Garden of Life doctor formulated
keto meal replacement powder fits into your diet guys what kind of other
products do you use in the keto diet I would love to know let me know in the
comments below remember we are on this journey together thanks for tuning in if
this is your first time to our channel please subscribe and we will see you in
the next video

Randall Smitham