February 27, 2020
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Get blown away by Chicago

-Welcome to Chicago.
-Welcome to Chicago. -Welcome to Chicago.
-Welcome to Chicago. -Welcome to Chicago.
-Welcome to Chicago. Chicago is one of the best places in
the world – you have the entire world here. We’ve got Chinatown,
Polish town, Greektown… We have Little Italy and tons of different
neighborhoods that have tons to offer. My family on my mother’s side
is from Linköping. I’ve lived here all my life. It’s one
of the most amazing cities in the world. There’s no way there could be cities
that are nicer than Chicago. The way it has different neighborhoods that
have a whole different vibe going in them. This is Simon’s Tavern, located at
Andersonville, a proud Swedish community. Back when Chicago had the second largest
population of Swedes after Stockholm, this was the area they were all living in.
That’s the king and the queen! You can come to Chicago,
and you can get anything you want! Any different neighborhood, different
foods… Chicago is the place, man! This is one of the most
culturally diverse places in Chicago. It represents the communities
from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. You can have north Indian food
and south Indian food. You can shop around
and get beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry. And it actually expands into Russian
and Polish communities and Hasidic Jews. People came to Chicago from
different states, different sides of the USA. Coming to Chicago is good for any culture. Chicago used to be
the third biggest Norwegian city. There are still many Norwegians here. Welcome to Go 4 Food! Food is very important in Chinatown.
80-90% of the businesses are restaurants. We’re more of a Chinese fusion restaurant. We like to mix in other cultures and flavors
into our Hong Kong style. This is our specialty dish,
our chili fusion crab. It’s a nice thing that you get
a lot of different cultures. Hopefully you get to take the best things
from everyone, and make it into…America! Chicago Cubs! Number one! Let’s go.

Randall Smitham