March 29, 2020
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Should you be supplementing with Glutamine?
Glutamine is actually an amino acid that your body can create and is by far the most abundant
amino acid found in your body, especially in your skeletal muscle (90%) . But even with
such high amounts in the body, glutamine is still considered a “conditionally” essential
amino acids, because sometimes your body simply cannot make enough to meet demands. Typically
those times are during high stress events, such as recovering from injury or dealing
with cancer and diseases. Under normal conditions, glutamine does in
fact promote muscle growth, prevent muscle degradation, and preserve the most important
muscle building amino acid, Leucine. But here’s the kicker: For regular individuals, including
regular gym-goers and bodybuilders, supplementation DOES NOT increase these effects. Studies show
that individuals taking glutamine supplementation had no added increase in muscle protein synthesis
versus a placebo, no added benefit when paired with creatine or protein shake, nor did it
improve power output. But, in some extreme endurance activities, we’re talking about
2 hours of running, glutamine supplementation can help with improving recovery. Outside
of that, all the glutamine you need can be found from simply eating a balanced diet.
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Randall Smitham