April 9, 2020
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Skirt steak, this
is a chef’s dream. We’re gonna grill
it, so [inaudible] amazing chimichurri,
and then do a chorizo and white bean fricassee. How do you describe skirt steak? It’s tender, it’s soft, and
it is absolutely delicious. It’s not a steak that
you cook well done. So we season it first
and marinate it. Get it up to room temperature,
salt, pepper, and then we lift that flavor with this. This is magical. It’s espelete. It’s a really unique pepper
from France, and it’s spicy, it’s warm, it’s
packed with flavor. The way it tenderizes
skirt steak is incredible. Gently rub espelete
into the steak. Take your knife
and just literally make little inserts on top. And what this does, it sort
of tenderizes the steak, just hit the surface. Roll it over. Again, salt, pepper, olive oil,
espelete, and just gently nick in just gently little grooves. And what happens now is
that that starts to open up the steak and allows it to
absorb that kind of marinate, puts a bit of heat
into the steak. It takes four minutes to
cook, literally two minutes each side. And then you let it rest. Cook this steak at
room temperature. It needs to relax. It’s got a lot of
muscle in there. Like I said, it’s a rare cut. There’s only three to four
skirt steaks from each cow, so you can see how prized it is. From there, onto the grill. Get that grill nice and warm. Make sure you’ve got all that
marinade running through there. And then on. We do this quick and easy. If you don’t hear that
noise at the beginning, then you don’t lay that down. Take your tongs and
go in between each one all the way along,
and that pushed that steak inside that grill. It’s caramelizing the pepper,
it’s rendering the fat, and it’s tenderizing the
skirt steak so quickly. You see the actual
marks from the grill, almost like you get a stamp
on the back of a cow’s butt. You own that mark,
and that’s the flavor. Lift up. Oh, Lord. Come on. Seriously. Back down. Lay it beautifully on there. Get your stamp on the
other side of the butt now. In, in, in, in, in, in. Two minutes side, and then
it’s all about the resting. Now off she comes. Oh, boy. And lay that to rest. That is it. But there’s more. Now chimichurri. Start off with the garlic. Nice pinch of rock salt.
That blisters and tears up the garlic so quickly. A touch of sugar. From there, base in, and
then just hammer down, and that rock salt
and that sugar start to create a reaction. It breaks down the
garlic so quickly. In seconds, you’ve got
this amazing puree, and the sugar takes away from
the harshness of the garlic. And look, in seconds
you got this beautiful, coarse, rough garlic puree. From there, add fresh
oregano in, fresh dill in, get your mint leaves and just
rip your mint and tear it up. And then from there,
coriander, tear that up– in. And finally, to give you
that nice sort of earthiness, your fresh parsley. Now, tear that in there,
toss more seasoning on top, and then the zest of a lemon. So you can see we’re
making this fragrant, incredible chimichurri. Once you’ve taken the zest off,
squeeze the lemon juice in. Beautiful. Now, back in there, and
start mixing up again. I don’t want this super fine. I want it quite coarse, and
the rock salt and the sugar starts to break
down those herbs. Beautiful. From there, olive oil. Put the olive oil
into it sort of just underneath all those herbs. And then one final twist. Look at that. I mean, incredible. Once that steak is rested,
turn the steak over. Chimichurri on, and
we just spread that over the steak nice and thinly. I don’t want it too strong. I don’t want it
too overpowering. But I’m just sort of
masking the top of my steak. And as the steak
sits and relaxes, the flavor that chimichurri
going into that skirt steak is just incredible. Push that down and
let that sit there. I mean, wow! Delicious. When you think of the
garnish for the skirt steak, it needs to be robust. I’m gonna do like a white
bean and chorizo fricassee. First off, I want to get the
flavor of that chorizo out, so I’ve diced it. It goes into a cast iron
pan to break down the fat. Look at that. Chorizo is 35% fat, so it
literally fries its own fat. And the flavor coming
out, that is incredible. Shallots in, garlic
in, let that cook out. The shallots and garlic
absorbing all that flavor from the chorizo, amazing. Now in with the beans. All these beans sort of
get all nice and waxy and bring this little
fricassee together. As the pan starts to
get dry underneath, a couple tablespoons
of chicken stock in. That looks incredible. Now I bring that up to the
boil, turn down the gas, and start dropping
in my rainbow chard. That gives it a really
nice sort of zinc, almost like a great robust spinach. Fold that in and
let that cook out. And once all that
stock has reduced, the beans absorb that stock and
it just becomes a really nice, delicate sort of fricassee. How do we get that even richer? A touch of butter. Off with the gas and
just drop in little cubes of butter around. And then look, just
fold in that butter. And as that butter melts,
it just puts another layer of richness into those beans. All those cannellini beans
now have absorbed that butter. It makes it so tasty. Great. Time to serve. First off, take those
beans onto the plate. With the skirt, just
slice very carefully down. Just look inside there how pink
and juicy and tender that is. Lift that up and just place
that around your beans and take a teaspoon
of your chimichurri and just hit the plate. And then one final hit off
the top just cascading down. And that is my
insight to the chef’s secret to why the skirt steak
is the chef’s number one dream cut. Beautiful.

Randall Smitham