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Gotcha Pork Roast | Anime Food Wars Recipe | Bacon Wrapped Mashed Potatoes

hello there I’m Chef Johnny this is
Sergio this is Texas Style Cuisine
appreciate you being here today
a lot of y’all know I am a culinary arts
teacher Sergio was in my high school
class spent a couple years in there with
me and now he’s in college in this
semester he is doing this internship
along with me at the BBQ trailer learn a
little bit from that but he’s got a
recipe for you today so he’s going to
show us how to do an anime pork roast
it’s a pork roast yes from the anime
food Wars okay anime food Wars and it is
a gotcha pork roast
so stick around let us show you how to
make an anime got your pork roast
we’re gonna get started here first thing
we’re gonna do then we’re gonna show
y’all we’ve already done some stuff
behind the scenes we’re gonna make a
bacon weave yes and we’re gonna do about
a six by six bacon weave is what we’re
gonna do to make this gotcha pork roast
and here’s the interesting it’s got
mashed potatoes in it so what we’ve
already done is is we have cooked our
potatoes Sergio cooked those down and
I’ll let him tell you how he seasoned
them up with everything in there but
we’re gonna make a bacon weave real
quick because we’re gonna wrap that
potatoes mashed potatoes inside of the
bacon and we’re gonna throw it on our
barrel house cooker
so he’s got some
nice-looking bacon he picked up here
today that’s all the way from our Bolners
meat market all Bolners okay so Bolners
specialty meat market here in San
Antonio so he got the good stuff so
we’re we’re having the good stuff we’re
our bacon we set this over to the side
I’m the assistant today I’m learning
with y’all and this is a thick sliced
bacon yes that’s the you don’t want to
go too thin on there or else it was
gonna break apart this is real thick and
in fact we’ll try to try to show you a a
close-up of exactly how thick this I
mean it’s close to a quarter of an inch
yeah gotta hold it in the see where they can see it in this camera maybe no go down so
now he’s done this recipe before we
sampled it the other day but what we’re
gonna do is is I’m just gonna show him
how to do his bacon weave where it goes
a little bit faster and a little bit
tighter so he’s taking his bacon and
going every other flip this one this way
let’s go every other end right big
little big little big little all the way
and that’s a six let’s see how this just
come out here now is that gonna be
enough or we’re gonna need to go more
than six that way that’s saying we’re
gonna go eight pieces eight pieces wide
seven two four six eight oh eight oh we
got eight now to do this the easy way
that I found to do it is is fold them
back or you if you want to just lay this
one right here okay and we’re gonna go
right in the middle all right well you
can kind of see where the middles at now
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna do
this okay and fold every other one all
right and that’s where we want our next
piece of bacon got it
okay now we’re gonna go back over
but so now see we can tell where that
one for that one was that I just gonna
use this too so we’ll fold this one up
next all right all the way over
all right go ahead do it on there
now this bacon is really really thick if
you just got a thick sliced bacon you
could do about twice as many because
this is just so thick all right these
are in our mashed potatoes we we formed
them and he’s got them in a plastic
right wrap them in plastic to make logs
and we stuck them in the freezer so
they’d want to hold their shape and not
just ooze out of the bacon real fast so
Sergio is gonna run get that and we’ll
get right back with you they give you an
idea of the size we it’s a top of a
butter dish because what to use so don’t
see a butter dish that’s what he used to
measure his mashed potatoes and then we
rolled them up in saran wrap all right
all right
let y’all now these aren’t these aren’t they’re not hard but
they’re pretty pretty stiff yeah okay they are
layered though so the potato its potato
and then cheese there’s cheddar and
Monterey and Monterey Jack monterey mix
a Mexican mix okay and then more potato
to cover it up so it’s gonna have a nice
little cheese filling inside and now his
mashed potatoes he has a special
seasoning in those and what all was in
that while you’re doing this it’s a
mushroom spice mushroom spice mix which
consists of kosher salt red crushed
peppers thyme black pepper and porcini
dried mushrooms
roll this up now
and always trim off the excess you trim
off the extra we we’ve got some we’ve
got some also some butchers twine that
we can tie this with the skewers so
there’s different ways you can do it
right now he’s just gonna cut off the
tag ends wrapped up tied up Sergio’s
gonna give you the next step so we are
gonna heat it in the barrel house cooker
Barrel house cooker for about 400 degrees
from anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes
depending on the bacon so some Bacon’s
will cook at different temperatures and
will get crispy this a little this a
little thicker bacon so it’s probably
a 20 minute cook at 400 but that’s gonna
help the mashed potatoes right yeah so
if it cooks faster they’ll prevent the
inside from actually heating up as much
and oozing up to the sides I’ve already
done this four times and I kind of got
to practice now so hopefully this time
will come out better and in the original
it was done in an oven yes right so
we’re smoking it so we’re doing a few
different steps that they didn’t have
and what the original recipes that he
saw was in the anime food anime food
Wars alright so let’s get it on the pit
we’re gonna get these in there and we’ve
decided to lay some foil down just to
keep it from going through the grates
and causing problems and getting it back
off because it’s gonna be the insides
are gonna be pretty soft when it comes
to back off so we’re gonna do that see
if I pop the lid off get your
foil on there
all right
now good time talk about what he elected
to cook this with it was apple wood
ok he’s got an apple would a Kingsford
Charcoal and then we have some wood
chunks and that’s why it’s a Jack
Daniels the ah whiskey oak ok so the
whiskey barrel so we got a whiskey
barrel oak and we’ve got a Apple
Kingsford Charcoal and some of the Jack
Daniels charcoal also yes so it’s gonna
have a lot of flavor in the smoke in
here it’s in we got the pit barrel hot
we’re gonna see you on about 20 minutes
35 minutes in we’re gonna take this pull
it off glaze it get it back on we’ll
show you how we’re gonna glaze it you
got it yeah we got some nice color on
these and tell us about your barbecue
it’s a Jack Daniels honey whiskey sweet
so this guy is sweet it’s got Chile’s on
it but it’s also got honey and Jack
Daniels in it yeah I was also a maple uh
bourbon maple which gives it a little
extra flavor to that okay pour this over
that give it a nice glaze I can we put
these back on we won’t use the well sill
them straight back on cuz they’re not
gonna go through now okay you’re not too
thick let,s see he’s spreading it out pretty
thin that it yep argh you get it back on
there probably about 15 minutes it aught to
set that sauce and we’ll get off of show
them to you
you just took it out of the pit and
we’re just gonna let them cool now for
10 to 15 minutes we did glaze them for
about 15 minutes so we’re just gonna let
them cool cuz they’re really hot right
I almost burn myself and also when we
put them back on the set to glaze we
lowered the temperature from that 400
that they were at down to about 250 275
so it wasn’t as hot during this last bit
of time so we’re gonna just cover these
up and get them covered we’re gonna let
them sit here cool off and then once
they’re they cool down some we’ll slice
them up and let y’all see them let them
rest about 15 minutes let’s uncover them
slice this right down the middle see how
it looks
yeah there we go nice let’s look at it
to the camera over here
now this is some serious mashed potatoes
right here I’m gonna tell you I don’t
think about it gets really messy though
I’m not careful
moment of truth here let’s give it a
taste and again mashed potatoes want to
fall out of this so be careful
what thank man here oh yeah I thought mashed
potatoes all over your face wipe again
it’s pretty wow is it’s like a bacon
meal with mashed potatoes and cheese I
mean you can’t you can’t already beat
that right made mashed potatoes cheese
and bacon go great together but a
wonderful it was an anime gotcha
pork roast there’s no there no no other
than the bacon there’s no pork so I
guess they call it gotcha cuz there
ain’t no meat in the center’s mashed
potatoes but uh something he adapted to
to do for his video this semester and if
Sergio’s doing a great job working for
us and he’s gonna be an excellent chef
when he gets out of school very very
soon when you graduate hopefully by next
semester next semester so he’s got one
more semester after he finishes up with
me so he’s gonna be doing that he’s
gonna be out looking for a job and
trying to cook for a living but thanks
for stopping by a Texas Style BBQ
and Cuisine we always do appreciate it I
hope you enjoy this gotcha
pork roast that’s from anime food
kitchen food food Wars anime food Wars
anyways yeah I’ve never seen it he’s
told me about so I’m not in there check
it out y’all check it out but remember
to check out our other videos tell your
friends and family about us shares on
your social media and we’re gonna
see y’all down the road on Texas Style
BBQ and Cuisine
how them boys put
food away beats all I’ve ever seen

Randall Smitham



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