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GREEN Pizza Challenge! Eat The Pizza!

– Wanna help me out?
– Boy, do I ever wanna help you out.
– Oh, you are so kind.
(funky music)
– Hey, everybody, I’m Christian.
– And I’m Alyssia!
– And welcome to Eat The Pizza.
– And today, Happy New Year!
– Happy New Year, everybody, it’s–
– We’re doing a pizza for the New Year.
– It’s the New Year’s Pizza Episode.
– You’re welcome.
This is a challenge episode,
and not just any challenge, this is the!
– Green Pizza Challenge!
– The Greenest Pizza Challenge.
– But we should make this clear,
– Yeah.
– it’s not like who can make
the most environmentally
– Sustainable (laughs)
– friendly (laughs) or sustainable pizza.
Or, the healthiest pizza, necessarily.
– This is literally who can make
the greenest pizza in color.
– Y’all are gonna judge it.
(both laughing)
Put up a poll.
– Yeah, okay, we’ll put up a poll.
So when determining the
rules for this episode,
we decided the only hard no was food dye.
But you sort of have some unofficial rules
about like processed foods.
For instance, if you could
used jarred Alfredo sauce,
and just turn that green,
it would be a lot easier
– Yep.
– than having to really get creative,
and make a green sauce, or whatever.
So, the intention is not
to make them healthy,
but to use somewhat cleaner ingredients,
and make them green in color,
and obviously, delicious.
That’s the plan.
And (slaps counter) crust!
– And challenge!
(metallic slicing)
– Crust time!
– I’m making some green water.
– I’m making a green crust!
(Christian cackling)
(giggles) Using broccoli rice.
(screen beeps)
I’m actually gonna
blend it up, I’m gonna almost mash it,
but first I gotta cook it, steam it.
(disco music)
– I’m heating up some water,
to add some spinach to,
to make the water nice
and healthfully green,
and then I’m gonna use the
water to make my dough,
so the dough becomes green, hopefully.
– So you’re replacing
regular water in a dough
with green water that’s been
made by soaking spinach in it.
– That’s right.
– That’s clever!
– (lips smack) We’ll see if it’s clever.
– I give you points, points for that.
– It might not show up that
green in the crust, though.
– We’ll see.
– Is that your broccoli
in there, that smells like a fart?
– Whoo, ha-ha! (screams)
So I have all my broccoli
rice in a towel now.
I steamed it, and I’m
gonna try and squeeze out
as much moisture as I can.
(people murmuring)
– Careful, careful, careful,
(Alyssia pants loudly)
careful, careful!
What are you doing, what are you doing?
– I’m on a time crunch here!
– Why?
– Joe doesn’t wanna hit
rush-hour traffic, okay?
– Oh no, not in LA,
– I know.
– there’s no rush-hour traffic.
(dramatic music)
– Aw, yeah, there we go!
Goin’ into the food processor.
Alright, broccoli’s in here.
Followed by some Parmesan, a-moo-zzarella,
– Oh!
– some salt, pepper,
and Italian seasoning,
– Oh!
– two eggs, well.
– Oh, oh!
– and the secret ingredient.
– Oh!
(plastic lid scrapes)
– Can you guess what it is?
– Yes, but I can see it.
– (blows air) Talk about
farts! (laughs loudly)
– Oh, nasty, I know, it’s so nasty,
it’s spirulina.
– This is The Fart Episode!
The key with spirulina is, you have to use
a very small amount,
(Christian laughing)
because if you use too much,
it’ll taste and smell like seaweed.
So I’m usin’ like
– Algae.
– a pinch.
– Algae.
– Algae, algae.
– Oh!
(food processor whirs loudly)
Now I gotta make this into a crust.
– Time to make it into a crust.
I’m still waiting on my green water.
I hope it’s working.
– Okay, let’s see if I can
turn this into a crust.
– It’s becoming a crust.
– This, I don’t know if
it’s gonna hold together
as well as Christian’s because
he’s making a real dough,
but I should get extra points
for not using any grains or gluten.
Okay, so I got it as thin as I could,
without it falling apart,
and let’s just hope that it bakes up.
What do you think?
– It looks like a crust!
(Alyssia sucks air)
♪ Sha la la ♪
♪ Sha la la la, congratulations ♪
♪ Sha la la la, congratulations ♪
♪ Ooh, well done, well done ♪
Alright, so I’m about to make my sauce.
Avocado’s one of the ingredients
I’m using in the sauce,
for creaminess and for greenness.
– Very nice idea, now is your
pizza gonna be hot or cold?
– It’s gonna be a hot a-pizza!
Like a hot, like not
spicy, not a spicy pizza.
– Okay.
I don’t know how I feel
about avocado on hot pizza.
– Well, it’s not avocado on the pizza,
it’s in the sauce, well actually,
there is gonna be avocado
(Alyssia laughs)
on top, don’t worry about it.
– I’m not worried.
– Alright, so I got avocado,
I’m doing a garlic clove, a one,
Parmesan cheese, a little
bit of cream cheese,
some salt, some garlic powder,
some almond milk, some spinach!
For more added greenness.
(food processor whirs loudly)
it’s pretty green!
Nah, it’s not actually that runny.
– You wanna let it get real,
thinner though,
– Mm-hmm.
– Let it go for like a minute.
Let me tell you about my pizza.
– It’s very salty and garlicky.
– So I have been sauteing
some smashed garlic and green onion,
for a few minutes to get it nice and soft,
and then I’m adding coconut milk.
That was a chunky coconut milk.
And I am going to turn this
into a green sauce as well,
kind of like a coconut milk Alfredo sauce.
No actual Alfredo, no dairy.
Alright, now I have to boil
this, bring it to a boil
and let it go for 20 minutes
to infuse all the flavor.
– So I’ve got some green spinach water,
and actually, I’m realizing now,
I’m a little short, I need a little extra,
so we’re gonna add just a little
regular water in here again.
Now we have about the right amount.
(screen beeps)
– You want any spirulina?
– Mm, maybe!
– To make it greener?
– It might green it up more,
but maybe I should do it after the yeast,
’cause I don’t know if that’s
gonna mess with the yeast.
– Yeah, sure.
(bowl clinks)
– So I’m gonna add some
green water to a bowl,
– Oh!
– some yeast, active dry,
and let it sit for five minutes.
♪ Well done, well done, ♪
♪ Well done, congratulations to you ♪
Alright, do what are you doin’ right now?
– Well, my crust is out of the oven.
It looks pretty green.
– Nice!
– It turned a little bit
dark, but I’m happy with it,
and it seems firm, and
now I am making my sauce,
I have my coconut milk mixture done,
and I’m gonna blend some other stuff.
– Nice!
– What about you?
– I’m about to make my dough,
so I had my green
– Oh!
– water, from the
spinach, added some yeast,
and now I’m gonna put all
the rest of the stuff in!
– Coconut milk.
(milk splashing)
– Whoo, look at that!
Alright, so now I’m adding this,
and this is flour, salt,
and a little sugar.
– Okay.
– I’m putting it in here,
and I’m gonna add a
little bit of oil, too.
Alright, now time to do a mix.
(funky music)
Is it green?
Not at all.
(Alyssia laughs)
– Yeah, I did some research
before on green doughs,
and first of all, there are
not a lot of green pizzas
out there.
(Christian laughs)
And the ones that were green,
where people tried to dye the dough,
A, the dough either didn’t turn green,
or once they baked it, it looked like
a normal pizza.
– It didn’t green up, mm-hmm.
– Right, and so that’s why I decided
to go with the broccoli-cauliflower route,
– Mm, okay.
– which I don’t,
I don’t know if the broccoli
pizza worked better,
but it looks kinda green, so.
– I think it looks green!
It looks definitely
greener than mine! (laughs)
– It looks greener than that! (laughs)
– Well now, all I have to
do is I’m gonna cover it
and I’m gonna let it set
for like five minutes.
It’s supposed to rise a little bit.
And then,
– I thought that was 10.
– Or maybe it’s 10, whatever
it says on the paper,
and then we’ll see.
– Okay, I’m going to make my sauce,
so I’ve got that coconut milk, garlic,
and green onion mixture,
I’m adding some spinach
and parsley for greenness,
some nutritional yeast for flavor,
some avocado for flavor, color,
and richness.
– Mm!
– I don’t know if I’ve said this yet,
but my pizza is actually
going to be a cold pizza,
or a room-temperature pizza,
so I am not going to re-cook it,
I’m going to let that crust cool,
and then add the toppings and sauce,
and it’s intended to be kind
of like salad pizza, which–
– Which is a good pizza!
– I know,
I thought about doing that, I was like,
we’ve already done salad pizza.
Do something creative, Alyssia!
(Christian laughing)
(food processor whirs loudly)
– I actually have to knead this dough!
(both laugh)
– Sorry!
(screen beeps)
– Anyways, as I was saying
before I was so rudely interrupted,
I actually–
(food processor whirs loudly)
(screen beeps)
Wait, hold on, I’m trying to
say my thought!
– Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry.
– Alright, here I go, I’m about to say it.
What I meant to say was, I actually–
(food processor whirs loudly)
(Christian cackling)
Yeah, keep doin’ it, oh!
Oh no!
(screen beeps)
– Alright, are you
kneading the dough, now?
– Now it’s time to knead the dough,
(both laughing)
– And I’m going to push the button now.
(food processor whirs loudly)
(ball squeaks)
Well, I don’t have any lemons,
so I’m gonna go out into the yard
and grab a lemon real quick, BRB.
(high-energy rock music)
Okay, got my lemon.
– That’s an orange-lookin’
lemon, isn’t it? (laughs)
– (laughs) It’s a Meyer lemon,
so it looks a little darker,
and it tastes a little sweeter,
but it’ll still do the job to
add some acidity to my sauce.
– It think I need some in my sauce, too.
(food processor whirs loudly)
Alright, now I have to reveal my dough
to see if it’s risen at all.
– Okay.
– Oh, slightly!
Alright, what do you got?
– I have some goat cheese.
– Ooh!
– Now, goat cheese is traditionally white.
– White!
– But I’m hoping
(package squeaks)
I can manipulate it
to become green.
– Like how so?
What the heck are you
doin’ to make it green?
(both laugh)
– Well, I’m gonna blend it
with some green stuff.
Add some avocado, some pesto.
– Ooh, now that’s a green sauce!
– And, some parsley.
Whoa, that dough is rolling out real nice!
– I gotta say, it’s not green at all.
– I actually does have a hint of green,
I don’t know if they’re
gonna be able to tell
through the camera, let’s see.
(food processor whirs loudly)
What are doin’ with this?
– I’m gonna take some mozzarella cheese,
mix a little bit of that
spirulina in there,
(Alyssia cackles)
and I’m gonna blend it very, very briefly.
(food processor whirs loudly)
It greened it up!
– It has a green tint!
– I’m cutting up some
cucumber for the top of mine.
‘Cause it’s a green, crunchy food.
– You’re baking it, with the cucumber?
– Should I not bake the cucumber?
I can place it on afterwards.
– I mean, I could be wrong.
They can tell us, the viewers can tell–
– Should we pass on the cucumber?
– If you’re going for, like–
– Would you like
the taste of a cucumber on a pizza?
Would you like a cold
cucumber on a hot pizza?
Me either!
I’m skipping it.
(Alyssia laughs)
(screen beeps)
Alright, so I’m gonna cut up
some zucchini, to go on the
pizza as a topping ingredient.
– So Alyssia is using a mandoline.
– A mandoline,
– Kevlar glove.
If this were Mind Over Munch,
I’d use a Kevlar safety glove,
but we’re on Eat The Pizza,
and I don’t need to do that.
– We’re reckless.
– I’m starting to think now
maybe I should use your cucumber. (laughs)
– Well, maybe hit it, ’cause
I opted not to use it.
– ‘Cause I’m thinking zucchini cold?
– Ah, ah, ah!
I’m gonna start assembling
mine to go into the oven.
This is my green sauce, mm! (smacks lips)
(eerie music)
– I gotta say, your
dough worked really well.
– Well, we don’t know that yet. (guffaws)
– Well, the way that we
were able to knead it
and roll it out worked.
– Mm-hmm.
And a touch of green cheese.
Looks like blue cheese,
actually. (chuckles)
(dramatic music)
– Alright, I’m about to top mine.
Mine is not going back into the oven.
(upbeat dance music)
– So I’m topping mine
with some green bell peps,
I’m gonna add a little bit of jalapenos,
and into the oven mine goes!
♪ Shooby-Do-Do, congratulations ♪
♪ Shooby-Do-Do, congratulations ♪
– I’ve got the sauce on,
but before I add the toppings and cheese,
I wanna just move it from here,
and I’m kinda nervous about it,
so you wanna help me out?
– Boy, do I ever wanna help you out.
– Oh, you are so kind.
– Pizza peel, folks!
Alright, so what do you got here?
– Alright, so this is my cheese,
and it’s kinda like
– Mm!
– a cream cheese type texture.
(sexy music)
– Joe, my pizza’s coming out of the oven!
♪ Congratulations, congratulations, ♪
♪ Congratulations ♪
And now it’s time for the
Pizza Fact of the Day!
What do we got today?
– We’ve got a fact about avocados
and why they got big seeds!
– What?
– So they developed around
the time of megafauna,
like the giant armadillo,
which is now extinct,
but the fruit had to be
big enough to attract
these giant animals,
– Of course.
– and therefore, the
seed had to be big enough
to withstand the digestive system.
– And, we still have avocados today,
thanks to humans saving
them from giant sloths
many, many years ago.
When the giant sloth was not extinct.
(80s style dance music)
– And now it’s time to eat the pizza!
Alright, we’re gonna try our own first.
– Mm, mm!
– What do you think?
– Mm!
– How’s yours?
– The crust is holding together,
– Yeah, look at that!
– much better than I thought.
– Mm!
– Mm, yours is better.
– No, (laughs) no it’s not.
So yours–
– It has more,
this has more complex and tasty flavors.
– Yours tastes more
like a pizza, for sure.
Like you have the real dough.
This dough is good.
– Yeah, pretty good.
– I would definitely keep
this dough recipe for future,
because it only had to sit
five minutes with yeast,
which is crazy cool.
– Yeah.
– I don’t love the jalapenos,
’cause they’re making my mouth hot,
and I can’t taste other
stuff ’cause my mouth is hot,
so I feel like I can’t
really be objective here.
I think that this one does not taste
as much like a pizza as yours,
but I do like the cold,
– Mm-hmm, yeah.
I like that it’s cold and
I think the goat cheese
with that sauce, the coconut milk sauce,
is really good,
– It’s so good.
– and this crust is really good,
– Yeah!
– for a broccoli crust,
– Look how well it’s holding together,
I’m always like skeptical
– I think it’s better.
– of crusts like that,
but it’s working so well.
(Alyssia burps loudly)
Well, one of the reasons
yours is such a nice, green
color, too, is that these cold,
you have these cold toppings,
– Right.
– that, man, that was a wise choice.
– I like the textures
with the pumpkin seeds
and the goat cheese, and the avocado,
you got creamy and crunchy,
– Yeah.
– and salty, with the hint of sweet.
– That goat cheese, those kind
of dollops of goat cheese,
(lips smack) Mama Mia!
– And actually the snap peas, too.
– Mine, I think, does taste like a pizza,
it tastes like a piece of pizza,
but it feels a little sloppy,
and it’s not as green as yours.
– It’s pretty green, I mean,
the crust is not green at
all, but the rest of it
is fully green!
(Christian laughs)
Alright, so we have to let you decide.
– It’s time to vote, who won
the greenest pizza challenge?
Put in your votes now, and let us know
who won the challenge, with
your votes on the poll.
Time to vote, sorry. (laughs)
(screen beeps)
Thank you guys so much for liking,
commenting, and subscribing.
– We will put the recipes
to both of these pizzas
in the blog post linked
in the description box.
Feel free to try ’em out.
Even if you don’t try
the whole pizzas out,
you could consider trying
just the crust or the sauces,
because those were really good.
– Congratulations on the
green pizza challenge.
We got a couple of great pizzas here.
Cheers, (laughs) cheers,
as we shake hands.
– (laughs) And we’ll see you next time
on Eat The Pizza!
– Mama Mia!
Come have a bite
– Look how dark it is,
it’s so dark.
– of the green-a pizza!
(funky music)

Randall Smitham



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