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Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

we’ve got a quick little extra hack for
you today we’re going to be making protein grilled cheese sandwiches and I
know we posted on Facebook we asked people what recipes do you want to see
one of the most popular request that we had was for good old-fashioned grilled
cheese sandwiches so i’m going to show you exactly what i make my kids when
they ask for grilled cheese sandwiches and let’s get started you are going to
need my protein bread recipe which you can go and look for on our youtube
channel and we’re going to have a little bit of real cheese now I’ve used nice
little marble cheese and some spray olive oil and I’ve actually put some
extra virgin olive oil in my in my pan here so all you want to do is heat your
pan up not super hot but a little bit hot and you’re going to take your two
slices of bread excuse me now because this is a really dense protein bread you
can cut it really really nice and thin so it’s going to make a taste better for
your kids it’s going to be a little bit more cheesy and easy to have so we’re
just going to spray one side of it just like that spray the other side put our
cheese in the middle just like that and just like you would do any grilled
cheese sandwich you’re good to go will do this one put it down put your cheese
in the middle and exactly like regular grilled cheese sandwiches you’re just
going to check them let them cook up on one side once you let them cook up on
the other side your cheese will be nice and melted it’d be super yummy your kids
are going to love it and best of all no grain no sugar no carbohydrates you’ve
got lots of protein lots of omega-3 fatty acids some yummy cheese and it’s
super high in fiber you can tell your grilled cheese sandwich is totally done
and ready when the cheese is starting to ooze out the side and looks
super yummy and super melted we’re going to pull these right off of here now and
get them on our plate look how delicious that looks pull this right off now don’t
worry I’ve used olive oil as the spray you can use some butter to a little bit
of butter is great for you it’s a saturated fat you’ve got lots of protein
in here but look at this tell me does that not look absolutely delicious let’s
cut one in half and I’ll show you just how we good that is with all of the
cheese look at that your kids are absolutely going to love this so while
you cook these up I would love to hear from you what kind of cheese is you like
using what kind of little tips you have for making your own grilled cheese
sandwiches out of protein bread if you like this recipe please like it make
sure you subscribe you get notifications for all our other recipes on our youtube
channel so let’s take a bite and see how this is Oh what kind of your scope
cheese everywhere was just so good

Randall Smitham



  1. hipretty Posted on February 6, 2017 at 6:30 am

    off to find your bread recipe!