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Grocery Store Hacks for Losing Weight

– When people come to Code
Red for the first time, one of the most overwhelming
moments they found is stepping into the
grocery store, especially after a huge purge of
their fridge and pantry of all the sugar and junk. What is Code Red approved? Does this fruit contain too many carbs? What types of fat should I be buying? Here are some of my
favorite grocery store tips to help you take the guesswork out. Get started on the right track and set yourself up for success. Download my free resource
in the link below, The Code Red Lifestyle Guide. (light electronic music) Everything you need is in the perimeter of the grocery store. Think about it, vegetables, meat, produce, the nuts, the eggs, the seeds,
everything is on the outside. Even the frozen food
section is towards the back. You do not need to spend really any time in the middle of the grocery store and let me tell you something parents, you need to make sure that your kids are not eating the junk. They don’t need the processed junk. Don’t walk down the cereal aisle. There’s nothing in a
cereal aisle that you need and there’s certainly
nothing that your kids need. Don’t walk down the middle
of the grocery store. Stick to the outside of the grocery store. Stick to the perimeter. Those products are serving
your health for the better. You guys know the grocery
store layout very well. I know that my husband, Chef Mile, he’s in the grocery store
three to four times a week. He knows every square inch
of that so listen to me, you know that the middle
of the grocery store pretty much contains
nothing that you need, I don’t, I can’t even, maybe
some sardines you know, stick to the outside of the store. The stuff in the middle
is heavily processed and has a heavy chemical content. Think about it, how does
it live in the middle of the grocery store for so long. Yeah, it’s got preservatives in it. If it’s got a shelf life longer than you, then that’s something you
don’t need in your body, that’s made in a factory,
you don’t need that. You need the perishables stuff, the stuff that’s gonna break down quickly. Stay away from the middle
of the grocery store with the exception of maybe
just a handful of items, you don’t need anything in the middle. Here are some items that
people think are healthy, but they’re absolutely non-negotiable. Do not eat them on Code Red. The first one and probably
the biggest one, granola bars. These are loaded with sugar,
loaded with preservatives. That’s why they stay on the
shelf for so long, hello. There’s nothing good in a granola bar, but just ’cause they have
that little hiking man on the front, everybody
thinks that it’s totally okay. Stay away from granola
bars and by the way, just go ahead and stay away
from granola altogether. That’s gonna spike your
blood sugar, don’t need that. Another perceived healthy item, crackers. Don’t eat crackers. See, everybody thinks ’cause
they’re not loaded with sugar, that they’re totally fine and they’re not. They’re loaded with
high-fructose corn syrup. They’re loaded with
preservatives and chemicals. There’ll spike your blood
sugar, yes they will and they’re not gonna serve
your health for the better. An item that people think
is healthy is your juice. Oh my gosh, talk about an item
that people think is healthy and it’s absolutely not and by all means, don’t let your kids consume juice. Look, you’re talking about
pure sugar, pure sugar and see, people say, they say like, well there’s no sugar added. There’s still tons of sugar
in it, even if it’s fructose. What is fructose? Metabolized in the liver and the liver can only
metabolize a very small amount, the rest is storage as
fat, you don’t need it. It’s gonna spike your insulin,
you don’t need the juice. Stay away from the juice,
especially if it’s got the picture of an orchard on the
front, you don’t need it. If you don’t have to
have a piece of fruit, eat the whole fruit. That way you get the fiber in the pulp. An aisle that you definitely
want to stay away from is the cereal aisle. Even the cereals that have, like the healthy pictures on the front. Look, the food manufacturers
are so good at deceiving us and making us think that it’s pomegranate, blueberry, granola crunch. Well, what is that? There’s no pomegranate,
there’s no blueberry in there, there’s nothing good in that cereal that’s gonna be good for you. No fresh ingredients. Don’t forget that cereal is
created to stay on that shelf for a very, very long
time without going bad. That’s how the food
manufacturers make the money or at least don’t lose money. They would lose money
if this food went bad. So the the cereals are jam-packed with preservatives and chemicals, but there’s nothing good in those. There’s no fiber, even the
ones that say high fiber, it’s crap quality fiber. It’s still gonna spike the blood sugar, it’s still gonna have your energy plummet, it’s still gonna leave you
empty with no usable nutrients. People think that
protein bars are healthy, but let me tell you that
99% of the protein bars that you’re gonna find
in your grocery store are not gonna be healthy. What they do is they load these protein bars down with sugar. I sound like a broken
record, but you know what, I’m gonna preach us for
the rest of my life. It’s all about sugar
and then the ingredients that they are using, they’re low-grade, crap ingredients, loaded
with preservatives, loaded with chemicals and
it does your health no good, especially don’t give them to your kids. If you turn over a Cliff bar and you actually compare
the label to a Snickers bar, you’re gonna see there’s
more sugar and carbs and lower protein in a Cliff
bar than the Snickers bar. Pretty shocking, isn’t it? Make sure that you understand
this, protein bars are not, 99% of time, they’re not healthy. What I do wanna see in your grocery cart, Code Red approved foods and what are they? Look, you’ve got any meat, any
vegetables frozen or fresh, you’ve got nuts, a ton of nuts. You’ve got macadamia nuts and pecans and Brazil nuts and almonds. There are lots of nuts out
there, but not peanuts, those are are legumes, don’t
put those in your cart. You’ve got seeds, sunflower
seeds, tons of seeds that have a great source
of omega-3s and fats. You’ve got eggs, eggs and bacon, come on eggs and bacon, that’s awesome. You’ve got avocado like guacamole, you’ve got cottage cheese, cream
cheese, lots of fat sources that are gonna keep you
full for a long time. Avocados are hands-down my favorite. You can really get a lot
of miles out of one avocado and the last thing, seafood. Not everybody loves
seafood, I love seafood. You’re talking about something
that has hardly any carbs or sugar in it, but it’s
also a great source of fat. So don’t worry about the seafood. If you can eat it, get some seafood. So what about fruits? What kind of fruits can you have? Well, we’re talking about
the low glycemic fruits. So berries, blueberries,
blackberries, raspberries, huckleberries, strawberries, berries. They are not gonna have
a high sugar content and they are not going to
spike your blood sugar. So we do want you to
stick with the berries when it comes to fruits. Don’t be deceived with fruits. You’re talking about melons, everybody wants to eat
copious amounts of watermelon and honeydew and cantaloupe and guys, they’re really loaded with sugar and plus, a lot of them are genetically modified so they’re even bigger
brighter and sweeter than what we were created to eat. So if you’re gonna feed your kids fruit then make sure it’s one
piece a day and that’s it. You don’t need a lot of
fruit, but on Code Red, when you’re in weight loss mode, let’s stick to the berries that I listed. It’s hard for me to talk about apples because apples are so
incredibly nutritious, but I don’t allow my clients
to eat them in weight loss mode and that’s because a medium-size apple is gonna have 20 grams of
carbs and 20 grams of sugar and I’ve seen it, saw people’s weight loss and so I don’t think that apples are bad. I think they’re actually quite nutritious, but I don’t wanna do anything that’s gonna stall your weight loss. So if you are in weight loss mode, let’s have you stay away
from the apples for now and then later on when you
reach maintenance mode, you can add in one apple a day. Also, the apples in
today’s society are giant. You don’t need an apple the
size of your baby’s head and that’s what you’re getting at Costco. You’re getting these big, giant apples. Guys, if we were all eating the apples that God created originally
in the Garden of Eden, that’d be one thing because
I think the fruit back then is gonna look a lot different
than what it looks now, but that’s not the case. We’re having these giant fruit
sizes that are many servings. We don’t need that much. So once you reach maintenance mode, you can have one apple a day. Make sure it’s small though. Don’t let a lack of planning
deter you from the goal. One of the biggest tests
being inside the grocery store is when you see your favorite junk food and you’re able to walk away from it. My last and important tip
is absolutely do not go to the grocery store hungry
or when you’ve been triggered. Plan ahead to set yourself up for success by downloading my free resource below and let me tell you, don’t
ever let me catch you in the grocery store put
something crappy in your cart. If you like this video,
give me a thumbs up and better yet, subscribe to my channel. That way, you are notified
when I release a new video, but listen, I wanna hear from you. Type in the box below and tell me what are your favorite go-to items for Code Red approved food. Put it in the box and I’ll
see you on the next video. (light electronic music)

Randall Smitham



  1. Teresa Storms Posted on October 17, 2019 at 4:27 pm

    My favorite Code Red approved meal is super easy: cottage cheese and green olives. So happy these two are good for this lifestyle!

  2. Jennifer Petty Posted on October 17, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    My faves are eggs, avocado, salmon, flax and chia seeds and RIBEYES!! All of these keep me full and not craving the enemy! 😁