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Ground Beef Stretching Meal Starters ,Low Income Meals

everybody today we are gonna make
something unique and different this comes from that make a mix cookbook this
here was given to me as a gift and I’m gonna share with you something
really unique that we’re gonna make with it
it’s called five-way beef mix I really got into this and what we are doing is
we’re gonna do some batch cooking this is called five-way beef mix and what you
do is you’re gonna make a bulk mix of beef and then below it it has all kinds
of recipes that you can use that beef mix for so I’m gonna make the beef mix
today and then I’ll share with you an upcoming videos how we can use this and
make it into four or five different recipes so what we’re going to do is
we’re gonna take five pounds of ground beef and we’re gonna add four onions to
it we’re gonna saute it we’re gonna add some beef gravy eight cups of peeled
diced potatoes six cups appealed carrots and one package of frozen peas and a
little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper I’ll show you how this all comes
together and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna freeze it you’re supposed to
freeze it into five different containers now I’m gonna freeze it in bags because
I don’t have any containers and then we pop it in a freezer and then whenever we
want to make a meal we just take that out of the freezer and then we add it to
some of these so this is me it’s just so unique I don’t know if you guys seen the
video right did the pizza crust I did that in a mason jar that was amazing
because I have to do some more of those videos as well but this is really great
because all you gotta do is for instance you could make grandma’s hamburger soup
all you do is add that to some Tomatoes and there you got soup then there’s a
vegetable and cheese casserole you add that to a low few other ingredients and
you got a meal and then it’s the deep dish potpie that’s what I’m going to be
making coming up here soon but let’s get started with this part of the video
because this is making the beef mix I got my beef really reduced and I
for about four dollars and it was about five pounds because I got it like it was
like a day or two old so let’s go make everything together and I’ll show you
what it looks like it taken up onions and we’re gonna take a ground beef and
we’ll get salt to it all together now this isn’t quite five pounds this is
almost like four pounds but that’s all right all right so that saute this and
then we’re gonna get our diced carrots and potatoes and we’re gonna also cook
them just for about 15 minutes we don’t want to cook them soft but we want to
cook them that they’re parboiled here is the potatoes and carrots now we’re just
gonna cook these just a little bit and we’re gonna saute the ground beef and
then all we do is we’re gonna put everything together in a big bowl and
we’re gonna put it in freezer bags so all we’re gonna do is put all our
ingredients into a large bowl so we want to make sure that we drain the fat off
of our ground beef I go for cheaper cut to ground beef when I know I’m gonna be
sauteing it because then you can drown the fat out of it now we’re gonna add
our 1 pound of peas we’re gonna add 1 container of gravy unless you want to
make your own you can make your own gravy this almost looks like the
fillings for a shepherd’s pie doesn’t it all right now we’re gonna add our
potatoes and our carrots and there is our mixture now this is gonna make us it
says 5 meals now this is only two of us so this might not make as many meals for
some people and for me this is probably to make
three meals alright so now we’re gonna let this cool and then we are going to
put this into three different containers or three different bags and we’re going
to freeze it and you’re going to see and upcoming videos all of the recipes I’m
going to be using this main beep mix so a five-way beef mix this is part one of
the video showing how we put it all together and then I will lay what part
two and part three and part four as we make the meals using this so as cheat
meal Monday this is part one once again here is the cookbook it’s called make a
mix and it is amazing there’s all kinds of things that you can do to mix up
ahead of time so your cooking is easy and if you only have a household of one
person think how far this food would go for you you can make countless meals
with this so it’s the mixin it’s the make a mix cookbook and this is one of
my favorites that I’m gonna be using quite often here on my videos food has
cooled off and now we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna put it into these plastic
bags plastic container would be so much better but I didn’t have that so we’re
gonna go ahead and we are going to equally put the food in these bags so
that is three cups let’s go with four for this one because I am going to make
a beef pie with the one all right there’s one meal now of course this is
going to give us leftovers so when I make a meal I’m gonna have leftovers as
well you know what I’m just going with four
cups in all of them wow this is so much fun and this is something that anybody
could do it doesn’t matter how large your household is or how small it is I’m
really excited I’m really excited about that cookbook I think I’m going to be
making a lot of things off of that all right so this last one is gonna be just
a little bit smaller that’s okay because some of them are soups that this is
going into and some of them is casseroles this one here will go into a
soup all right so now we have our bags and get ready for some recipes with all
of this amazing food right there nicely packaged and we’re gonna put them in the

Randall Smitham



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    It's just me eating right now — my husband has been in the hospital over 3 months now, almost died 3 times at the beginning…been doing better and they are working towards rehabing him to get back home; then I'll be cooking for two. Thank Our Lord for hub's miracle healing.
    I freeze any extra foods I have from previous meals so when I'm not feeling well (severe RA) I can pop something into the micro to heat it for a meal; I place single serving size leftovers into small plastic lunch size bags then put those bags into a gallon freezer bag so I can pull one out for heating. I have pork and chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice, chocolate cake, hot dogs in packs of four so I can take 2 out for a meal. I rebag chicken thighs (1.13 per pound lately) into 2 thighs per pack and will take a pack out to make a soup, or chicken meat for another meal, or bake/roast with vegetables.
    I only have apples for fruit and I'll bake one for a dessert or make a French apple cake and freeze pieces for later. Occasionally I'll buy a few bananas for banana bran muffins.
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    We may not be rich in money but our home is happy and we get by. I was able to save for a new wheelchair and bought it last month. We don't have TV (it's a time waster) and I can do so much more around the home without it. I'd love to get well enough to be able to garden and grow some veggies.
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