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Be careful with Ketogenic diets In this video i want to share what is ketogenik diet? And What foods should and should not be consumed during ketogenic diet? And be careful with ketogenic diet. Mandatory Watch this video until it’s done ok ! Hi .. I’m Nuri.
Welcome back to my video channel … for friends who first saw my video channel and you want to get a lots of complete health tips … Please press the subscribe button , ok ! and the button is at the bottom of this screen and do not forget to press the bell button So later you guys will get my latest video notification. and don’t forget to LIKE There are various types of diets that circulate in the community. One is the ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is included in the 10 most popular diet types today. The ketogenic diet produces large amounts of weight loss in a short time. What is a ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet is a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet is considered effective for weight loss and offers many health benefits. How this ketogenic diet can lose weight? In theory, when a person does not consume carbohydrates at all, the body will take energy from the sugar reserves or glycogen and the fat that binds water. If the body does not have sugar, it will burn fat reserves and glycogen Water will come out a lot, weight loss will also be fast. After three to four days of ketogenic diet, carbohydrate reserves called glycogen, will decrease and ketosis occurs which leads to weight loss. In addition, physically will also see the body becomes more slimming That way, the body’s metabolism accustomed to using fat as the main energy source, instead of glucose obtained from carbohydrates or sugar substances. The main advantage of this diet is not to cause us to starve because the diet requires us to increase the fat and protein. In addition, ketosis conditions also make the appetite less. Some studies show this diet is quite effective. In addition to weight loss, keto diet is also useful for Prevent and help treat cancer , diabetes, epilepsy, alzhemeir, and neurodegenerative diseases; Reduces inflammation; Making genes in the body healthier by reducing free radicals, and decreased levels of blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol levels. How to do keto diet? To do keto diet. The good ratio for keto diet is 4: 1, ie 4 for healthy fats and protein, versus 1 for carbohydrates. Be careful with ketogenic diet because you guys should be ready with a low carbohydrate diet and high in fat and protein Ready to Slimming ? If you guys ready, Let’s continue, ok ! To undergo this diet there are several foods to choose from. What foods are recommended for keto diet? the first is Meat: Beef and veal, chicken, goat, lamb, turkey, pork for Fish are Salmon, trout, catfish, sardines, tuna, haddock and others. Eggs: Look for “Pasturized” eggs, or high omega 3. Fruits choose Strawberry, blueberries, raspberries, avocados. for Vegetable you guys can choose Broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers and vegetables that do not contain carbohydrates. for Nuts and Seeds you can pick Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame, flaxseeds, chia seeds and others Dairy products: Milk, unprocessed cheese, Greek yogurt or greek yogurt, sour cream, thick cream. for Fat and Oil: Coconut oil, peanut butter, avocado oil, butter, sesame oil, olive oil and almond oil. Cooking spices: Salt, pepper, and other healthy cooking spices. if you want to add more carbohydrates to the food, choose complex carbohydrates because complex carbohydrates rich in fiber and less sugar and not processed, such as sweet potatoes; grains, wheat, buckwheat, spinach and brown rice; whole fruit; nuts; and natural sweetener. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates takes more time to digest thus making the body continue to release energy to destroy and reduce fat deposits caused by excess sugar. Be careful with ketogenik diet If you want to diet successfully …. This is the type of Food to avoid on keto diet? Soft drinks: Soda, fruit juice containing sugar, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, and others Grains: Wheat, corn, rice, bread, pasta, and other carbohydrate sources. Nuts: Red beans, legumes, lentils, chickpeas. Fruits: All fruits are not allowed, except those mentioned above. Tubers: Potatoes, yams, carrots, and others and artificial sweeteners containing sucralose, acesulfame, saccharin, aspartame, and others Unhealthy Fat: Avoid vegetable oils, mayonnaise. “Low fat” and diet products: Dietary products often contain sugar alcohols that can interfere with the ketosis phase. Alcohol: It should be avoided because it is usually an alcoholic beverage product contains high carbohydrates and sugars. it is advisable to consume mineral water for the correct way of drinking water you guys can click on my video card above this This ketogenic diet is done by consuming very low carbohydrates at 5% high fat at 75%, and medium protein at 20% Be careful with ketogenik diet if you want to succeed ! That is to do with a safe version …. with a modified Ketogenic diet concept. By lowering the percentage of fat and increase its protein, as well as stop carbohydrates in all forms. This composition is very good for fat-loss program namely a diet or weight loss program. Replacement of carbohydrate intake into this fat aiming for an efficient breakdown of fats in the body when it runs out of energy from carbohydrates. When the body lacks energy and inadequate carbohydrate availability, then the liver will break the body fat into fatty acids that shaped ketone to be a source of energy for the body and brain. This will cause an increase in the amount of ketone in the body so called ketosis namely a condition where the body burns fat as fuel power, which is the goal of keto diet. Meanwhile, ketones are not used by the body will be removed by the kidneys through the urine. The effect of the body that is in the ketosis phase is decreased levels of fat in the body and weight loss. So be careful with diet ketogenik because this diet can make you so slim. The Ketogenic diet or the famous “keto diet” is one type of diet that is rising in Indonesia. Even This diet is touted as an effective health discovery to lose weight Please Give a comment on what your diet friends have ever done ?. 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