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Hello and welcome to dining debunked
episode 1. So you guys seemed to really enjoy my healthy choices at fast food
restaurants vlog that I did a while ago and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do more
stuff similar to that so I thought we would sort of make it into a series
where I take you with me out to eat at chain restaurants and we can go through
the menu together go through the nutrition together and if you do enjoy
this type of video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and comment below so that I
know that you want me to make more. So without further ado, first up is Panera Bread. One of
the problems with Panera is there are not a ton of choices that are actually healthy
choices which is weird because it seems like a healthy choice like it has a nice design
and comfortable ambience and feels like the sort of upscale cafe. The good thing
is that they do make their nutrition accessible so you can find this PDF with
their nutrition online at their website and most chain restaurant do that now which is great. The biggest problem with making this
accessible is that most people don’t know how to read it properly, or they
don’t know what they’re looking for, or they are only looking for the things
that they’ve heard about before so they know, “oh I’m supposed to have something
lower in calories” or “I hear carbs are bad” or “fat is bad” or these generalizations that aren’t
necessarily true. So when they see all this is X amount of calories or fat or carbs
they don’t really know what it means and having the nutrition there
just doesn’t do anything for those people. So it is up to you to educate
yourself to learn how to read those labels properly so that you can make
healthy choices without picking the thing that’s you know the lowest in
calories or fat because that’s not always the best as we are going to see
today. I personally try to think of food as fuel. So when I decide to eat
something I try to think is this option going to fuel my body? Is it going to
give me you know nutrients that are gonna make me feel good and feel full? Now that
doesn’t mean that every single meal that I consume at all times as fuel
sometimes I indulge sometimes I want to get the less healthy thing. The purpose
of this is not for me to tell you to not get the less healthy thing. If you
want to do that’s perfectly fine. I’m just trying to help show you if you want to
go to Panera and you’re trying to stay on track to keep making healthy choices
what do you want to look for and what do you want to avoid. So yeah I just want to put that
little disclaimer out there for this episode in any of these dining debunked
episodes that we may do in the future. I am not telling you to eat or not eat at
these places. I’m not telling you that any of the menu items are good or bad or
that they must be avoided or that you must eat them. I want you to pick
whatever works for your lifestyle I am simply reading the nutrition to you and
going through it with you I’m just making information more accessible. I’m
not adding any other opinions to that. Finally let’s get to the nutrition. I am going
to skip the bakery items and the breads because we can assume that pastries
are going to be higher in calories and fat and obviously not the healthiest choice and
in this video I really want to focus on the things that people think are healthier. I
do want to stop briefly at the fruit smoothies. So they really market these
to seem like a healthy choice but when you look at the nutrition every
single one of them makes a health claim and I’ve told you that before health
claims are a red flag. So it says fat free you know green passion paris
smoothie, low fat, low fat, superfruit power, low fat, low fat, all these claims they
really want you to think that it’s healthy. Let’s just look at the low-fat wild
berry smoothie. The one smoothie is 340 calories, it does only have 1.5 grams of fat
so it is low-fat, it’s not a false claim but why do they need to claim that? Well there are 75 grams of carbs in this smoothie 68 of which are sugar. Now a lot of
people might think oh that’s okay because it’s natural it’s from fruit but
that’s not exactly true when you look at the ingredients which are not listed in
this PDF but you can find them on the Panera website. What’s sweetening the
smoothies are concentrate. So I’m not going to go into what concentrate is I
could talk about it all day long but pretty much it’s very very concentrated
fruit juice so there is a lot more sugar than you really need in it. If you guys are
interested in me doing a video on concentrated fruit juices and smoothies
and stuff like that leave a comment below so that I know but
I’m not going to get into it today. So let’s start with paninis and sandwiches. The best option macronutrient wise is the smoked turkey
breast sandwich on country. The whole sandwhich is only 430 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 67 grams of carbs so still a little high on the cards
but it’s a pretty decent sized sandwich. The macros don’t seem terrible but this
is actually not the sandwich that I would recommend people choose. Now why is
that? Reason number one, it is on country bread which is just white bread. So we
obviously want to go for whole wheat options when we can because we want to go
with whole grains and get more fiber. I have done an entire video on how to
choose bread so if you’re interested I will link that in the description box
below. Not gonna talk about it today. Reason number two, the micros so the
micronutrients. Most people, maybe not you, a lot of people might look at this and
see “Oh if I get half of the sandwich it’s only 220 calories. Well that’s pretty low that’s pretty good and it’s only 2 grams of fat. But
what they don’t see is the sodium. So 890 milligrams in half of the sandwich. That means the entire sandwich is 1790. 1,790 milligrams of sodium in that sandwich. Now
this is where it becomes an issue where if people don’t know how to read this
properly that number doesn’t mean anything to them. If they don’t know how
much sodium they’re supposed to be consuming then they don’t know if that’s a
high number or not. To give you some perspective the American Heart
Association recommends that we consume 1,500 milligrams or less of sodium per
day. That’s debatable. I’m not saying they’re right or wrong but it is recommended for
a reason. So what to take from that is 1790 in the entire sandwich is more
sodium than is recommended for an entire day. So my point is just because it is a
lower-calorie option doesn’t mean it is the healthiest option. Now healthy is a
relative term so I really hate using it in this context because to some
people you know the lowest calorie is gonna be the healthiest and to some the
lowest sodium is goinna be the healthiest and some the highest protein is going to be the healthiest. So you know take it with a grain of salt but just understand that 220 calories doesn’t make this healthy. Let’s
move on from the sandwiches. Alright, salad. If your salad still has 30 to 40
grams of carbs in it, is it really any better than eating the sandwich? Now a
lot of people would debate me on this. I’m not telling you to go eat the
sandwich instead of the salad I’m saying take a closer look at what is in your
salad. If you look at these salads listed here not only are the cards high but
the fat you know you’ve got 30 to 40 or more grams of fat in so many
of these and why is that? Probably the dressing. Let’s take a
look at one specifically. The Mediterranean chicken and quinoa salad.
Sounds really healthy right? 38 grams of fat, 580 calories in the whole salad ok I
can you know I can buy it I guess but if you look at the dressing that comes with
that salad which is the Greek herb vinaigrette it is 210 calories and 23 grams of fat just in the dressing. So if you’ve got 38 grams
of fat in the salad and 23 of those grams are from the dressing alone
that’s a lot. Now you could of course get the dressing on the side so that you’re
in control of how much you’re eating and that will you know lower the fat I’m
sure a bit but there might be other ingredients that you’re not thinking
about like nuts or avocado or seeds and even though those are healthy choices we
still have to be aware of the overall amount of fat we’re consuming. So what’s the
perspective on that? The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends 20
to 35 percent of your daily calories are from fat. Again very debatable my goal today is
not to debate you on nutrition it is to simply provide you the facts. So if you
are consuming 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day which is pretty average you know
maybe a little higher than that, that would mean you’re getting 30 to
40 grams of fat a day. So suddenly this healthy choice of a salad becomes
your entire amount of fat for the day, 38 grams that’s a lot. Now if you are
concerned about how many grams or milligrams of these macro or micro
nutrients that you should be specifically consuming I do recommend
that you talk to your doctor. I am simply referencing generalized recommendation
amounts for educational purposes. I’m not giving specific advice for any person. Onto the soups. Another deceivingly
unhealthy choice at Panera, many of these at least. Right off the bat we know the
breadbowl is going to add a lot of calories and a lot of carbs to whatever soup you
get. It looks like the breadbowl alone is almost 550 calories, a 120
grams of carbs, and 900 milligrams of sodium. Just the bowl. So
onto the soups. Here we go again with the health claims. Low-fat chicken orzo soup.
The bowl is only 180 calories, it’s only 5 grams of fat, but there are 1340, 1,340
milligrams of sodium. Or the low-fat all natural chicken
noodle soup the bowl 130 calories, 1.5 grams of fat
really awesome macros right but 1,440 milligrams of sodium. That is high. And same with the broth bowl. The lentil quinoa
bowl with chicken sounds super healthy 1,370 milligrams of sodium. So again lower in calories not necessarily more
nutritious. And shout out to my boy vegetarian creamy tomato soup you are
really tasty but there are 32 grams of fat and 33 grams of carbs in you. Why? Why
in a soup? You know it’s vegetarian and it might be there might be some tomato
in it but this is still not exactly the fuel I want for my body. A lot of people
might go in and think ‘oh I’ll get the you pick two and I will get a salad and the mac and
cheese’ because you know it’s a smaller portion of the mac and cheese and having
the salad to balance it out and if you’ve thought this way before don’t worry
you’re not alone. I used to do this myself and that is why you know I, I’ve
started learning how to read these on my own because it’s easy to make that
mistake. You know a lot of people might even, even be moderately aware of what
they’re ordering. They know that that small cup of mac and cheese is 490 calories, 30
grams of fat. But what they don’t think about is that the salad even though it’s
only an extra 190 calories they’re like you know that only make it 680 calories.
That’s not so bad for my lunch 680 calories. But then what about the 47
grams of fat? Even if they’re aware of that are they aware that you know 570 milligrams of sodium + 1,020 milligram, so you’re at
1,590 milligrams of sodium now from just this salad and mac and cheese. Then you
add in that extra French baguette which is just kind of defaulted, they just put
it on your plate even if we don’t ask for it and you’re adding an extra 180 calories,
440 milligrams of sodium. So your entire meal now racks
up a whopping 2,190 milligrams of sodium from just mac and cheese, salad, and a
piece of bread. Again if you’ve done this before you’re not alone I’m right there
with you I’m just saying this is why it is important that now we together start
to learn how to read these. It’s not science, it’s just reading but it’s knowing
how to read them properly. So now we have come to the point in the video we
actually get to go in to eat some food. What shall I order? Alright, so I used to order the power
bowls that Panera had but I guess they discontinued those so I can’t order those anymore. They have
like a power hummus bowl and it was pretty tasty and really good stats but it’s gone. So I had to
make a new choice today. So a lot of you guys know I am NOT a huge salad person.
When I go out to eat I pretty much want to order all the other deliciousness and
not eat a salad right. But one thing that I’ve come to find in the past few months
because I’ve been eating out more is I sometimes like getting a salad when
I’m out because they’re preparing it. They’re you know having to do all the
cutting and the prepping and I don’t do that at home and I don’t want to spend
time doing it at home. So when I go out I get like all these great fruits and
vegetables and I don’t have to do the work. So sometimes I like ordering a salad and at
Panera because you can do the you pick two I can get a salad and something else.
So that’s what I did today. I got the strawberry, poppyseed, and chicken salad
and it is the half size and the macros on that are pretty good. 170 calories, 7 grams of fat, 150 milligrams of sodium, 16 grams of carbs 3 of which
are fiber, and 15 grams of protein. So it’s a decent choice and I also got a
sandwich with that. I got the tuna salad sandwich and it comes on honey wheat usually but I asked if they had whole wheat and they did so I got that instead. Half of it is 260 calories, 8 grams of fat, 550 milligrams of sodium, 32 grams of
carbs, and 14 grams of protein and instead of the French baguette or the
bread on the side I just went for the apple. The entire macros for this are 510 calories which is pretty good. It’s a pretty
solid lunch it’s 15 grams of fat, 52 grams of carbs which is kind of high but I
know that a lot of those cards are coming from natural sugars from my apple
from the fruit in my salad and also it has 10 grams of fiber here which is great. I have 29 grams of protein and I have
700 milligrams sodium. So what I like about this meal is I get my veggies in, I
get to enjoy my veggies more because there’s fruit on top of the veggies and
I still get to enjoy a sandwich and a decent amount of protein in the entire
thing. I wish it could be gluten-free bread but hey ya can’t get everything. So my
biggest kind of concern with this meal is the sodium and it’s not like out of control
high but it’s definitely higher than if I made this entire meal at home on my
own. As you will see you’ll find that sodium will be a recurring issue with
this series I’m sure. Anytime you go out to eat they’re just inherently going to add a lot more salt. Now it’s important to note that I
didn’t choose this meal because it’s the healthiest macronutrient wise. I chose it
because it fits my lifestyle and my preferences. So the other thing is you
don’t wanna go and order something just because it’s the healthiest if you don’t
want to eat right? Like I tried to get something that I actually want to eat. If I
actually wanted to pick the healthiest thing on the menu it probably would have
been the classic salad with chicken. Which I just probably wouldn’t have
enjoyed eating as much. Just a bunch of vegetables and some chicken. So now I’m
getting to enjoy myself a little bit more and not feel bad and that is
the point. At the end of the day Panera sort of makes me mad
because they don’t have a ton of choices and I think that will be a problem with
a lot of places especially because of the sodium. But that doesn’t mean that
a healthy choice can’t be made. It just means we have to you know take the
responsibility to do our own research and figure out what is available and
what’s actually on the label of the food that we eating. If you have a healthy go
to at Panera please comment below and let me know. And if you want me to do more of
these let me know, if you have any ideas of places you want me to go. Don’t forget
to give this video a thumbs up because that really does help give me great
feedback letting me know what you guys like and just before going I please, please,
please ask you I can’t ask you enough to be open-minded with this series. This isn’t
me telling you what to do or that you’re doing anything you know right or wrong
I’m just trying to bring awareness to what’s actually out there and you know I’m just really I’m really just
reading you the label. If you’re like whatever I love my mac and cheese a Panera, I’m going to eat it every time.
Go for it. I’m not saying anything against that I’m not judging it. I just want you
to go and eat it and know what you’re eating. So I hope you found this useful.
I hope that you have a great weekend. I will see you on Monday and if you’re
eating at Panera remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

Randall Smitham