December 5, 2019
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Healthy Cinnamon Roll Smoothie | Breakfast Rush Hour Recipe

Oh hey! It’s SO good to have you back now that
everyone’s off to school. You just watched me make my incredibly delicious cinnamon roll smoothie. In an ideal world ,the kids would be sitting peacefully waiting for
their breakfast and I’d have time to prepare something elaborate and
delicious. But that’s clearly not our typical morning. Good thing I have a few
recipes up my sleeve for morning’s like that. So let’s see how that deliciously
thick, silky smooth and full of better for you ingredients smoothie was made. Today’s video is sponsored by Silk and I’m using their new Vanilla Almondmilk for its incredibly new silky smooth taste and texture and its nutrition -like
having 50% more calcium than dairy milk I don’t know about your mornings but
mine are often hectic with three kids and a dog to get out of the house
and sadly breakfast can sometimes be overlooked it’s not always easy to find
grab and grow recipes that everyone loves and this recipe in particular is a
winner with the kids. To the blender I’m going to add vanilla almondmilk, the frozen banana, cinnamon, and oats. I’m using old-fashioned oats because I find that it gives the smoothie a thicker texture but you can also use quick oats. We’re
also adding a couple of ice cubes because we love this smoothie extra cold. A little optional extra vanilla… In the blender it goes until it’s completely
smooth. Clearly, we can serve this smoothie in a cup for right now or
inside a to-go cup with a lid. If you have leftovers you can freeze it and use it for school lunch I simply use one of these freezer cups. Just like cinnamon rolls are a winner on Sunday mornings when I have time to bake them, this takes that indulgence to a better level. the taste of a freshly baked cinnamon
roll inside of a glass. Hands down this smoothie will rock your mornings when there’s no time to cook full meals from scratch and you want to make something
nutritious fast! What I love about using Silk is that I can use it in many ways to create my favorite recipes like today’s cinnamon roll smoothie that tastes
like dessert but it’s better for you! For the recipe click on the link below the
video for more videos like this one subscribe to this YouTube channel a new
video comes out every single week. And for more nutritious and delicious
morning recipes check out

Randall Smitham