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Healthy Eating – Portion Control | Dr. Nick Zyrowski

In this video, I’ll uncover healthy eating
and simple methods for portion control. What they found is that the adults would have
to consume 500 calories less, in order to actually get back to where we were in 1970,
where we didn’t have any of these issues. When we are just snacking, throughout the
entire day, it creates this slippery slope. One of the things that it’s doing is driving
up insulin levels, driving up blood sugar levels.
If you have an unhealthy metabolism, you may have problems with metabolic hormones being
very insensitive. When you do one meal a day, you almost naturally
restrict your portion sizes. There are so many people out there fighting
obesity. There are so many people who are overweight. There are so many people who are
trying to just cut down those last few inches of belly fat, but they don’t know how. As
a matter of fact, they don’t know why they’re even struggling with it. That’s why, in this
video, we’re going to talk about a little-discussed topic, and I’m going to uncover healthy eating
and portion control. This is something that’s very important.
We live in a super-sized world. We live in a world where everything is oversized, the
plate size, the portion size, the whole deal. And so, if you are facing issues with this,
it’ll almost be impossible to lose weight and, also, really feel good about yourself.
Stick around until the end of this video, as I teach many strategies, in order to reduce
the portion size that you’re eating on a daily basis.
Before we get started, I’m Dr. Zyrowski, and welcome to the channel. If you’re new to the
channel, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Be sure to subscribe. Hit that bell notification.
and join our notification community. That way, I can help you excel your health and
your life. Before we get started, the other thing I want
to tell you is our December meal plan is up. It’s going to have tons of great holiday meals
in it, lots of recipes. If you’re not familiar with our food plan, it’s simply my food plan
for the month, given to you. Not only does it help support this channel and make this
all possible, but it also really takes all the guesswork out of eating healthy, for you,
so that you can focus on what’s important to you. Click on the link below, in order
to get started with that today. Now, let’s go ahead and talk about healthy
eating and portion control. This is an important topic because, like I said, so many people
are overeating, and so many people have obesity issues. Like I said, in most of my videos,
this is nothing judgmental towards you. It’s just something that, if we can learn to control
it, we can really get some much better results, when it comes to weight loss and just feeling
good about ourselves. Let’s talk about this issue, here. First of
all, one of the questions that comes up a lot is… The reason that so many people are
obese today, so many people are overweight, is due to the lack of physical activity. That’s
a good thought process, right, because a lot of people are working desk jobs, today. A
lot of people are working computer jobs, are very inactive because of all this.
The truth is that there’s actually been some research done that show it’s really not about
physical activity. It’s more about the fact that people are just eating more. What they
did is this study, and they took about 1,400 adults and 963 children. What they did is
they compared them to now, how they’re eating now, to how they ate back in 1970.
What they found is that, if they wanted to… If, in children, they wanted to be consuming
the same amount of calories today as they were in 1970, they’d have to consume 350 calories
per day less. Okay? That’s just in children. Now, they took adults. They looked at how
many calories they eat on a daily basis, today, and how many calories they ate on a daily
basis in 1970, where there wasn’t problems with obesity. There wasn’t problems with being
overweight. What they found is that the adults would have to consume 500 calories less, in
order to actually get back to where we were in 1970, where we didn’t have any of these
issues. Basically, what it comes down to is, yeah,
probably, physical activity does show up as a little bit of an issue. The bigger issue
is going to be the portion sizes that we’re eating. We have to learn strategies, in order
to portion control, in order to cut back the amount of food that we’re eating, the amount
of calorie we’re eating, so that we are not overweight. We either want to come into a
calorie deficit, so we can lose some weight, or we just want to maintain.
Let’s go ahead and dive right into these strategies, here. First on our list is going to be portion
size. Okay? Now, when we look at portion size, this is something that is something most people
aren’t thinking about. Right? When you pick up a box or a bag, or whatever way your food
is coming in, a can, one of things it’ll say on there is it’ll say serving size. With that
serving size, it’ll, basically, tell you, “This is how much you should eat.” Unfortunately,
nobody looks at that kind of stuff. What they’re doing is they’re just grabbing, even if it’s
something healthy. Let’s say you grab a bag of almonds, and you
just start eating them. You may eat four or five, six servings of those almonds. When
you eat that much of them, I mean, that’s just a massive calorie overload. We have to
be really aware of that. One of the things I want to encourage you
to do is, anything you pick up, when you go to eat, look at the serving size. Try not
to be eating multiples, in the serving size range, and just stick to the right serving
size for you. When it comes to portion control, portion sizes, look at the serving size of
the food that you’re eating. Next on our list is going to be cut out snacking.
This is a big problem, today. So many people are snacking. Not only are people eating three
big meals a day. Right? Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but a lot of people are snacking all
in between. Let’s say you’re at work, and somebody comes
and says, “Hey, try this.” Maybe they’ve got a bag of chips. Some people are eating even
more, like, desserts between their meals, like cookies, things of that nature.
The thing is, that happens to our metabolism, when we are just snacking throughout the entire
day, is it creates this slippery slope. One of the things that it’s doing is driving up
insulin levels, driving up blood sugar levels. The other thing that it’s doing is not allowing
us to go into that fat-burning state. Between our meals, ideally, what we want to be doing
is just dropping blood sugar, dropping insulin and just, kind of, balancing out our metabolism.
We don’t want to just be priming that pump, all day long, and just constantly be pouring
food onto the metabolism, so it has to work all day. We want to really just, kind of,
fast between meals and then, of course, just focus on eating the meals, alone, but not
snacking throughout the entire day. If you want to cut down portion sizes, if
you want to cut down the serving sizes of food that you’re eating throughout the day,
make sure that you’re not snacking. So, portion control really relies on you not snacking.
Give that a try. Next, here, is a balanced plate. This is really
important because when people think about the portions of food that they’re eating,
they really don’t put into consideration the amount of green, leafy vegetables and the
amount of proteins. When people go and start eating healthy, one of the things I typically
tell them is, “Focus on green, leafy vegetables and protein.” Then, of course, add in some
good, healthy fats. Right? Get rid of the carb. A lot of people, on their
plate, they’ve got a big carb on there. Even if that carb is healthy, a big carb is not
a good way to go, when it comes to portion and sizes. Make sure that you get rid of the
big carb; you focus on green, leafy vegetables, protein. Put some fats on there.
Then, the other thing you want to do… Let’s say, at the end of your meal, when you’re
pretty much done, if you want to have some sweet potato, add that in. The thing is that
we don’t want to be starting our meal off with the carb. That’s going to be very important.
Like most restaurants you go to, they are giving you a big, huge carb to start off with.
Most people are just filling up on that. It’s high calorie. Not a lot of nutrients in it,
if it’s like a bread or something. When it comes to having that balanced plate,
green, leafy vegetables, protein, healthy fat. If you have a nice salad, combined with
some chicken and then, maybe, some olive oil finishing sauce, some avocado or something
like that, off to the side, that’s going to be something that’s going to be nice and balanced.
Get that balanced plate, in order to have proper portion control.
If you’re starting off with carbs, it’s probably going to cause you to eat more throughout
your meal. It’s going to cause you to not feel as satiated. We’ve got to watch out for
that. Next thing, here, is you’ve got to listen
to your body. This is a double-edged sword, here, when we talk about this topic, because
there’s people who would listen to their body and it sets them down the right path, and
people who can listen to their body and it sets them astray.
The person, for instance, who it sets down the right path would be someone who is metabolically
healthy. I would consider myself metabolically healthy. When I listen to my body, one of
the things I find is that there’s some days I feel like eating more, and there are some
days I just don’t feel like eating as much. I’d, naturally, eat more on those days, probably
coming into a calorie surplus, and then coming into a calorie deficit on the days that I
don’t feel like eating as much. The other thing that’s important about listening
to your body is that, when you’re eating and you feel that you’re full, that you actually
stop eating. Some people just eat to finish whatever’s on their plate. You really want
to focus on eating until you feel content. Okay? Not until your stuffed. Not until you
can’t walk, anymore. Just until you’re content. Now, someone who has a good, healthy metabolism,
they can manage that, pretty well. Someone who has an unhealthy metabolism… And this
is something that we have to really watch out for, when it comes to portion control,
is that if you have an unhealthy metabolism, you may have problems with hormones, metabolic
hormones being very insensitive. For instance, if you have leptin insensitivity,
one of the things that you’re going to find is that this hormone, leptin, which tells
you when you’re full, just doesn’t work. It’s not heard by the brain. As a result, due to
this insensitivity, you just keep eating. Okay? You’re eating your dinner. Next thing
you know, you just keep eating and eating because you’re not getting that off switch.
The other thing that happens is, throughout the day, your constantly getting these cravings.
These are constantly telling you you’re hungry. Metabolically unhealthy people will run into
this issue. This is where it’s not healthy to listen to
your body. This is where one of the things you want to do is just jump into this next
topic, here, and start counting your calories. Because if you’re metabolically unhealthy
and your hormones aren’t working well, and they’re not working in your favor, then you
really are going to have to go to the numbers. Now, let’s look at this, for instance. I’m
not a big fan of calorie counting. I’m just not. I’m more of a fan of focusing on eating
good, healthy, nutrient-dense foods. Now, one of the problems that we run into,
with calorie counting, is a lot of people are eating chips and pizza, and a lot of junk
food, and just counting calories. You can even come into a calorie deficit, by doing
so, but the problem with that is that you’re doing so eating very unhealthy foods. You
can even lose weight like that, but you’re still eating very unhealthy foods.
Calorie counting is good, when you’re relying on it in order to really watch your portion
sizes. It’s not necessarily good if you’re just using it as a crutch, in order to eat
junk food and still come in as a calorie deficit. If you’re somebody who’s metabolically unhealthy
and you just can’t listen to your body that well, one of the things I want you to do is
start counting calories. It’ll be very beneficial. You can get some online calculator. You start
putting in all your bodily metrics because one of the things people will ask me is, “Well,
how many calories should I eat?” I don’t know because I don’t know your gender. I don’t
know your size. I don’t know your activity level. There’s a lot of different metrics
you have to put in, to get an accurate information from this.
And so, when it comes to calorie counting, it is very, very beneficial, if you’re someone
who is having a hard time watching those portion sizes and, also, realizing how much you should
be eating on a daily basis. If you’ve never done it before, it can be beneficial. Even
if you’re eating really healthy, it can be, still, very beneficial, just so you can truly
understand how many calories you should eat on a daily basis. Try some calorie counting,
in order to really get that portion size under control.
Next thing here is intermittent fasting. I like intermittent fasting, when it comes to
portion control, because it takes the guesswork out. Right? It’s almost like using the strategy
of just not snacking between meals. When you’re intermittent fasting, you’re skipping
breakfast, and you go right into lunch. Then you go into dinner. You’re having those two
meals, and because you took that one meal out, it’s so much easier to control your portions,
throughout the day. Now, when doing intermittent fasting, like
I said, you’re typically going to fast for about 16 hours and eat your meals within an
8-hour period. It’s a great way to naturally do portion control. If you’re not familiar
with intermittent fasting, I’ll put a link in the description below, where I do some
educational videos that really teach every little bit that you need to know about intermittent
fasting. The other thing that works really well, for
portion control, is going to be one meal a day. Now, OMAD is something that a lot of
people who follow this channel practice. It’s simply a little bit more extreme version of
intermittent fasting. I always refer to regular intermittent fasting as 16 and 8, and OMAD
is going to be, basically, eating all your meals withing a 1- to 2-hour period, throughout
the day. OMAD is really powerful, when it comes to
portion control, because when you’re eating all your meals within just a short period
of time, it’s going to be something that you’re not going to be able to wildly overeat. It’s
going to be very difficult. When you do one meal a day, you almost naturally restrict.
Your portion size is everything. That can be very beneficial for people who are struggling
with this. If you’re someone who wants to naturally restrict portion sizes easily, you
can cut out snacking. You can do intermittent fasting and one meal a day.
Now, the next one, here, is keto. The reason I really like keto, when it comes to portion
control, is because… You know how I was talking about you can get these metabolic
issues, where you’re just craving food, and you’re never satiated? It just doesn’t work
for you. You don’t get full. Well, keto is really good for creating balance
across this system, almost like resetting the metabolism. And so, utilize the ketogenic
diet, if you’re someone who has a lot of problems with cravings. It’ll help you naturally restrict
your portion sizes. The reason that it’s going to do this is because you’re not going to
get all those cravings. Your hormones will work so much better, and, overall, you’ll
be so much healthier for it. Give this video a thumbs up. Put, in the comments
section below, here, how you naturally restrict portion sizes and, also, how you utilize portion
control. Or, what are the best methods that you liked, here.
Then, lastly, check out this video, over here, if you want to do the ketogenic diet. I do
this super powerful video on one of the top diets, right now. It teaches you everything
you need to know about the ketogenic diet, right here.

Randall Smitham



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