February 27, 2020
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(lively electronic music) – Hey, Munchies, welcome
if you’re new, I’m Alyssia. Today, I’ve got some
weeknight dinner recipes that are spring themed for you and they all use the Instant Pot, which you guys have been
loving and asking for more. I have teamed up with Sunsweet
to make this video possible and it is a perfect fit today
because Sunsweet’s dried fruit goes super well in savory
dishes, as well as sweet, and it’s going to give them a really nice addition and flavor. Sunsweet’s dried fruit
is really top quality and it just honestly tastes the best. Recently, they brought me up to visit their headquarters and facility where they prepare, pit,
and package the prunes, and gave me a tour of the orchard too, which is vast and beautiful. And let me tell you, it
really gave me an appreciation for Sunsweet and all
of the detail and love that goes into their dried fruit. I’ll share more on that, but first, let’s get to the recipes. I’m starting with the Spring Mint and Pea Risotto with Dates. (mellow electronic music) Risotto is known to take
forever and be a bit finicky but we are simplifying and
speeding up the process with the Instant Pot. Heat the pressure cooker
on Saute mode and add ghee, or you could use any cooking
fat you prefer, until melted. Add onions and carrots and cook for five to six
minutes until tender. Then add garlic and Arborio rice, which is what really makes this a risotto, and cook for another minute. Add one cup of broth and
stir for three minutes until absorbed by the rice. Then add another three cups of broth along with Sunsweet
Dates, which I’ve chopped, and salt and pepper. Close it up and cook on
manual for 10 minutes, followed by a quick release of the steam for another 10 minutes. Then we’re adding some spring flare by stirring in lime zest, mint, peas, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Heat another three minutes until the peas are heated
through, and serve warm. Wow, I was actually so surprised
how good this risotto was considering it was done in the Instant Pot with almost no work. It was salty but balanced perfectly by sweetness of the dates. The mint adds a fresh lmn, and it’s just such a
comforting spring dish. Next, I’m sharing a Pasta
Primavera with Prunes. Say what? Trust me. I add penne to the bottom of my pot. I used whole wheat but you
could use whatever you prefer. And cover with broth. Then add broccoli, carrots,
asparagus, zucchini, Sunsweet Amaz!n Diced Prunes. They actually sell these
pre-diced, which is awesome, or you can dice them yourself. A lot of people don’t realize that prunes are actually dried plums. I think a lot of people
are scared to eat prunes or think that they don’t like them. I thought that until I
tried Sunsweet’s prunes. They are juicy and delicious and a great source of fiber
without any added sugar. They’re low on the glycemic index and a lot of people also don’t realize how great they are to help
prevent bone loss too. Continuing with dinner, lastly,
I add in diced tomatoes. Make sure everything is covered
but don’t stir to combine. Cover and cook on manual on
high pressure for four minutes followed by a quick
release for five minutes. Remove the lid and stir
in some Parmesan cheese, slivered almonds, lemon juice, parsley, and salt and pep seasoning to taste. This is seriously so good. The almonds add a perfect crunch, the sweetness of the prunes contrast the acidity of the tomatoes and it has so many good textures from the different vegetables. Sunsweet is known for their prunes. When they invited me up to see the orchard bloom
last month, it was gorgeous. I got to meet some of the farmers and it was amazing to see
how much love and care goes into every single prune. The facility is amazing and they have a super special
patented pitting process, which is part of what puts
their prunes above the rest. It gives them this perfect button shape, and essentially, reseals the
prune once the pit is removed, and they stay juicy and
plump and so naturally sweet. Everyone who works there
was so warmhearted and kind, and it just really made
me proud and grateful to be able to work with
such an awesome company who cares about the farmers, the employees, and their customers. I had no idea how beautiful
the blooms were either and that each bloom on the tree actually has the potential
to become a plum. It’s so amazing. It was an awesome experience. And I got to rock a hairnet, which is fun. Okay, I’ve got one more recipe for you, an Apricot Chicken and Rice. (lively electronic music) To the Instant Pot, add some oil with onions, garlic, and ginger. Saute for five minutes
but don’t let it burn. Add some broth, soy sauce, Dijon mustard, dried thyme, and chopped
Sunsweet Apricots. I am seriously obsessed
with these apricots. They are so plump and delicious. Mix to combine and saute
for another minute. Then add your chicken. I’m using thighs but you
can also use breasts. Okay, I’ve shared this
hack with you guys before but I just can’t get over it. We’re cooking the rice at the same time. I add this steamer rack, which I will link in the
description box below, and put a heat proof bowl with my rice and mix in cold water and
broth for added flavor. Add the lid and cook on high
pressure for six minutes followed by a quick release for 10. When you open it up, you’ll
find your two components, long grain white rice, to
which I add a pinch of salt and some thawed frozen peas
for a springtime flare. And beneath that, I
stir in some lemon zest, juice, and parsley to the chicken. I then turn the Instant Pot to Saute for just two to three minutes to thicken, and serve and enjoy. Oh, man, this might be
my favorite of the day. Sunsweet Apricots are so plump and tasty, and in the dish, they
almost melt into a jam. It’s so good. Salty and sweet, and I just love that
I get both components, the rice and the chicken, in one pot. So, which one do you like best? I hope you’ll try one out for yourself and you can snack on some Sunsweet dried
fruit while you cook. Thanks to Sunsweet for
sponsoring this video, for bringing me up to Yuba City to see the orchard and amazing facility, and just for believing in Mind
Over Munch and our community, it means the world to me. And of course, thanks to
all of you for being here, watching and supporting me as well. If you wanna see more of my Sunsweet tour, I did an Instagram story and
saved it to my Highlights, so you can check it out
there if you’d like. I’ll see you next with
for a brand new episode, and remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

Randall Smitham