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Good morning and welcome to Mrs. Linda’s Corner.. Today, I want to share with you guys what I eat on a daily basis in
order to help me to lose weight today what I’m showing you is the tea that
I’ve made I actually combined it with what the tea that I’ve made is just
Gravioli tea that helps fight inflammation. I’ve combined some
lemongrass as well as a little cilantro and i steeped the tea and this is what I
drink… There’s the cilantro right there so I
drink that and then also to fight diabetes because I’ve had diabetes
before well across the borderline. So, I always try to stay away from in addition
to losing the weight. So, I make this okra water just let it soak in water
overnight and then the water ends up being a little slimy but it’s ok it’s
good for your digestion and for year even for your liver it’s good. So, that’s
some among the drinks that I have and then I also am making a smoothie this
morning these are the things that I put in there and some just some of the
things blueberries and blackberries. If I had strawberries I add those. I also
recently came across over the last few months started using papaya and the
seeds are good for your gut and for digestion as well so I’ll use those. I
use a little cilantro here I have a little cayenne pepper. I’m actually going
to mix these all in because I haven’t really made it yet and I have my protein
powder right here and I also have some… this green or herb right here is a cress..! Yeah! Watercress! I get it from the
Asian market and so I also put that in there sometimes I put a little ginger or
tea or ginger or raw organic tumeric in there and then so yeah I’m going to add
all of these ingredients and then I’m gonna mix that together and add my other
ingredients this is what I’m having for this morning… Okay, sometimes I add some a little oil but I don’t have any so I’m just not going to
add anything to that so I don’t add all of the um you’re gonna just add a little
bit or half of a container and then what this is this is a berry 100% berry drink
that I you know coming into frozen containers you can get it from the
grocery stores. So, I took the frozen juice and I added a little protein
powder to it just in case I you know on a daily basis when I drink and eat. If I
wanted something to drink in the morning out we use this and I wouldn’t really
have to make a full shake but this morning I want to have a little bit more
nutrients and get my day started so that I can exercise. So, I will pour that onto
this it’ll be my liquid and I will allow this to blend and then that is one of
the drinks that I will have for today and I also want to show you some of the
things that I use as a meal prep.. I usually allow it to blend really well..(Machine blending….NOISE……………….) til all the particles have dissolved or
look pretty tiny or minute in there. So, I will drink this and so this is what the
drink looks like once it is has been well blended. So, I will drink that and
sometimes I’ll eat a little greens on the side or a little protein once I’m
done with my exercise… so, that’s that’s much so that’s one of
the shakes that I have for the day sometimes you can blend anything you
want to blend in it sometimes I do this… is a drink to support my energy level. I
love you adding berries to that because they’re really high in antioxidants. So,
I’ll do that and and so you can add just about anything you want sometimes I do..
if you do a drink simply if you do a drink simply for for you to detox… and
that’s actually what these teas will do this tea will detox it serves as a detox
and so I also add other teas and here is actually the breakfast that I actually
made this morning that I plan on eating I have a one slice of it’s not toasted
but one slice of pumpernickel bread. I have some white egg I have one egg and
then some chicken these little white parts of chicken I put a little bit of
the the the the greens from the greens from some spinach in there and then I
also it just kind of steamed a little cabbage on on the side I actually made a
large pan of it I put shredded chicken in there… I added some hot peppers
because that fight that boost my metabolism. I put onion bell pepper well i didn’t put any onions in there, but I put some bell peppers in there and I added carrots and that is actually what I’m
preparing for my meal plan for today and so as I told you that was my what I made
for my meal plan and as you can see I also had here are the other waters that
I couldn’t stoon for the day like I’ve made my cucumber water and this is
cucumber water but it has a little tumeric and cilantro mixed in
and so I’m just creating all of my waters for the day so that I can get you
know hydrated because I’m trying to lose at least another 25 to 50 pounds. So, I have to stay motivated and focused… I’ve gotten off track a little bit for the
last few days haven’t been in doing any interval training or in a minute fasting
so I’m trying to get back on track and this is the the carrots and the and the
chicken that I made today for my meal plan… and I also put a little dab of
hummus in there it is a white bean hummus and then a slice of avocados and we know that avocados are really good for you high in protein and just good
for your heart all around I even added some some okra that I have sliced up and
steamed in there so these are just a moong the things that I use as my meal
plan and how I prepare my day to eat off of and I’ll probably be eating off of
these for several days because I’m trying to get back into the intermittent
fasting… So Yeah! I just wanted to share that with you guys and I hope that
you’re having a wonderful day. Do something positive do your positive
mantras whatever it is that your plan is for the day just be sure to put the
words out there into the universe. So that you can accomplish your goals!.. AGAIN, I want to thank you for joining Mrs Linda’s Corner and please have please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT if you have any questions or ideas that you’d like me to share or create. So, again, I want to Thank You for joining “Mrs Lindas Corner” again have a GREAT DAY… Bye-Bye!!

Randall Smitham



  1. Jericho Davis Posted on August 3, 2018 at 4:11 am

    Never heard of okra flavored water, that is so neat! Just liked and subscribed! 🧡