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Healthy Meal Prep | Budget Meal Prep With Easy Recipes!

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome to new video today’s video is a meal prep challenge so I did
a week’s worth of meals for fifty dollars that was a price point the most
of you guys said when I asked you on my community tab which if you haven’t
checked that out I do post questions in there what you guys want to see and you
guys can vote and things like that so don’t miss out so my total it came at
two at fifty three dollars and fourteen cents which i think is pretty good I
also bought things that would last more than a week
so like the cashew milk the peanut butter and things like that will last
you more than a week which is good it would even be less than this also keep
in mind that I do live downtown Toronto in Canada where prices of things are
more expensive than they would be in other parts of the country but also in
other countries I know when I go to the States things there are a lot less
expensive produce meat and things like that and I also want to keep it true to
how I would eat because I’m gonna be eating these meals for the next week so
I did buy free-range eggs and organic antibiotic free chicken because that’s
how I eat oh yeah let’s head into the meal prep and if you haven’t yet make
sure to hit that red subscribe button so the first breakfast option is this egg
bake with a side of sweet potatoes I’m starting off by slicing up a sweet
potato I love sweet potato in the morning because it’s a great complex
carb it’s gonna give you energy for the day and I’m seasoning that with a little
bit of avocado oil and some rosemary now I didn’t include the spices in the oils
as like the meal prep budget because other things you generally have on hand
and if you don’t have these spices on hand you can use whatever spices that
you like so a little bit of rosemary a little bit of garlic and then a little
bit of pink Himalayan salt and then just tossing that together I like using
avocado oil for roasting above 350 because it has a higher smoke point so
it’s not going to denature I just put that on my silicone baking sheet shake
it out so that it’s one even layer and pop those in the oven next up we’re
gonna make the egg bake so I’m using it free-range eggs free-range eggs are
better because they have more nutritional value than ones that aren’t
to the higher Omega threes higher amounts of vitamins and minerals so I’m
cracking a bunch into here because we are gonna make this for four days worth
so I chose to have week four four days and then the second
breakfast for three days so I’m using 8 eggs in total and I’m just whisking that
together until you get everything nice and smooth and then I’m putting in just
a little bit of garlic powder for seasoning and whisking that through so
that there is some flavor but like I said use whatever spices that you have
on hand then I seemed a little bit of spinach to add into the egg bake a
little bit beforehand because I find if you add the spinach raw inside sometimes
it doesn’t wilt down enough and just basically taste as good so I like to
steam it briefly first and then put it in the egg bake and you can definitely
add any kind of veggies that you have on hand or even leftover veggies that’s
what I love to do if I have leftover veggies also which is a great hack
for any kind of meal prep and using veggies that you already have on hand
it’s throwing old veggies it’s just into this egg bake and baking it so once
that’s done you have your egg bake in your sweet potatoes and this was the
cost for three meals so $8.95 the second breakfast is a pumpkin smoothie so it’s
a fruit free smoothie I’m starting off by prepping some frozen cauliflower by
steaming it and freezing it to have it on hand for the mornings so that way
that morning I just added some pumpkin some ginger as well as some peanut
butter so I did include the price of a new jar of peanut butter into this meal
prep but you would have it for more than one week which is great then I’m adding
in some cinnamon some great warming spice it’s both the cinnamon and the
ginger are great for when it gets more fall because they’re great for your
immune system antimicrobial antibacterial and really gonna
strengthen and then some nut milk if you blend that all together and you have
this wonderful fall smoothie it’s gonna balance your blood sugar it’s got
protein fiber healthy fats it’s so delicious this one came with two eleven
dollars and 21 cents for three smoothies but like I said the milk and the peanut
butter will last more than one week for the first lunch option I am making this
kind of golden milk lentil curry stew so I’m seasoning a pan with some garlic and
some avocado oil and we’re gonna cook that I’m adding in a cup of lentils
lentils are great because they’re high in iron and they’re really inexpensive I
got a bag for $2 and I’m only using half of it for this recipe I’m adding in some
tumeric some ginger again warming spices that are great anti-inflammatories and
then I just bought these crumb vegetables or basically riced veggies
that are gonna go on the side of this you’ll know when it’s down when all the
water kind of absorbs and the lentils and then I’m adding in the thick part of
the can of coconut milk and it’s gonna make it nice and creamy and delicious
and also helps to make it very filling as well and it turned this beautiful
yellow curried color and like I said the coconut milk is key because those Halle
fats are really gonna help you feel satisfied and it’s kind of gonna blunt
the blood sugar spike that you get from the carbohydrates of the lentils so I’m
spooning that on the top and there you go you have your rice veggies with your
nice curried lentils on the top it tastes so delicious and makes a great
easy meal prep for the second lunch it’s gonna be another vegetarian option and I
just bought some frozen veggies what’s great about frozen veggies is that
they’re actually frozen at their peak ripeness so they have a lot of
nutritional value and it’s kind of a great way to buy them inexpensively as
well I’m adding in a can of chickpeas as well as some fresh ginger this is some
of the ginger that I got from the smoothie so I’m really trying to use the
ingredients that I bought in multiple things in multiple ways so that you guys
don’t have to buy a million things but you can use the things you bought in
many different ways so seasoning it and then I’m just tossing that together and
we’re going to be roasting it in the oven so it basically turns into roasted
chickpeas with veggies a nice simple hearty dish we’ve got protein we’ve got
veggies we’ve got fats and fiber and it’s gonna be in a really nice simple
warm dish that really meal preps well because you can make this in advance and
store it in the fridge for the first dinner we are making a plant-based
Bolognese so I would use a spaghetti squash you could also use noodles here
but spaghetti squash is really fun and easy and inexpensive I got this whole
one for a dollar and 34 cents which was crazy so you’re gonna slice that in half
it can be a bit difficult so be careful and then I’m just scooping out the seeds
and spaghetti squash like I said because it’s in season I always buy things in
season when I’m meal prepping because that way you’re gonna save money and
you’re gonna be able to diversify your diet based on what’s in season so taking
a pan a little bit of olive oil and garlic again the seasonings in the
garlic are just things that I had on hand that I did include in the meal prep
I’m adding in the other half of the legs from the bag that I bought that we made
the lunch curry and I’m adding in some strained Tomatoes this is a great hack
to kind of make your own sauce because straight tomatoes are very inexpensive
it was a dollar ninety-nine for the whole jar versus buying sauce and then
you can just season it with how you like so I’m using rosemary oregano basil kind
of whatever you have and it’s a great way to make sauce inexpensively and that
I like that I use the lentils on different things now I would have the
lentil lunch option on a different day that I had the dinner option with the
lentils so you kind of mix it up but you get lentils used in different ways so
you’re not getting tired of the lentils and it’s a completely different flavor
then all you have to do when your spaghetti squash is ready is use a fork
and it kind of turns into these pasta like ribbons and it’s super easy to do
as well because you just plop them down and this favorite with a fork and it’s
all very filling as well a nice complex carbohydrate that really complements the
lentil kind of Bolognese and it’s plant-based too which is really cool so
you scoop some of that on the top and you got your spaghetti squash and this
and then this made three meals for me so I would have as three nights of the week
and it turned out to be four dollars and 32 cents because I did include the
spices just lentils tomatoes and squash super easy and then our final dinner
option is the most expensive one and I’m using some organic ground chicken and
I’m going to be adding some salt seasoning I like this one because it
just has everything in it that’s why I like it you guys have seen me talk about
this one before but it’s really easy because you have everything in it you
can use every kind of spices that you like I’m just toss that in and then I’m
making little meatball shapes and i’m calling this meatballs even though i’m
not adding in egg and breadcrumbs because honestly you don’t even need
them i just shape them into balls because that way it’s easy to
incorporate it into meals you can also make this into three or four burger
patties as well but like I said I like the balls so I’m just making those into
little ball shapes and we’re going to be baking them in the oven so that it’s
really simple and really easy so while those are baking Zhai start those off
baking first I’m going to prep the asparagus again asparagus was on sale
for me this week so I got this for $2.99 for this whole big batch halfway through
you fold over the chicken meatballs and then we’re gonna be adding in our
veggies too with it for the second half so I want to
make this symbol it’s one sheet pan you cook the chicken for a bit take it out
add the veggies you’re gonna put it back in and it’s gonna be easy again i season
with a lot of the same things I love garlic it’s an antifungal antimicrobial
antibacterial so good for you toss that up and then I’m adding in some butternut
squash this was frozen and cubed already for me which I liked and frozen is
really inexpensive as well a little bit of Himalayan salt and we call it a day
so this one was the most expensive at fifteen dollars and seventeen cents but
it was another one that’s not plant-based so it is a meat option and I
do buy organic because you don’t want those hormones and everything but we
still got a really great budget $15 for like four meals so I hope you guys
enjoyed this meal prep and got some inspiration if you guys want a different
budget or even lower I’m up for the challenge so if you want a lower budget
let me know down below and I will try to do that as well this was a challenge I
will admit I was pretty proud of myself and I left the grocery store but I got
it looked less than 50 basically less than 50 dollars because things last
couple weeks um but if you want a smaller budget I will try hard it just
made me more of a vegetarian meal prep so I hope you guys are all having a
great day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

Randall Smitham



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