January 18, 2020
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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome back to my kitchen my name is Liv and I make lots of
healthy delicious recipes on this channel and today we are doing a healthy
meal prep so I showed you guys how I prep about eight ingredients for the
week and how I can combine them into easy healthy meal ideas I also created a
PDF guide for you guys for this video so if you head to the link in the
description you can download the full PDF guide and get this for you so you
can meal prep this weekend and for weekends to come as well if you’re new
don’t forget to subscribe and yeah let’s go ahead and get into the healthy meal
prep so one of the first things we are meal prepping is my classic chia pudding
you guys have seen me make this before if you are oh gee members of my channel
but I love it and it’s such a simple recipe one can coconut milk 5
tablespoons of chia seeds and 1 teaspoon of vanilla and what this does is it
really helps to balance blood sugar because it’s full of healthy fats and
you can also add things like collagen or superfoods or cacao to make different
flavors so I like to make a bunch of this and then I store it in mason jars
and this can be used for breakfast or for snack you could have a smaller
amount I’m also gonna prep some sweet potato toast which are great to use
especially if you’re gluten free gluten free breads can sometimes be expensive
and sweet potatoes are fairly inexpensive so I just sliced them and
then I bake them in the oven at 400 for 25 minutes and these can be used for
sweet for savory I even use two of them sometimes to kind of make a sandwich
I’ve also used them as burger buns the possibilities are really endless so this
is a really great thing to prep in advance and have in the fridge another
thing I like to prep our berries now I tend to buy my berries organic because
they are part of the Dirty Dozen specifically strawberries are one of the
most heavily sprayed things so if you can bind these organic versus other
fruits and vegetables are going to be key now I do store them in a mason jar
and I find that by storing my berries into mason jar they keep a lot
longer for example I’ve kept berries for three weeks at like supreme freshness
like not moldy not anything at all in a mason jar next up we are going to prep
some chicken so I just have some chicken thighs but you can do whatever kind of
chicken you like and I put a little bit of garlic a little bit of paprika really
whatever seasonings you like keep it simple I cook them for about 3-4 minutes
per side until they’re cooked all the way through and they’re no longer pink
but I find having protein on hand is really good for making salads stir fries
everything like that I’m also going to prep some cucumber for smoothies now
lately I have been into using cucumber into my smoothies instead of frozen
cauliflower I do remove the skins because it can sometimes be irritating
if you have IBS so I take the skins off slice it up and I put it in my stash bag
and this is a great way to add hydration and kind of something cold to your
smoothies but it’s better than ice because you’re getting veggies in but
it’s still super hydrating I also like to wash my greens in advance so that
they’re ready to pull out and use for the week so by washing them and drying
them they’re all ready to go you just can make quick salads and quick meals
all throughout the week again I do use a stash of egg not sponsored but they
really do keep foods fresher longer I’m also going to spiralize some zoodles
or make some doodles with some zucchini which can be used in pasta and many
different dishes you can buy the spiral eyes but I do find you can save money by
doing it yourself I’m also like to hard boil some eggs so I do like a medium
boil which is about 7 minutes and then I put them in an ice bath and what the ice
bath does is it makes it not only stopped cooking but a lot easier to peel
afterwards so you don’t lose half of the egg white I’m also going to be prepping
some cauliflower rice and this is one of my favorite things to prep and if you
guys have seen me make this in a lot of videos and lately I have done cilantro
and lime if you watched my burrito bowl video I’m you guys know I’m obsessed
with this so I add in some chopped cilantro and some lime once the rice is
tender mix that up and that’s ready to go for
build your own burrito bowls so I’m going to be showing you some of the
healthy meal ideas and the ways that I use this so going back to the cucumber I
put in some frozen cucumber some spinach or whatever greens I have on hand some
fresh mint which I’ve been loving in my smoothies especially with the warmer
weather coming up and then I add in some almond butter and some almond milk so
this is a really simple recipe but you can add in your favorite superfoods or
protein powder or collagen but I wanted to show a very simple smoothie pop the
lid on and we’re good to go of course sweet potatoes are one of my
favorite and I’m taking some of the eggs that I have prepped and as you can see
the shell glides off I put on some avocado sliced up my medium egg and put
that on and then I’m going to build a sweet one with some Baru nut butter
which is like my new favorite thing it’s actually a seed not a nut some of the
strawberries that we have already have washed and cleaned and now I have some
delicious sweet potato toasts chia pudding is another great thing for
breakfast and for snacks since the chia pudding is ready to go I
just put that in a bowl add some green fruit granola some of the blueberries
that already washed and ready to go and put that on top the assembly took me
really quick then I took some of the chicken I took some zoodles and I tossed
that with some store-bought pesto it’s really easy I had it on hand and then
we’re going to assemble our burrito bowls for some nights of the week so I’m
taking the cauliflower rice that I made adding in some of the chicken that’s
precooked and the leftover veggies along with the already washed lettuce but
because everything was already done beforehand all you have to do really is
assemble and you have a healthy delicious meals so I hope you guys
enjoyed this meal prep don’t forget to download your free PDF guide in the
description box below I’m also going to leave a my meal prep pill a list right
here you’re gonna love it there’s tons of ideas in there both ones that are
recipes for ready to go meals throughout the week and ones like this which are
prepping ingredients and then showing you how I combine them throughout the
week so I’m gonna leave that right here check it out after this video leave me
any requests down below and let me know what you
meal prep for the week if you think I’m missing something or something that I
should be meal prepping I want to know so leave that for me in a comment down
below and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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