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Healthy Meal Prep | Menu 3

Welcome to another episode of Meal Prep Made
Easy. Every week this month, I’m sharing a brand new meal prep menu that you can prepare
on Sunday so you’re eating well all week long. Remember that all of these tasty recipes plus
shopping lists and lots of tips and tricks are available in my Meal Prep Made Easy Cookbook.
All of the details are in the description box below. We’re kicking off today’s menu
with my awesome slow cooker Lentil Chili. I love this – it’s perfect for Meatless Monday,
it’s really easy because the slow cooker is going to do all of the work. So for this recipe
I am going to get started with lots and lots of beautiful veg. I’ve got some onion, some
yellow bell pepper, some red bell pepper and some finely chopped carrot. I’m also going
to be adding some minced garlic and some minced jalapeño. Obviously an optional step; feel
free to leave the jalapeño out. Next, I’m going to be adding some dried lentils. I’m
using green lentils in this recipe but feel free to use whatever lentils you have on hand.
I’m also going to be adding some canned kidney beans that I’ve just rinsed and drained. Lentils
and kidney beans are loaded with fibre and are so good for you. For my liquid, I’m adding
some vegetable broth, some diced tomatoes and some crushed tomatoes. Then I’m just going
to season this up with some beautiful chili spices. So I’ve got some chili powder, some
ground cumin and some garlic powder. I’m going to finish this all off with some salt and
pepper, give it a good stir and then set my slow cooker on High for 3 hours. You could
also cook this low and slow for 6 to 8 hours – totally up to you. Once the chili is ready,
I like to finish all of this yumminess off with some freshly chopped cilantro. Team,
this is good stuff. This is good and good for you. Loaded with fibre, loaded with nutrients,
great for lunch, great for dinner. This chili can be served immediately, stored in the refrigerator
for 3 or 4 days or in the freezer for up to 3 months. Next up on today’s menu I”m making
some incredible Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini. Now, what’s cool about this recipe is that
it can be made completely meatless like I’m doing or you could could do it with some ground
beef or ground poultry instead of the mushrooms. Now, I’m getting started with some beautiful
zucchini and all I’m going to do is cut off the tops and cut them in half. Then we’re
just going to dig out these seeds and the great part is that we are not going to discard
them. We’re actually going to add them to our stuffing. I’m going to arrange my zucchini
on a parchment lined baking sheet and then get to work on my filling. So I’ve got a frying
pan heating up on the stove and to that I’m going to add a little bit of oil. Once my
oil is hot I’m going to add some onion and cook those until they’re nice and soft. Next
I’m going to add some garlic, wait until it’s fragrant and then I’m going to add my mushrooms.
These are going to shrink a lot as they lose their water. And don’t forget to add your
zucchini pulp in too. And we’re going to hit this pretty generously with salt and pepper.
I’m going to sautee all of this yumminess for 10 or 15 minutes or until all the moisture
has evaporated. See – there’s a whole lot less mushroom than there was before but what
there’s a lot more of is flavour. Then we’re going to remove it from the heat and let it
cool for 5 or 10 minutes. Now that my mixture is cooled, I’m going to add some bread crumbs,
some beautiful parmesan cheese for flavour and 1 egg that I’ve whisked together really
well. This is going to help our stuffing bind together. Now that our filling is mixed we
are going to start stuffing our zucchini. And then I’m just going to hit each of these
with a good drizzle of Arrabiata sauce which has a little kick to it. Honestly, any tomato
sauce will do. And then we are going to finish each of these lovely little zucchini boats
off with another little bit of parmesan. I’m going to bake these beauties at 400°F for
between 20 and 25 minutes. And then I’m going to finish them off with a little more parmesan
cheese and some freshly chopped parsley. These make for a nice hearty main dish and they
also happen to be packed with nutrition. I like to eat them for dinner or take them to
work for lunch. I always love to have some cooked quinoa in my fridge because it makes
a really healthy side dish and also, a really tasty snack. But today I’m taking my quinoa
from here to here by adding some delicious fresh veggies. So I’m heating up some oil
in my saucepan and to that I’m going to add some finely diced onion. When my onion begins
to soften I’m also going to add some minced garlic. Next up, we’re just going to add our
quinoa and our veggie broth. Watch out – we’re going to create a good amount of steam. I’m
going to bring this mixture to a boil and then turn my heat down to low, cover it and
simmer my quinoa for between 15 and 20 minutes. Once the quinoa is cooked through I’m going
to turn the heat off completely and stir in some beautiful cherry tomatoes that I’ve just
cut in half and some fresh baby spinach. And it’s going to look like a lot of spinach at
first but have no fear it will wilt down to very little spinach and then it will look
like it just belongs there. I’m going to season it up with some salt and pepper and there
you have super nutritious, really delicious side dish that is ready to eat. This will
last in your fridge for between 4 and 5 days. We’re continuing on today’s vegetable train
with some Roasted Sweet Potatoes. I love oven roasted sweet potatoes. They’re so incredibly
flavourful and delicious. All I’ve done is peeled them and cut them into cubes. And then
I love adding red bell pepper and red onion to my sweet potatoes because it actually adds
to the sweetness. I’m going to drizzle these with olive oil, a little bit of garlic powder
and some salt and pepper and get these in the oven at 400°F for about 30 minutes. You
want to make sure to stir them once or twice during cooking so they don’t stick to the
bottom of the pan. This is really, really good wrapped up in a tortilla or you can serve
it with a fried egg for breakfast. It makes the best breakfast hash ever. You can store
them in the refrigerator for 4 or 5 days. For lunch this week, it is all about my really
simple three Bean Salad. I’m getting started by mixing up a really simple dressing for
this salad. I’ve got some olive oil and to that I’m adding some red wine vinegar and
some Dijon mustard. Dijon mustard helps keep it all together. We’re going to whisk all
of this deliciousness together and then we are going to build our bean salad. In this
case I’ve got some kidney beans, some chickpeas and some green beans. Now I’m using some canned
green beans but feel free to steam your own green beans if you have the time. That actually
makes this even better. To add some colour and some crunch to this salad I’m also added
some green bell pepper, some red bell pepper and some finely diced red onion. Now, if you
have any important meetings this week, feel free to leave that onion out. It’s totally
fine. And the we are just going to dress this with our lovely dressing, some salt and some
pepper and we’re just going to toss. The longer this gorgeous beans sit in this dressing,
the happier they are going to be. And I’m just going to load this salad into some jars.
I love bean salads for lunch. They’re so filling. Full of fibre, full of protein. You can store
them in the refrigerator for 4 or 5 days. Now it’s time to talk breakfast and this week,
that means my Blueberry Apple Yogurt Parfaits. And these all start with my amazing blueberry
vanilla applesauce. Let me tell, once you’ve nailed this recipe, you’re going to want to
make this every single week, I promise you. It all starts with some apples. And all I’m
going to do is just chop around the core. I am leaving the skins on. First of all, it
adds some nice colour to your applesauce. It also adds a lot of fibre. To my pot I’m
just going to add a drizzle of water, a squeeze of lemon juice and then an abundance of gorgeous
fresh blueberries. We’re also adding a little bit of pure vanilla extract. And off this
goes to the stove. Oh, and when it’s done it looks a little something like this. It
is nice and soft and really easy to blend using an immersion blender. You can leave
that as chunky or as finely pureed as you like. And all we’re going to do is let that
cool before we build our parfaits. We are just going to divide our yogurt evenly in
5 jars. And then we’re going to add a nice drizzle of this incredible applesauce. And
then you can really sprinkle it with whatever toppings you want. In this case, I’m just
using some crunchy granola that I had on hand but you could definitely do this with some
buts if you wanted to. Some chia seeds would be great. I can’t get enough of these because
they’re just so pretty. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days and they
make the perfect breakfast on the go. For our snack this week I am whipping up one of
my very favourite dips. It’s my Green Goddess Dip and I love it because it is packed with
beautiful, fresh herbs. Now, every time I use the word herbs on this channel I get a
ton of comments about the right way to pronounce that word. Herbs, herbs, tomato, tomato – whatever
you prefer 🙂 So I’m starting off with some gorgeous fresh herbs. In this case, I’ve got
some parsley, some dill, some tarragon and some chives. Feel free to use whatever combination
of leafy herbs that you love. I’m going to hit this with some minced garlic and a good
drizzle of olive oil to help it all come together. And then I’m going to give it a few pulses
to help blend it up before I add the rest of my ingredients. So now we are going to
add some lemon juice to brighten up all those flavours. I’m also going to be adding some
crumbled feta cheese and some Greek yogurt. On goes the lid and I’m going to blend this
all up until it’s nice and smooth. And when you’re done, look at this ridiculously yummy
dip. It’s so green and beautiful, perfect with veggies. You could even spread it in
a wrap. It would be amazing. This dip will last in the fridge for up to 5 days. And that’s
it folks meal prep is complete! I really hope you’ll give some of these tasty recipes a
try and if you do, be sure to Tweet or Instagram a photo because you know I love seeing what
you’re coming up with in your very own kitchens. And don’t forget that all of these amazing
recipes are available in my Meal Prep Made Easy eBook. All of the details are in the
description box below. And finally, if you haven’t already, be sure to SUBSCRIBE because
there’s lots more meal prep where this came from!

Randall Smitham



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