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Welcome to week two of
our weekly Meal Prep Series. As you guys know, every Thursday through
the month of January I am sharing brand new meal prep ideas to set you up for success all week long. Now, the concept behind
this is really simple. The idea is you do all
of your cooking on Sunday and then you have fresh,
nutritious food ready until the weekend. Now, what I love most
about this week’s menu is that it’s entirely vegan. The star of this week’s show is one of my favorite
foods, homemade falafel. Now, if you’re not familiar with falafel, you are in for a treat! Falafels are these delicious little balls of chickpea goodness. They’re amazing when served
in pita or over a salad. They’re super versatile
and definitely flavorful. You won’t even miss the meat, I promise. So for this homemade falafel I am using my food processor. Now, if you don’t have a food processor, don’t sweat it. You can totally do this with a little bit of elbow grease and a potato masher. That will work just as well. So into my food processor I am adding a whole heaping helping of chickpeas. Now, I’m using canned chickpeas which I just rinsed and drained. Now, chickpeas are quite
bland on their own. So it’s really important
to start building flavor. And we’re going to do that by adding some minced red onion, some minced garlic. I’ve got some fresh parsley, some fresh cilantro, and to that I’m going to
add some ground cumin, some ground coriander seeds, and a whole lot of salt and pepper. Once it’s all in the food processor, you’re going to start to pulse this. Now, you don’t want to
just blend it all up because basically what
you’ll end up with is humus. So once you’ve reached this
beautiful fine crumb stage, it’s time to roll our falafels. Now, it’s important to remove the blade from your food processor
before you do this. Safety first in the kitchen. All you want to do is take
a scoop of the mixture, roll it between your hands, and then place it on a
parchment lined baking sheet. Now, I should tell you, traditionally falafels are deep fried. But I’m trying to keep
these on the lighter side. So I’m going to bake them instead. I’ve got my oven preheated to 400 degrees. And all I’m going to do is drizzle a little bit of olive
oil on each of the balls. Into the oven they’re
going to go for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes we’re going to flip them and cook them for an
additional 20 minutes. Once they’re ready,
they’ll be golden brown and ready to eat. Like I said, they are delicious in pitas, over salads, or you could
eat them just on their own. The greatest part is they’ll
last in the refrigerator for four or five days or you can freeze them
for up to six months. While our falafel is baking we’re going to get started on our quinoa. In a small saucepan I am
mixing one part quinoa to two parts vegetable stock. I’m going to bring this to a boil. And once it’s reached a boil, I’m going to turn the heat down to low and then I’m going to
cook it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I’m going
to turn my heat off entirely and let it sit for another five minutes. And voila, you have some nutritious quinoa that you can use all week long. Now, you can either eat it all on its own or you can use it in delicious recipes like the ones I have here. Next up will be our roasted vegetables. Now, I love doing this because you can eat
them hot from the oven, cold as a salad. You can cut them all up
and throw them in fritatas, scrambled eggs, or even over pasta. They’re super versatile and
great throughout the week. All I’m going to do is
chop up some bell peppers. To that I’m going to add
some chopped zucchini and some red onion. I’m going drizzle this
with some olive oil, some salt and pepper, and it’s really as simple as that. I’m going to put it on a baking tray and into the oven it goes until it’s all broken down, between 30 and 40 minutes. Basically if you put this
in with your falafel, they’ll be ready at the very same time. How sweet is that? Now that we’ve got all
our hot foods cooked, we are going to get started
on our salad for the week. This is a super simple
recipe that I actually love because it gets better the longer it sits. All we’re going to do is
combine some diced tomatoes, some diced cucumbers, a little bit of red onion, and a whole lot of parsley in a bowl. To that I’m going to
drizzle in some olive oil, some fresh lemon juice, and finally some salt and pepper. We’re going to mix this up. And my gosh, this stuff is amazing for lunch, for dinner, with breakfast, anytime of day. Next up I’m just going to
prepare my raw veggies. I’m keeping it super simple this week with some snap peas that I’ve just washed. And then I’ve got some cauliflower and some broccoli florets. All three of these are
amazing when dipped in humus. How delicious! And of course, it’s always great to have fresh fruit on hand. This week I have got
some chopped strawberries and some beautiful kiwi. And for the final step
in our vegan meal prep, we are tackling breakfast. For me, breakfast is actually the most challenging meal of the day. So it’s great to get a lot of the prep out of the way on Sunday. This week we’re going to
be doing overnight oatmeal. And what I like to do is just prep all of the dry ingredients on Sunday. And then every night before I go to bed I add my almonds milk, shake up the jar, put it in the fridge, and I have breakfast ready to eat the next morning. So in each jar you’re going to combine some rolled oats with some chia seeds, a spoonful of brown sugar, some cranberries, some pecans, and a little bit of cinnamon. You can mix these up really, really well. And then all you’ll need to do is add the almond milk before
you go to bed at night. And by morning you will
have breakfast ready to eat. I really hope you found this
week’s meal prep menu helpful and that you’ll give it a
try in your very own kitchen. Remember that all of the
shopping lists and the recipes are listed in the description box below. Just click the show more
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Randall Smitham