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Healthy Oils | Wellness Series | Keto Friendly

what are the fats and oils that I avoid
chemically processed GMO partially hydrogenated you know trans fats and
omega-6 well I do eat omega-6 but I try to balance it out with other
fats let me explain why the reasons I choose these fats to avoid are toxins
and inflammation so which liquid oils do I avoid corn soy cottonseed and canola now which hard oils do I avoid margarine
shelf-stable not cold but shelf-stable lard and
shortening why because they’re all forced to become hard by partial
hydrogenation you know trans fats that’s not natural just like liquid chemical
processing isn’t natural hydrogenation isn’t natural so basically if it’s not
natural I avoid it now which fats and oils do I eat which
do I consider good three saturated fats monounsaturated fats
Omega nines from plants and Omega threes now why do I eat these for brain health
nerve health bone health heart health cellular health immune health and gut
health let me show you saturated fat that I eat
I eat animal fats and I eat tropical fats I picked animal fats that are grass-fed
pasture-raised non-gmo feed and organic when possible let me show you butter ghee duck fat I haven’t tasted this yet I
just found this at Walmart beef tallow I haven’t tasted this either
I just found that at Walmart too – these are all grass-fed so there’s less
omega-6 less inflammation the reason I pursue wellness is to reduce my
inflammation you know I have an autoimmune disease that involves
inflammation let me show you the tropical fats I eat
red palm this is really delicious I think it’s my new favorite coconut oil I need to be careful with the red palm
pick sustainable because the rainforests are being destroyed to grow palm so you
need to pick a company that’s responsible let me show you the symbol now for tropical oils you want organic
cold-pressed meaning they’re not using high heat expeller pressed is good but
it is possible they’ve used high heat so you want to make sure it says cold you
want unrefined and virgin now that’s a good point
Organic certification it’s never gonna be chemically processed it’s just not
allowed but I thought you said shortening was bad well but this is
different this is coconut oil mixed with palm oil so that one is good
now this has soy lecithin so I’m not crazy about this one I’m gonna be
eliminating it but you will see it in my videos I forgot lard look for not
partially hydrogenated it’s gonna have to come from the refrigerated section
this one is pasture-raised pastured pork now liquid oils from plants that I use
let me show you again you went cold pressed the best is
first cold pressed unrefined non-gmo virgin the best is extra-virgin expeller
pressed just make sure it hasn’t caused it to get too hot last naturally refined why because these have the most
nutrients vitamins minerals and phytochemicals they have the best
nutrition we all know this one this is popular now I prefer this it is only avocado oil
there’s nothing else added those are all cold-pressed unrefined but
they’re not all organic it’s hard for me to find all organic first these are slow
roasted that’s important at low heat then they’re cold-pressed or expeller
pressed again they’re not organic this is from Costco it’s naturally refined
now what does that mean it’s heated to 350 degrees and particles and sediment
separate then it’s filtered but it’s not processed with high heat or chemicals so
the oils not damaged or toxic now we need to understand how to use the oils
the temperature that an oil burns is called the smoke point and it varies if
you heat oil to this above the smoke point it causes damage like
cancer-causing chemicals and it ruins all the nutrients so let me explain the
different cooking temperatures I fry at 350 degrees using a thermometer
you can use any of these oils that I show you for frying baking in the oven
like roasting or frying do it below the smoke point let me show you this one is
500 degrees I haven’t yet uses for frying but many
people do this stuff is delicious that’s important this is what I use for
frying because there’s no coconut taste so for example if you are going
to roast vegetables with duck fat you would want to set it the oven below 375 again this is one of my favorites that’s all the oils that I would use for
roasting or frying oops – more unrefined avocado oil you’ll see the temperatures
as varying but I picked the one that said 375 degrees I would use it for
roasting but not for frying because I have better oils for frying oils that
use medium heat like cooking eggs now you could roast vegetables with them but
you’re gonna have to use a low temperature let me show you those it’s another reason that I’d like to use
the avocado spray it has a higher heat you make fat bombs you know you could
melt these and mix them with chocolate or almond butter and some stevia but
you’re gonna need to warm it below 350 if you bake with fats just keep the
temperature below 350 oils that I don’t heat call them cold oils garnish oils
dressing oils and different names I have for them these oils are the ones that I
don’t heat because they have a very low smoke point meaning it’s going to have
chemical changes or lose nutrients if they’re heated to high heat let me show
you I use this one for Chinese food after I’ve cooked the food then I add
the oil for a good taste I use this one like with Italian after I’ve cooked the
food or like in salad dressings I haven’t tasted this yet this is very dark it’s full of nutrients
and it’s interesting mmm this one’s delicious I cooked some salmon when it
was done I poured this over it it was so good another favorite I love hazelnuts two that I don’t have our almond oil and
flax oil now almond oil the unrefined kind you have to use cold and I would
only buy flax oil from a refrigerated section in a store let me show you what
I saw at Vitamin Shoppe all the cold oils need to be left in the refrigerator they need a cold dark place glass is best do you need to
buy all these oils no I bought them just so I’d be able to show them to you now
variety does give you better nutrition but if you’re feeling overwhelmed just
pick your favorites Costco does have virgin coconut oil grass-fed butter and
naturally refined avocado oil for frying some Costco’s have ghee but mine doesn’t
so you could pick any of those and have all your oil needs met until next time

Randall Smitham



  1. Dale Withrow Posted on October 10, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Wow comprehensive.

  2. Bette Cuddahee Posted on October 13, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Thank you Teacher Judith…. you have really studied and tested these…. AMAZING!

  3. Batistenha Homestead Posted on October 20, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    Very good information my friend!