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Healthy Pie Flavored Breakfast Smoothies!  – Mind Over Munch

Spread holiday cheer this year with the essential
Now That’s What I Call Pie!
20 of your holiday favorites, celebrating
the reason for the season:
*SINGING* “Green apple, green apple, green
apple pie, green app…”
*SINGING* “Coconut cream pie smoothie,
has a coco-nutty taste…”
The essential Now That’s What I Call Pie!
is the ultimate collection of holiday hits
for the WHOLE family!
*SINGING* “Jingle pie, jingle pie, jingle
all the way!”
*SINGING* “Feliz Navi-pie…”
Call now to order yours!
C’mon, give us a call!
It’s easy as pie!
*SINGING* “Feliz Navi-pie, prospero año
y felici-pie…”
Hey Munchies!
Welcome to the channel if you’re
new, I’m Alyssia.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday
with family and friends,
and I hope you ate plenty of delicious food!
As you can probably guess from the intro,
one of my favorite things about the holidays
of all is PIE.
But, all of that pie can also be one of the
HARDEST things about the holidays—
I want to eat it all!
So, instead, today I’m sharing 5 healthy
smoothies that TASTE just like pie.
These breakfast smoothies are loaded with
healthy fuel,
but they’re sweet and indulgent to satisfy
those dessert cravings!
AND they can absolutely carry over into your
healthy new year, too!
First up, Cherry Pie!
We’ve got frozen cherries, which I love
because not only can you get them more affordably
than fresh and year-round,
but they also substitute as ice in this smoothie!
We’re also adding some yogurt—any kind
will do,
even a soy or coconut yogurt to keep this
milk of choice—I love cashew milk in smoothies—
oats, vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and
sweetener to taste.
I always suggest adding your sweetener to
your preferences,
whether it’s a no-calorie sweetener or a
sugar variety,
it will depend on what YOU like and if other
ingredients like your yogurt
have sweetener in them already.
Blend that up until it’s smooth, thick and
Nice and sweet, beautiful in color, and nutritionally
boosting, too!
For that extra clean indulgence,
feel free to add a bit of coconut whipped
cream on top!
Next: Banana Cream Pie!
Start with a frozen banana, and then add yogurt—
I like thick Greek yogurt for this one, but
again any kind will do—
a scoop of vanilla protein powder,
milk of choice, oats, and coconut shreds.
Again, I really prefer to use frozen fruit
to ice,
the smoothie just ends up much creamier.
It’s so thick and delicious!
And coconut and banana are such a winning
flavor combination !
If you’re enjoying these recipes, don’t
forget to subscribe and hit the bell
so you’ll be notified of new episodes every
Next up, a classic: Green Apple Pie
Combine a green apple, peeled if you prefer,
with oats,
milk of choice—I like coconut milk here
to thicken—
apple juice, spinach, vanilla extract, sweetener
to taste—
I used coconut sugar in this one since it’s
reminiscent of brown sugar,
which is always in my apple pie—
cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.
For a thicker smoothie, add a few cubes of
This one is so refreshing, both tart and sweet,
and you won’t even notice the spinach!
You can sneakily get those veggies in and
enjoy that wholesome breakfast upgrade.
Thumbs up for making veggies taste like pie!
How about Blueberry Pie?!
Again, I’m subbing the ice—this time with
frozen blueberries,
which are cheap and nutritious—then add
your milk of choice,
yogurt of choice, oats, almond butter, vanilla
extract and cinnamon.
I actually think the frozen blueberries make
this smoothie so sweet and delicious,
because frozen fruit is generally frozen at
the peak time of freshness,
so you don’t have to worry about tart berries!
Last but not least: Coconut Cream Pie!
I add ice cubes, coconut cream, coconut water,
coconut milk, coconut shreds, soaked cashews,
maple syrup and coconut extract to a blender.
That is a LOT of coconut!
If you don’t like coconut, TOO BAD!
Don’t ask for a substitute for this recipe,
that’s just silly!
Holy moly though, it is so tasty!
It’s thick and creamy,
and not to mention completely plant based.
The coconut water adds natural sweetness and
keeps it really refreshing.
Not to mention it’s nutrient-dense!
And those are 5 healthy breakfast smoothies
that taste like pie.
They are SO fun!
I hope you can use these recipes to satisfy
some of those sweet cravings
during the holiday season—or anytime!
What kind of pie is your favorite?
Which of these smoothies would you like to
Let me know in the comments below.
If you’re looking for more healthy holiday
recipes this season,
I’ve got TONS of them in my Fall Seasonal,
Thanksgiving Day,
and Ho Ho Healthy eBooks.
Check them out at,
and use the code “ILOVEPIE” at checkout
for 10% off any ebook or package of your choice,
this week only.
And, if you’d like to see me making some
crazy pizzas that are NOT healthy,
check out my pizza channel Eat The Pizza!
We’ve got a new episode for you there tomorrow,
I’ll see you right here next week, and remember,
especially when it comes to pie, it’s all
a matter of Mind Over Munch!

Randall Smitham



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