April 10, 2020
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>>DAVE: What’s up, guys? It’s Dave, and recently on our Like page, I asked you guys to give me some feedback about what type of stuff you wanted to see on the page. And, one of the things you said is we want to know what you eat on a day-to-day basis. So, here we go. I’m making an omelet today. And, so I’m gonna walk you through how I’m doing this. Hold on, let me just separate these out. So, those were a little bit of onion. A little bit of onion and some red pepper that I just, you know, that they’re added in for…just for a little flavor. Make it a little crispy. That sort of thing. This is coconut oil. Sometimes I use the spray when it’s a little more convenient. Really like the oil format as well. Coconut oil is nice. It’s high in healthy fats for you. Helps you get your calories up, if you’re like me and you tend to not eat enough. And, just generally very, very healthy. So, then I’ve got this little mixture that I put together. This is two eggs, a scoop of Base Shake, which is Beachbody’s flavorless protein powder. I add that to get the protein up, and also because it changes the consistency of it, and it makes it a little bit easier to kind of do the whole omelette thing with. A little bit of cilantro and some garlic. So pretty simple there. Just kind of working with medium heat here. I have this fancy little omelet pan. You do not need a fancy omelet pan in order to make an omelet. I just happened to have this one so, that’s what I’m using. Pop that in there. And, I need… So, anyway, you know, you just kinda want to let this cook… slowly. I got some flack the other day for cooking with high heat and, and kind of searing the outside of it. The protein powder…if you’re gonna use something like Base Shake, the protein powder will…you gotta cook with low heat, ’cause it’ll brown up really, really fast. And, and sometimes it looks kind of burnt. So, anyway, gotta give this a minute to cook and I’ll be back. Alright, so another little tip that I like for making omelets, in particular, is if you just grab like a, you know, pan top and cover it, it’ll help it cook a little bit more evenly. You know, especially if you’re gonna add the Base Shake to it, it’s kind of thick. And, so it doesn’t necessarily, you know…the bottom of it is the only part that’s on direct heat. If you just cover it up, it tends to just make it cook a little bit better I found. I don’t know if that helps you. Just was looking really quickly about kind of calories and what to expect here. About 450 calories. About 30 grams of protein. Almost 30 grams of fat, as well. Almost no carbs. Very, very low in carbs here. You know it’s basically the vegetables. That’s about it. And, you know, this cooks up pretty quick. I mean, you know, start to finish, this is gonna be like a…I don’t know, 10 minutes? Something like that. I can already see that’s starting to get brown, so I’m gonna turn that down. And, I’m gonna grab…something to flip this thing over with. This is always the tricky bit with an omelet. Question is…am I gonna screw it up? And, the answer is probably, because I am not a master chef. I know I play one on TV. You can also add a little cheese to this mixture. Sometimes that will make it a little easier to work with. Already messing it up. Here we go. The big flip. Good gravy, I did it. See now, you can see that’s a little brown. Sorry for the helicopter….it’s just the Navy Seals going by. It’s a little brown. It’s not burnt, you know. It looks burnt, but it’s not burnt. It’s just the protein powder that’s in it that tends to make it kind of look like that. So, you know, there you go. That’s pretty much what I would eat for lunch almost every day. I have something like this. Sometimes I’ll chop up some turkey or maybe make a little bacon or maybe add… sometimes I like to add, like, salami to it. Depends on what we have in the fridge to you know, again, a little more protein. But, it’s two eggs, a scoop of Base Shake, some chopped up peppers and onions, and, then I’m just, you know, blending that all together in that little hand blender thing and making an omelet. It’s really pretty simple, guys. So, there you go. That’s what’s for lunch with an avocado. So I didn’t add that to the calories. I just spotted it there and that sounds really good. So, I’m gonna add that to the calories, or to the fat content or protein of that. So, that adds in a little bit of extra stuff, but I’m all good with it. Again, super healthy fats, and I’m not afraid to eat a little bit of fat when it’s something really healthy, like coconut oil or avocado. That can’t be what you exclusively eat, but a little bit of that stuff I think is really, really good for you. So, there you go. How to make an omelet.

Randall Smitham