April 4, 2020
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Healthy School Lunches

It’s not always easy
for kids to stay healthy when it comes to
lunch at school, so today Jackie is
meeting up with an expert for some advice on how
parents can set their kids up for success in the cafeteria. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jackie
and I’m here today with registered
dietician Lara Field and we’re talking today
about school lunches and I think this is
such an important topic because there are
so many challenges that parents face with this. – When we think about a lunch, our kids have such a little,
short amount of time at school to eat it. They also are very busy talking and catching up
with their friends so keeping it simple I think, is a little bit easier
to achieve success. The other thing
is refrigeration. You know many
people are worried, might be limited to
what we can pack, but there are some good
solutions for that as well. – And because picky eating
is such an issue too, it’s important to get your
kids actually involved in the process of packing lunch.
– Exactly, exactly. What, a thing I like
to do with my own kids and recommend to my clients, is put a list together. You know maybe think about
10 options for lunch, if you can come up with that and then rotate among them. It doesn’t have to
be this new and fancy and beautiful lunch every time, but it should have
good nutrition. – Because it is important
to factor in the nutrition. – We’ve got five categories
here of different things that are important
to incorporate. – So I think the keys
to a healthy lunch are including whole
grains, lean proteins, calcium rich dairy,
fruits, and veggies. And so if we include each
of those in our lunch, our kids will again,
be full and focused throughout the day. – And this is where
people get nervous sometimes about refrigeration.
– Right, right. One I think adding a
cooling agent of some sort to a lunch would be great. And there’s also some
wonderful lunch boxes that come with
refrigeration already, so packing a lunch that
has a refrigeration point, I think will be helpful. So we have a time
window of four hours, that keeps foods safe. So within that four hours, then your kids should be fine. – All right, so we’re
gonna put together some different aspects
of all of these and we pack a school lunch.
– Great, fabulous. (upbeat music) – So I’ll start with these wraps and this is great because it
incorporates two of our things. – Right, protein.
– So one it’s our protein ’cause there’s some
lean turkey in here and also these wonderful
sprouted grain wraps that are filled with fiber. – Okay and I’ll pack
some of the strawberries over here for fruit. – And we can throw a few
of these cheese cubes in which is a good
source of calcium. – And I’ll do a
couple different Types of veggies in here. So I think that the most
important thing here is to just be mindful
when you’re packing
your kids lunches. Incorporate these five
different categories and get them involved. – Exactly. You know Jackie if we set
our kid’s expectations, or actually kind of
get them to understand what they might be
eating the next day, they’re more likely to
eat it and enjoy it. So if we can get them
involved on a nightly basis, choosing which veggies, or
calcium, or whole grain choice they’re gonna have and help
actually pack the lunch, then they’re definitely gonna
be more likely to succeed. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you. – [Jackie] And we want to
see what healthy things you’re packing in
your kid’s lunch. Tag us on Instagram.

Randall Smitham