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HEALTHY SMOOTHIE RECIPES | 5 smoothies for weight loss

(lighthearted music) – Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel, super excited to have you here today because we are making five
slimming smoothie recipes. These smoothie recipes
are perfect for summer, there is something for
everybody to choose from, and I know you guys
are going to love them. So, last week I shared three of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes, I will link that video up in this corner, so you can go check that
out if you’re interested, but in that video I talked about my upcoming smoothie cleanse. I ran this cleanse about a month ago, we had over 2000 people
sign up, everybody loved it, and so we are doing
another round next week. I am using the smoothie recipes in this video as part of the cleanse, so if you want to join us it’s a really fun community cleanse, it’s just five days long, we’re incorporating two smoothies into our day and one whole food based, like full meal recipe,
and the food is amazing, you’re going to feel great, you’re nourishing your body
with plant-based foods, tons of fruits and vegetables,
and it tastes delicious. So, if you want to join us
for the smoothie cleanse, I would love to have you, I will put a link in the description box of this video that will take
you over to the sign up page, and when you sign up, you’ll
automatically get access to the whole smoothie cleanse booklet which includes the five recipes that we’re talking about in today’s video. So, there’s tons of information in there and I would love, love, love
if you guys would join us. So, before we dive into the recipes, I want to just quickly talk to you about what I believe constitutes
as a slimming smoothie. For me, smoothies, in
general, are slimming foods because they are really
easy on your system, they’re easy to digest,
your stomach doesn’t have to go through that
whole digestion process of breaking down whole foods, smoothies are already blended up, so they’re really easy on your system which also makes them kind of anti-bloat and helps keep your tummy flatter, but there are specific things I think that you can include in your smoothies that will make them even better for your system and help
you bloat even less. So, there are three things I think that make up a slimming smoothie and all of these recipes
include all three, so they are a healthy fat, a
hydrating fruit or vegetable, and also some form of plant-based protein. So, all of these recipes include
all three of those aspects and I really think you guys are
going to love these recipes, so let’s just go ahead
and dive into the video. So the first smoothie
recipe we’re gonna make is the Watermelon Cooler, and the ingredients we’re
gonna use are fresh watermelon, fresh cucumber, fresh basil, chia seeds, lime juice,
and coconut butter, and we’re just gonna add
everything into our blender jar. The hydration we’re getting from the cucumber and the watermelon, the healthy fats and protein we’re getting from the chia seeds and we’re
also getting some healthy fat from the coconut butter. And this actually doesn’t need water or any liquid to blend up as it is. If you want to get it
colder, you can add ice and blend it up with some
water or almond milk, but basically, just blend it
up until it’s nice and smooth, and then you can transfer
it into your glass. And this is great one for
summer, it’s really light, it’s flavorful, it’s fresh,
and it tastes awesome. The next recipe we’re gonna make is my Lemon Blueberry smoothie. The ingredients we’re gonna use for this one are frozen
cauliflower, frozen blueberries, almond butter, flaxseed meal,
and lemon juice, and again, you’re just gonna add everything
into your blender jar. The hydration we’re getting from the cauliflower and blueberries, protein and healthy
fats, we’re getting both from the almond butter as
well as the flaxseed meal, and then, I blended this up with water, but it also works really
well with coconut water or almond milk, and you
can just blend it on high until it’s smooth and creamy, it’s really thick and it’s so delicious that also makes a great smoothie bowl. I recommend topping it with
lemon zest, coconut flakes, and cacao nibs, it’s by far my favorite. And this one, again, is
really high in antioxidants, it’s great for digestion,
and it tastes awesome. For our third smoothie recipe, we are making the Chocolate
Cherry Pie smoothie, and the ingredients we’re gonna use for this recipe are
frozen cherries, cucumber, spinach, hemp seeds or hemp hearts, cacao powder, cashew butter, cinnamon. And again, you’re just
gonna add everything into your blender jar. The hydration we’re
getting from the cucumber, as well as the cherries. We’re getting plant-based
protein and healthy fats from the hemp seeds, and we’re
also getting healthy fats from the cashew butter, and then, I like to blend
this up with almond milk, but you could use
chocolate almond milk too, it’s also delicious with that, and then you’re just gonna blend this up until it’s totally smooth and creamy. Mine was still a little chunky, my cucumbers didn’t totally blend, but that’s okay ’cause they’ll
just drop to the bottom, and you won’t drink any chunks,
so don’t worry about that, but this one tastes like dessert, it’s really chocolatey,
creamy, and so tasty. Our next smoothie recipe is the Peanut Butter & Greens smoothie, this is arguably my favorite and I think you guys
are gonna love it too. The ingredients we’re
gonna use are spinach, fresh or frozen zucchini, frozen banana, peanut butter, and quinoa
flakes or cooked quinoa, and you can just go ahead and add everything into your blender. We’re getting the hydration
from the zucchini, the healthy fats and a
little bit of protein from the peanut butter, as
well as the quinoa flakes, and then I like to blend
this up with almond milk, but again, you could use any
kind of liquid that you like, it’s also really good with coconut water. And then just pop it on your blender and then just blend it up
until it’s nice and smooth, the banana makes it
really creamy and thick, and this one tastes so good, it’s really peanut buttery and
you guys are gonna love it. And last but not least, we are making a Creamy Apple Pie smoothie. The ingredients we’re going
to use are frozen apples, which I chopped up and
tossed in my freezer, rolled oats, almond butter,
cinnamon, and nutmeg. And you can just add everything, again, into the blender jar. We’re getting the
hydration from the apples ’cause they’re high in water content. We’re getting healthy fats and protein from the almond butter, and we’re getting wonderful
flavor from the spices. And then, I like to blend this up with unsweetened
vanilla almond milk, but you could, again, use any
type of liquid that you want, it’s also really good with oat milk, but water also works too, if you don’t have any of those on hand. And then you can just blend it up until it’s totally smooth and creamy, make sure all those oats
are nice and blended. And while this is more of
an autumn inspired recipe, it’s so delicious, it’s such
a great way to start the day, it tastes like a slice of apple pie and it’s really refreshing. And there you have it, my friends, that is how to make five
slimming smoothie recipes. I would love for you to comment
in the comment box below and let me know which one
you’re most excited to try. I have a personal favorite, but I’m not going to share which one it is because I want you guys to just tell me which one you are most excited to try. Again, I want to just quickly invite you to join our five-day smoothie cleanse which starts next week. If you want to join, it’s absolutely free, no payment, no commitment necessary, you can just click the link that’s in the description box below that will take you over
to the sign up page. When you sign up you
will get instant access to our smoothie kit bundle,
and that includes the recipes, it includes a sample meal plan, includes some tips for detoxification, as well as some full whole
food, plant-based meals for you to incorporate into your cleanse. So, again, this is a really
fun community cleanse, it was amazing, we did it a month ago, it was so much fun, and I
would love to have you join us. Other than that, if you
guys haven’t subscribed to the channel already, you can do so by clicking the red subscribe button that is right below this video. I would also love for you
to give this a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and other than that, I hope you have a really
great rest of your week and I will see you on Friday. Bye guys!

Randall Smitham



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