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(gentle music) – Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I have got a video
that I know you guys love. I haven’t made one of these
in a really long time, but it is a meal prep video. And essentially in these videos if you’ve never seen one before, we make meals that you can make ahead, and then you can enjoy them all week long. So we’ve got a breakfast recipe, and then we also have two
kind of lunch/dinner recipes. You can interchange them. And all of them can be
prepped over the weekend, and they’ll last all week long. These recipes are also healthy
and gluten-free and vegan, just like I know you guys like, so I think you’re really gonna enjoy them. I’m also excited to be
bringing you today’s video in partnership with my
friends at Thrive Market. You know how much I love them. I share videos on a monthly
basis in partnership with them. And today we’re using a ton of ingredients that I buy on a monthly basis from Thrive, the main ingredient being quinoa. I love their quinoa. It’s sprouted. It’s cheaper than you can
find in other grocery foods. And it tastes really good. It almost has a toasted flavor, so it’s absolutely delicious. I definitely recommend it. And you’ll see a few of the
other products sprinkled throughout this video. As always, I also have a
special offer for you guys. So if you have not yet
signed up for Thrive Market, which I highly recommend you do, you can click the link that is down in the description box of this video, and that will get you
25% off your first order. Plus if you order over $49,
you’re gonna get free shipping, and you’re gonna get a free 30-day trial. So you’re getting basically
savings on top of savings. And I also just wanna mention that if you wanna make
any of these recipes, they are all linked in
the description box. They’re up on the blog, so you can just go ahead
and find those down below. Otherwise, let’s go ahead
and dive in to our recipes. So the first thing that
we’re gonna do this week is actually cook some of
Thrive Market’s quinoa. I, like I said in the
intro, love their quinoa. It is so delicious. It’s sprouted, which means
it’s easier to digest. And it has a really great flavor. So this is what it looks like, and then I’m just gonna cook it plain, and we’re gonna use it
in two of the recipes. So you’re just gonna cook
about two cups of quinoa with four cups of water. Bring it to a boil, let it simmer. And then once the water has been absorbed, you can just let it cool. And you’ll let it cool completely before you use it for your recipes. So once you have your cooled
quinoa, we can prep everything. The first thing that we’re
gonna make is the breakfast. And we’re gonna make a fruit
and yogurt quinoa bowl. And we’re actually
gonna make this in a jar to make it meal prep-friendly. So you’re gonna start by adding your favorite nondairy yogurt
into the bottom of the jar. And then you’ll top that with a layer of your cooked and cooled quinoa. And then one little thing I like to do is actually add in some
pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon, which you can definitely
get on Thrive Market. Just adds a nice little flavor without adding extra sweetness, and I find that it just
tastes really good. So from there, you can just top
it with your favorite fruit. I’m using a blend of berries here, strawberries, raspberries,
and blueberries, but you could use any sort of
chopped fruit that you want. And that is your bowl, and it’s so easy. You can make five different jars and have this for breakfast all week long. You could also add in some nuts or seeds to make it a little bit more filling. But when you’re ready to serve, either just eat it out of this direct jar, or you could do what I do,
and I dump it into a bowl. And I just basically pour
everything into a bowl, and then I like to add
in some sort of crunch. So today I did some cacao nibs. And then I drizzle it with agave or honey or just a touch of maple syrup, and then I mix it all together. And it’s super messy-looking,
but it is so good. I literally could eat
this every day of my life. It’s delicious. And if you do keep it in that jar, it will keep all week
long, which is amazing. (gentle music) The next recipe we’re gonna make is my one-pot lentils and quinoa. So you’re gonna start
by adding some olive oil into a large Dutch oven or stockpot. Add in your shallots, your
garlic, carrots, and mushrooms, and give this a quick saute until things start to soften a little bit. Then we’ll just add in our spices. We’re adding in some Maldon sea salt, as well as some fresh cracked pepper. And you’re gonna give that a quick saute until it’s all combined, and then our spices
are going to be a blend of oregano, dried thyme,
and dried rosemary. And this just gives it
a really nice, aromatic, kind of herbaceous, punchy
flavor, and I love it. It tastes so good. And then we’re gonna add in a whole carton or four cups of low
sodium vegetable broth. And then we are using
the organic green lentils from Thrive Market. I think I’ve mentioned
this in other videos, but definitely buying things
like dried beans, nuts, seeds, flours, grains from
the Thrive Market brand is the cheapest thing that
you will find (laughs) online and really high quality,
so I highly recommend. Once you’ve got your lentils in there, we are going to just bring this to a boil and cook it for about 15 minutes
to help the lentils cook. Once it’s cooked for 15 minutes,
you can add in your quinoa. And you can use any variety
of quinoa that you want. Just check whatever has
the best deal on Thrive, and that’s what I’d (laughs)
recommend you go with. Today I’m using rainbow. I stir that all together, and then I cover it and let this summer for another 20 to 25, maybe 30 minutes until the lentils and
quinoa are totally cooked. From there, we will just remove the lid and add in a boatload of spinach. I probably add like five to
six cups of spinach into here, but, I mean, you could go up
to like 10 cups of spinach. It’s so good. So just add as much spinach as you want, and then basically just
stir it all together until the spinach is wilted. And this is your meal. You can serve it cold,
you can serve it hot. You can serve it with toast,
you can serve it with crackers. You can serve it like a soup. It’s so good. I actually just had it
for lunch again today, and I ate it cold, and it was delicious. It’s high protein, it’s high fiber. It’s got vegetables. It’s got a ton of greens. And it tastes really, really delicious. This is one of my favorite
recipes on the site, and if you haven’t made it
yet, I highly recommend it. So keeps in the fridge,
either in that big pot or in separate containers
for at least a week. Garnish-wise, I like to garnish it with some grated macadamia nuts, which look like Parmesan cheese, as well as some red chili
flakes for a little bit of heat. But you could go with
whatever your heart desires. You guys are gonna love this one. (gentle music) All right, our last and final recipe are chipotle baked quinoa bowls. We are gonna start with our tofu. So it’s one block of extra firm tofu that you’re just going to cut into cubes. Set that aside, and we’re
gonna make our quick marinade. So we’re using some Thrive
Market organic olive oil, as well as the sauce
from chipotles and adobe. So not the whole chili,
it’s just the sauce. Some Thrive Market brand
tomato paste, lime juice, as well as some Thrive Market
cumin, salt and pepper. Stir that all together. And you might need to add
a splash or two of water to thin it out, but
essentially you’re looking for a thick, kind of
a ketchup consistency, but a little bit thinner. So a tiny bit thinner than ketchup. So just add a splash or two
of water if you need it. Once it’s all thinned out and smooth, you can add in your tofu, stir it all together until
you’ve combined everything. And then you’ll just pour the tofu onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, and we’re gonna bake this at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes or so until the sauce is nice and
caramelized over the tofu. And you are gonna wanna
flip it halfway through. Once you’ve got your tofu cooked, we can just assemble
our little containers. So I like to do a blend
of lettuce and quinoa and the chipotle tofu, as
well as chopped tomatoes, avocado, and some lime. It’s so simple. It’s really, really delicious. I end up usually finishing it
with a drizzle of olive oil or some sort of dressing. It’s up to you. And just one thing to keep in mind is that you are gonna wanna
serve the avocado day of because avocado browns very easily. But otherwise, this is super
tasty, kinda like a salad, but, again, high in
protein, high in fiber, and got a nice little kick on that tofu, so I definitely recommend this
one as a meal prep option. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed
today’s meal prep video. If you do wind up making
any of these recipes, definitely let me know. Come back to this video. Drop a comment down in the comment box. As always, I’ve linked them all for you in the description box. So everything is up on the blog. It has the instructions, ingredient list, everything that you need to make them. And if you do end up sharing one, I would love for you to tag
me so that I can see it. You can tag @simplyquinoa or
use #simplyquinoa on Instagram. And that just helps me
easily find your photo and I’m able to give you a
little bit of love in return. I also wanna thank Thrive Market for joining us in today’s video. You guys know how much I love them. And I’m actually thinking of putting together a favorites page, so if that’s something
that you’re interested in, definitely let me know, and
I will put that together because I get that question a lot, and I think it would be helpful. If you have not yet signed up for Thrive and you would like to take advantage of the special offer that
they’re offering you, you can click the link that
is right below this video. It will get you 25% off your first order, plus free shipping if you order over $49, and you’ll get a free 30-day trial. So if you guys enjoyed this
video, give it a thumbs up. I’ve linked my entire meal prep playlist down in the description
box for you as well so you can watch more
types of videos like this. Otherwise, I hope you have
a fabulous rest of your day, and I’ll see you in the next video, bye! (gentle music)

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