February 22, 2020
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Hello Fresh Vegetarian Meal Unboxing

What’s up Youtube! Today we are going to be doing an unboxing
video. We have done a couple for the different types
of boxes that are available for mail order dinners. But today, what did we do, we did Dinnerly,
Blue Apron, and we can link to those below, in case you were wondering what was in those. Today there is a twist though! We have Hello Fresh, but it is
the Vegetarian box. So I am really interested to see exactly what
we are getting in here. I haven’t tried the vegetarian ones, because
I haven’t seen many reviews on it. Usually its the whole meat and sides, so this
is going to be very different, and out of the ordinary for us because we are not vegetarian. But, maybe we will be after this box. Okay, for a kitchen adventure, find 6 hidden
limes, then color it in. 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6! Boom! Got them all! This one is packed really nice! Is it cold? It is cold. It was dropped off on the door step probably
about 30 minutes ago. So there is a coupon for Lindor truffles. “Say Hello to these freshest deals in town”
50% off the wine, shampoo coupons, and the recipe cards. So, the one thing when we did the Dinnerly
box, you don’t actually get the recipe cards, you have to look everything up online ahead
of time. You have to print it out or go by your phone. I didn’t really like that because, I am trying
to cook, and my hands are all messy…and I am trying to scroll. I prefer to just have the recipe cards. We’ve got grilled cheese and veggie jumble,
creamy dreamy mushroom gemelli, and salsa verde enchiladas. So far, so good! On the back is the instructions and the ingredients. Looks like they have a wine club too! Pretty good! And there is a Lindor truffle in here! This is amazing! Was that really in there? Oh there is another one in there. There is another one! So this is really cool because, the ingredients
were kind of all over the place in the other boxes, and these are like self contained little
bags. And they are labelled! Grilled cheese and veggie jumble – reuse me
– toss in kitchen scraps for easy , peasy cleanup. Creamy dreamy mushroom – pretty good weight. I mean it’s not super heavy, but it has all
the ingredients in it. Salsa verde enchiladas. This is like way frozen! This one is still solid. I was a little concerned when we first opened
it. I put my hand here and it didn’t feel 100%
as cold as I would have expected, but all those bags, were sitting on top of these ice
packs. So let’s pop these open, so we can see what
is in them. This is the salsa verde enchilada: green onions
– you can get for 2 people or for 4 people, we have 3 people so we had to get the pack
for 4. Everything should be doubled from the two
person. Here is some Tomatillo salsa, 2 boxes of that,
monterey jack cheese, organic black beans, poblano peppers – they are spicy, love those! Tomato, tortillas – 6 count, , another poblano
pepper, more tortillas, look at these are – are those little Serano peppers? I don’t know they are so tiny! They are probably on the recipe card. 2 tubes of sour cream, 2 tubes of warm and
smoky southwest spice blend, and then 1 more tomato in here. First box or bag rather, looks like a winner! Let’s see what’s in the creamy dreamy mushroom
cremelli-gemelli. Here is some cremini mushrooms, gemelli – 2
bags of that again, milk – that is kind of cool, wheat flour, butter – they really do
give you everything in there, roasted garlic herb butter, parmesan cheese, cream cheese
spread. It’s looking pretty good! So far this has been a big surprise! I don’t know how it will taste, but… The best part about all of this, boom! The Lindor truffles! How random is that that there was 2 of those
in there? One for you, and one for me! Okay grilled cheese and veggie jumble. Uh-oh- this one has a bit of a spill. So there are 2 things of tomatoes, one of
the tomatoes has spilled – uh oh, unfortunately. We got some fresh cilantro, 2 onions, 2 onions,
sweet potatoes, schweet potatoes, another sweet potato! Holy sweet potatoes! Garlic, 2 garlic cloves – very cool – looks
like they have already been de-papered, if that’s a thing. 2 avocados, Mediterranean style grilling cheese. Grilling cheese? That’s cool! A lemon, lemon, Ground Cumin, and probably
another chili pepper? Chili pepper. And then as you can see, there are the tomatoes. So the only thing I don’t see is bread…so
I don’t know if it is like grilled cheese, as in the cheese goes on the vegetables or
like grilled cheese on bread. Good as new! And just to make sure we aren’t tricking you
– boom! Better than their’s actually. Better than momma! I think this is pretty good! I am really excited about this box! I really like how these came in these individual
little bags! I am really excited about this one! Put all your garbage in there, and then…for
all your garbage, then you can just toss the bag. One and done. I am just really excited to make all of these
meals…The pictures on these look really good, like the grilling cheese – that actually
looks really good. That is what I like about these, these are
definitely things that we would not make or try on our own. It forces us to – branch out? Get outside of our comfort zone! Nothing good happens in the comfort zone. That’s right! Well until next time…until next time… Stay Magical! Bye!

Randall Smitham