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Herbs and Hormones For Weight Loss | Bonus Halloween Specials

hey everyone dr. Nick the gangster
Delgado and dr. Cathleen Gerenger from Florida
she’s my Moll you know like the bad girl and we’re talking to you live from
Huntington Beach Newport Beach Costa Mesa area and we’re talking about this
incredible opportunity to get healthy on Halloween now if you’re seeing this
on another date it’s all cool because hormones and herbs hormones and herbs
herbs or herbs herbs hormones and herds will modify a person’s metabolic level
help them to lose weight have more energy have better lovemaking it’s all
good right what don’t you know about hormones can leave you in really a
deficit a position where you’re not getting the best results how important
are hormones dr. Gehringer and talk about the key
hormones number one through number six or number one through four give me a few
hormones that you want to talk about and then I’ll throw Adam a few herbs that
are gonna help to modify that well hormones is one of my favorite subjects
and when we talk about hormones I like to mention the key hormones testosterone
testosterone just know this it is your look good hormones if you want to look
good it’s the testosterone but progesterone
is your mood stabilizer keeps you nice and stabilized thyroid that’s your
feel-good hormones when your thyroid levels off you don’t really feel good if
you don’t feel good you don’t look good and then the other hormone is insulin
actually insulin is a hormone well absolutely and you know when I’m
thinking about hormones I’m also thinking about human growth hormone and
growth factors and it’s interesting because there’s a lot of conversation
right now about having what’s called high IGF insulin-like growth factor
levels and its association with potential cancer what they’re forgetting
is that as people age when the IGF levels are dependent on the individual
eating more animal product which is what’s concerning that it’s increasing
the IGF levels that individuals as they age the higher i GF
levels are not associated past the age of 65 with the higher incidence of
cancer we also know that those who had giantism that individuals who grow to be
very tall not my partner here or even myself
we’re not like seven foot tall errs but the point is that growth hormone in
individuals past age is 65 that they also don’t have a higher incidence of
cancer so it also then brings up the question let’s say as you’re aging and
you decide instead of being eating an animal-based diet you decide you want to
go on all plant-based vegan oil-free type diet and you also want to have
optimum hormone levels maybe you want to increase the what’s called igf-1 or
growth factors and you know that way I think it’s important to basically
consider this product beat vitality which is going to include certain amino
acids that help to release human growth hormone and other healing growth factors
to rejuvenate the body to skin the hair and overall your musk musk muscle
density so I think they should consider this and also there’s other benefits of
beat vitality what are they circulation it helps with erectile dysfunction
because it’s about circulation yes and I love beat vitality you know it’s part of
my morning routine and I use it as my electrolytes as well so it’s my
pre-workout and post-workout kind of drink tastes really really yummy also I
was going to mention it also has niacin and niacin is a great detoxifier I know
during the russian crisis where Chernobyl and the radiation exposure
individuals were taking additional niacin to detoxify the radiation
exposure along with increasing iodine from certainly seaweed and miso soup but
we use a product called rad iodine to protect individuals also the thyroid
exposure from radiation but be vitality is
three products in one it has the human growth hormone factor releasers so as
you age it protects and strengthens the body it has also did we mention it has
yes of course nitric oxide for better erectile function certain certainly for
women more enhanced orgasmic capacity and better sleep because it helps the
neurotransmitters and the immune system so it’s a marvelous product I like to
take scoops of it and even put it with my carrot juice in the morning or my
green drank my cold pressed drink I I probably drink down 64 ounces every day
and to make sure sweet mixed in with meet vitality next one
stay young I love this product I’m in my late 40s
and I feel like I’m still in my thirties it keeps us nice and young you know I
think the great thing about stay young is it’s got a straggler switch has been
shown in studies to lengthen what’s called the telomeres and the chromosomes
need to sustain the quality and the ability of cells to replicate as cells
divide so we called it stay young precisely for that reason and also we
included certain other herbs that are probably considered absolutely essential
for vegetarians or vegans and certainly meat eaters as well but that’s the beet
B vitamin b12 folic acid the thiamine so these are very essential to maintaining
the cellular integrity as I look at live blood analysis on a daily basis almost
including my own blood we look at your blood last night as well daddy pricked
my finger and we saw my blood life and I was so excited because I flew in
yesterday was it yesterday that flew in and he’s like let’s check your blood out
and it’ll actually looks pretty good like yay it looked fabulous I did look
at your dry blood we’ll talk about that in a moment as well when we discuss some
of the other what’s called methyl donors but before we get to that I wanted to
mention stay young also has L carnosine L carnosine is something that at times
about one in a thousand people has like an enzyme defect and so a plant-based
diet may not have enough basis of L carnitine to support that particular
enzyme so we included L carnitine the state young product and we also have
the alpha lipoic acid some other very important support of ingredients the RNA
for enhanced metabolism and of course it’s got blueberry blueberries really
coming up strong as an important antioxidant oh of course it is it’s it’s
rich in antioxidants and blueberries so good for you Halloween special yay well
tonight there’s a happy Halloween special and it’s it’s showing get 15%
off any single item when you use this code and just use spooky 15 and guess
what it does expire on oh he’s extending it through November 10th that’s pretty
cool and guess what there’s a few items already seriously discounted including
the the stay young the neural insight and the PCOS heart and the dim 259 so
now add a 15% discount absolutely the biggest discount
I think short of Black Friday and I’m not even sure we’re gonna even come
close to that kind of a discount so take advantage of the hoppy Halloween’s
special and so if you want to subscribe to our newsletter please make a comment
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nick o delgado protocol calm that’s Delgado protocol calm so email and then
you’d be part of our newsletter and whenever a YouTube video comes out or
any kind of content that dr. Nick and I put out definitely subscribe to it well
it’s really important Minh to kind of get a sense for how you feel how you
look what’s your energy like are you at your ideal body fat or body weight level
and I think there’s so much conversation and concern but when you really delve
into hormones and herbs and your diet your
up laments your exercise those four things play a major role right in oh of
course and like I said not only do we want to look good we really want to feel
good and that’s that’s the real lifestyle change that’s a real health
and wellness journey and dr. Nick and I have been pretty active with our
wellness tribe that they understand that health is always from inside out it
really is exciting and you know when I think about it I often you know kind of
think about all those people out there who are trying different protocols and
systems and I really get that there’s a lot of good intentioned people out there
but who has 40 years experience working with the top doctors in the world going
around traveling integrating with stem cells biology the research of the
interventions of not intermittent but Windows of short fasting periods which
we talked about on our session last night please tune in to that segment in
episode yes and also on November 4th I think we’re scheduled for a live
webinar kind of series yeah that’s coming up Monday November
4th and that will be at 4:00 p.m. it’s easy November 4th 4:00 p.m. Pacific so
check it out because East Coast time it’s like just right for you all at 7
p.m. 7 p.m. Florida time hey I hope like you and I
were going out to some really cool Halloween parties and gonna have a
little bit of fun and all of it is that look you know as you kind of mature an
age you want to have that zest that energy mm-hmm absolutely
m+ I always tell my lady friends that we know when a male has low testosterone
they don’t have that stamina they don’t have like that that little mojo you know
you can you can spot a low testosterone male and then you can also spot a nice
optimum lies testosterone male I you said it quite well and you know I
often think about the people who are just finding out about the product test
revita which is now a nice discount during the Halloween special so you know
when you try out Telstra Vida its capsules that release what’s called by
available free testosterone we have tests or genesis cream that you rub it
in the skin and that increases the DHA the pregnenolone there’s a plant-based
androgen and it clears some harmful estrogen speaking of clearing some
harmful estrogens of course there’s there’s this product right here dan we
do hormonal therapy at our office so what I usually do is I make sure
everybody’s on DIMM so it funnels the testosterone down the right pathway so
that’s really important and again when dr. Nick and I talk about hormonal
replacement therapy or hormones were focusing on bioidentical natural
hormones that support your body’s natural hormones you know what is our
website it’s it’s on the screen there let me see okay it’s the life
performance that store website that we have right now yeah actually the
specials Danny I guess there’s no way to go over to the life performance store
right so well we’ll have to mention okay so let me switch over to that here a
whole day absolutely okay perfect about more on a question on you bicker
wine which is the Co Q 10 yes the Co Q 10 no enzyme Q 10 yes the UVic wine that
is in the stay young product so you ask the right question and the reality is we
do believe it’s very important particularly for heart health people who
have been on Lipitor and some of the statins but the reality is you probably
don’t need a stand if you really learn more about what’s called peace u.s.
heart which is this product it’s got bourbon bergamont a and lycopene
but if you are you know having a individualist higher cholesterol
particularly for our animal-based diet you really need to take this PCOS heart
product and then to be safe take the stay young because it has the coq10 if
they’ve been on the statins for any period of time exactly and coq10 is also
a nice antioxidant I like to treat my golfers my pro golfers and because
they’re out in the Sun quite a bit so I tell them that make sure you take a high
level of antioxidant just to protect yourself from the free radical damage
out there not only from the Sun but also from all the fertilizers and the
glyphosate and all that stuff so I’m stay young and PCOS or one of those
products that have very high in antioxidants actually a lot of your
products dr. NIC that’s arm formulated have a nice high amount of antioxidants
because when we treat the body we want to make sure that we address everything
and not just one little thing so if I’m gonna swallow a pill or if I’m gonna
take a supplement I want to make sure it’s great for my skin my circulation
everything else yeah so if you take a look at the Delgado protocol website
there’s also a really cool hormone quiz there and here we are I think they can
see it yeah so there’s Delgado protocol calm it’s a good website that’s where
the current product specials are and if they switch over to where it says
product after they if they’d like to take the hormone quiz but the the
products are featured here you can see the specials and just remember that
Halloween special coupon Danny does the Halloween special coupons apply to the
online courses oh wow so 15% off even the online courses and we do have a
course reduce on blood morphology which is regular 97 15% off that and hormone
fat loss and fitness 15% off $37 you really got it good chance and acne
begone acne begone which is the book acne boot camp 15% off the program there
are 39 so yes so just keep in mind you can even go online and get
each of these specials that add the spooky code which is let’s just make
sure yes spooky 15 yep sounds great okay so I’m not sure if
there’s any more questions I just wanted to make sure and reiterate the the
various purposes say again once again of dem 259 so estrogen dominance sciences
symptoms everybody should be on dim I take the dim all the time just because I
want to make sure my testosterone is funneling down the right pathway and it
also keeps my good estrogen nice and high and then the bad estrogen at bay
and the good estrogen is what we call estradiol keeps the wrinkles off my face
awesome hey everyone on that note dr. Nick Delgado and dr. Kathleen Gehringer
we’re gonna go off to a amazing happy Halloween party I want you to take
advantage of this spooky 15 code entered 15% off any and all the online courses
and products and even the ones on special we normally don’t allow a code
when there’s already a big discount on a product but apparently they’ve
authorized it’s okay so jump into it it’s going to be a fun opportunity so
everyone you know it’s it’s fun to be with you and we’re gonna just take a
short segment break and come back we’re gonna change studio settings here and
thanks everyone be well be strong

Randall Smitham



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