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Hidden Sugar In Food and Why Keto Is So Effective

hi everyone in Denise back with Keto
with Denise and today I’ve got a good one for you this one may be a shocker
how much sugar are you eating in a day let’s take a look at some of the common
foods that people tend to eat you may fall in any one of these meal categories
as to what you might be eating if you’re not Quito but I want you to watch until
the end of this video shocker in store I know you’re reading
my screen but let’s take a look for breakfast let’s just say this person
maybe not you but somebody out there is eating what they consider healthy
breakfast oatmeal half a cup a slice of toast and
eight ounces of orange juice sounds like what we’ve heard as a common healthy
breakfast let’s take a look at the carb counts that’s in that meal 23 grams of
carbs in the oatmeal these are net carbs by the way I’ve deducted the fiber
that’s how you get net carbs it’s total carbohydrates minus fiber equals your
neck card so I’m only tracking net carbs not even total carbs so in this case an
oatmeal half cup is 23 grams of carbs the slice of toast has 8 net grams of
carbs and my orange juice is 26 net grams of carbs for a total of 54 carbs
just for my healthy breakfast okay for mid-morning snack because you know
people tend to get hungry around 10 o’clock 10:30 so they’ll have a healthy
snack of yogurt maybe a small banana that yogurt has 25 grams of carbs in it
and 24 grams of carbs in that small banana for a total of 49 carbs stay with
me lunch time rolls around you’ve got to grab something on the go you hungry and
you need to eat so you run into your fast food restaurant gets you a big
burger a large fry and a large coke cuz you know we figured we’ll have the coke
for later so I’m going to make it a large drink and in that case my burger
43 grams of carbs 43 grams of net carbs for the fries and a whopping 82 gram
of carbs for that soda to quench your thirst for a total of a hundred and
sixty-eight grams of net carbs just for lunch
let’s keep going because mid-afternoon I’m hungry again I need to eat something
so I’m gonna grab those chips out of the vending machine or maybe I brought them
with me and I’m gonna grab the 20 ounce soda because you know I’m thirsty so I’m
gonna drink that 20 ounce soda so I just added 14 net carbs from the chip 65 net
carbs from the soda four whopping 79 cards just for that snack now it’s
dinner time I’m home at 7 8 o’clock I’m hungry and I need to eat what am I gonna
do oh I’m gonna make it quick to bake chicken thighs I’ll have a couple of
cups of green beans a small salad with some ranch dressing on it
well well only 2 grams of net carbs for that chicken only 6 grams of carbs for
those green beans this is neck hearts good veggies and to grant net carbs for
my salad with ranch dressing 10 grams of carbs on that so when I tally up my day
it’s at the end of my day I wrote down everything I ate and I just want to see
the carb Cal’s total carbs breakfast 54 my mid-morning snack 49 my lunch 168 my
mid-afternoon snack remember you know people eat five times a day these little
small meals they say and then dinner 10 grams right these are 5 really 5 meals
when you look at the carb count a whopping 360 net carbs total carbs would
be more than that so guess what I did because I want to answer the question
how much sugar are you eating in a given day 360 grams of carbs when you do the
math remember when you’re trying to calculate the number of carbs 2
teaspoons it’s always divided by 4 and I’m getting 90 teaspoons of sugar if I
were to eat like this I know people eat differently and I know people aren’t
eating quite this combination of whose this is just an example people so I
don’t want you to get too riled up about it
but I want you to really translate this now 360 grams of net carbs 90 teaspoons
of sugar what does that really look like let me show you this is what you put in
your body when you’re eating like this this glass is 90 teaspoons of sugar I’m
purposely coming closer so that you can see this 90 grams of sugar in a day if
I’m eating this way on a regular basis I’m doing something either higher or
lower in this range this is what’s deadly this is what’s causing sickness
and disease it’s based on the high carbs high sugar combination do the math
yourself start looking at this because when we talk about healthy keto look at
that dinner combination I can certainly get satisfied with two chicken thighs 2
cups of green beans and a small salad for dinner and I only consume 10 grams
of net carbs do the math when you look at that net grams of carbs and do the
math divided by 4 only 2 teaspoons of sugar out of this whopping 90 only 2 of
them gave me satisfying dinner this is why we are focused on improving our
health through the healthy keto diet ok hopefully this educated you and didn’t
shock you too much thank you for watching
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Randall Smitham