April 10, 2020
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what’s going on guys John Venus here got a new video for you guys today I’m here with my brother Leo and by the way guys check out his channel a lot of scientific knowledge coming out from this little guy link in the description box so make sure to subscribe anyways today we’re going to talk about low carb high fat diets and what’s up with that anyways you ready for this let’s do it let’s tackle it so it’s a low carb diet healthy or is it good for you there’s a huge low-carb craze going on around the world now and it’s just you know people fear your carbohydrates and they think that they’re going to be healthy replacing them with fats and and protein but no this is nonsense you can see you know on the long-term it’s shown that people who go low low carb long-term have shorter life expectancies you know they they have high risk of chronic disease but it’s not necessarily the fact that it’s low carb that’s so bad they actually went so far in one study to compare a traditional low-carb diet to a plant-based counterpart and the people who were in the traditional low-carb diet at an increased risk of all-cause mortality while the people on the plan based counterparts were you know it showed to be protective of all cause mortality and protective of cardiovascular disease you might do well on a plant-based low-carb compared to traditional but you know so many of the healthiest foods in the world are really high carb so I definitely still wouldn’t recommend it well the reason why people recommend is because you know a lot of people have lost a lot of weight doing it and you know studies say that it’s good for weight loss what do you say about that yeah and that’s definitely true it does give you a lot of weight losses especially in the beginning because you’re shocking your body or starving it’s from its preferred energy source carbohydrates and usually if you look long term people will go in low-carb they start gaining the way back and plus a bonus compared to when they started so uh the you know there might be some exceptions some people who really restrict their calories in the exercise like crazy but in general the only people who are not overweight as on average or actually people who eat plant-based people can lose weight and any kind of diet can eat Big Macs all day and as long as you only eat one or two you’re still going to lose weight as the the main thing you know you have to keep track of is calories that’s it the thing that’s going to determine if you lose weight or gain weight its energy so you know you can lose weight or gain weight on any kind of diet but you know it doesn’t mean it’s healthy yeah and it’s just like this is well that you know you have these studies that show that people who lose weight on low-carb also lower their cholesterol but no matter how you lose weight when you’re going down and weigh your cholesterol and your blood your blood cholesterol levels drop so you know even doing chemotherapy cocaine all these things will get your blood your serum cholesterol down but doesn’t mean this healthy same thing goes for low-carb if you’re doing a calorie restrictive diet and you’re growing down away you’re gonna go down cholesterol so the people who are actually going on a low-carb high-fat diet the states that they want to achieve is called ketosis and they believe it is the optimal state of man and they should be in that state to you know perform better and be healthier basically we have to say about ketosis right so the thing about ketosis and you know it’s nonsense that it’s a natural state of man the thing about ketosis is actually an emergency state of the water when you deplete all your glycogen all your carbohydrate stores the body is forced to use something else in the metabolites find use of something called ketone bodies for energy and it’s not even all the cells in the body that can use this for energy so only some specialized cells especially in your brain the ketone bodies when are able to pass the blood-brain barrier quite easily and it’s just there to like keep you alive to keep your brain functioning so that you can until you can find food you know it’s the survival adaptation for humans so that when you’re starving you can still fuel your brain until you can find some more food so it’s pretty much a starvation emergency state definitely not optimal or healthy in any way yeah and obviously when you look historically let’s user gladiators as an example studies are shown that they are like mostly you know plant-based almost 100% vegan eating a lot of barley a shitload carbs and you know any athletes and you’ll really see an athlete going real low carb especially like long-term poor training so you might have a few of these low carb advocates but you know people at the top of their game they are eating a lot of carbs and I can speak from experience doing bodybuilding and fitness when you deplete your glycogen stores when I’m doing a carb depletion phase for photoshoots or something you feel like Shay you feel flat you look flat and you know the strength goes down as just you feel like shinu you’re in bad mood so you know that it’s goes back as well to the glycogen stores and other glycogen stores in here and your muscle your muscles aren’t going to be able to function optimally if you don’t have those carbohydrates there yeah so I mean obviously it is not a natural state of man and yeah even studies have shown as well method on these low carbohydrate diets actually also promote insulin resistance which is pretty much like the pre-diabetic phase you know you’re you’re making your insulin less and less effective at controlling your blood sugar levels but they say that carbs cause insulin resistance what I’d say yeah no it’s completely backwards you know and I work with people like this every day I work with diabetics every single day and every time I talk to them they tell me yeah you know I’m trying to I’m trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and trying to cut down on the fruits on the potato you know but then instead of other eating all the high-fat foods like cheese and butter and all this stuff and I’m like oh they’re doing it completely wrong it’s the opposite fat has even been shown to have a direct toxic effect on your beta cells in your pancreas the cells are produced and if you know studies have shown clearly that insulin resistance is proportional to fat you can even you can even inject free fatty acids into the blood and immediately the insulin resistance goes up and this study right here shows that you know insulin sensitivity how well you respond to your insulin seems to be correlated with how many years you’ve been vegetarian so going vegetarian or eating plant-based and a lot of carbs seems to improve the way your body reacts to your insulin while eating low carb high fat makes you insulin resistant and eventually it’s diabetes and lots of other diseases that come or come along with those animal products yeah so obviously carbs are not to blame for diabetes it’s fat and obviously when you think about sugar fructose I mean sugar from food also it’s not bad it’s actual like the processed cane sugar or whatever that’s the thing to stay away from obviously you got to choose Whole Foods the reason why people are doing this and they believe in this stuff is because doctors and I’ve been promoting this there are studies promoting this research well why do you think you know their doctor is actually pushing this ya know it’s you know and this is where the the common person who doesn’t really go into the studies in detail they definitely you know don’t really stand much of a chance it’s really you know unlike me it’s really unfair for these people because yo they’re doctors saying that you know the low carb is healthy and stuff and so why wouldn’t we believe in doctors they’re like the icons for health but you know when you actually go in and that’s thinking with studies people just go on internet and they type low carb healthy and then they come to a PubMed study and this PubMed study says that low-carb lowers your cholesterol and then people are lowers cholesterol so must lower your risk of heart disease but you know many of these studies are just really bad studies they’re just published just to get published and you know a lot of them really short term over like six weeks so an example of this is for example study that showed that cholesterol has no impact on your blood cholesterol and then you the group of people eating low cholesterol diets when we had another group of people eating high cholesterol diets but then you know they didn’t control for the drug they were taking cholesterol-lowering drugs like lipitor and obviously their cholesterol isn’t going to be so high even if they’re eating a lot of high cholesterol foods so you know it’s these kind of details that you don’t see when you just look at the abstract on the pubmed’s that you have to actually go in and see how they’ve done the study you can find lots of really badly done studies and even sponsored studies that will show you what you want to hear and you know long-term effects of Lokar there are pretty much no studies about that when it comes to study you can’t just find the first pubmed’s that and be like Oh everything bonked everyone who says high carb is healthy because I found PubMed study that says low carb is healthy so the only way to know if a study is good or they know the quality of a study is to actually go into the study read the mythology read the statistics did they interpret the statistics well were the control groups you know all these sorts of things that you get my point is really difficult it’s not something that the average person goes in and a lot of these things you have to pay for it to see the whole study and most people aren’t going to do that so you know most people are just going to see it find the study apartment and not that’s the study I’m going to believe in because you know who doesn’t want to hear good things about their bad habits and you know as far as the doctors go you know people like to believe in what doctors say but the sad truth is that the doctors you know most doctors they don’t have almost any nutritional training in school all of these doctors who actually are you know well informed and know a lot about nutrition have done it out of their own initiative they’ve gone taught themselves pretty much so I just being a doctor does not give you any credentials at all about knowing what food is healthy for you because it’s pretty much doesn’t exist in the standard medical training but yeah these doctors that advocate for a low-carb but you know out of curiosity I went to the website you know I checked them out these guys like this and felt John brif made an and Michael EADS William Dave I went on their websites and Sirius is so many big statements without any science back in them and the few statements they did try the back with science which was usually really like short bad quality studies no no insights to long-term effects of the diet and a lot of these studies that show no significant correlation you know there’s typical that you just use these studies that oh we did not find a correlation between cholesterol and heart disease but you know just finding these inconclusive studies that do not show correlation doesn’t disprove all the good studies all the good research that clearly shown that animal products and and high-fat diets are definitely really bad and that they you know animal products increase the risk of many different types of cancer you know allergies here will be the heart disease diabetes you know multiple sclerosis the list goes on so yeah guys uh pretty much a lot of research a lot of it is actually paid by you know the meat industry unfortunately you know it can be corrupt and obviously you got to be critical you got to find some really long-term studies and really detailed studies just for example like the epic study which is still going on it’s a very very good study check it out and yeah I mean just be critical guys think use your brains and just question everything because no one owns the truth we don’t the truth doctors on the truth we have to just you know work to find it ourselves so yeah guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my brother’s channel subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to click the like button if you enjoy this video and as always I’ll see you very soon peace out

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