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HOME-MADE SOUL FOOD SUNDAY BREAKFAST | Loose Sausage | Cheesy Eggs | Rice

Good morning good morning good morning family
Yes, I am about to have a really quick
Breakfast, it’s Sunday morning and
As you can tell I’m not really prepared
But I said why not share my Sunday morning breakfast with with my karma babies, so I’m gonna have
Cheesy eggs with some
Guys we have rice for breakfast, too
So I have some white rice here with a little butter in it, and I have my cup of coffee
cup of coffee and
We’re getting ready to go to church and
My grandbaby was not about having any grits, or I mean any she likes grits
I would have loved to have grits with this, but not about to have any oatmeal
So she was like I want some sausage and eggs so that’s what we’re having. That’s what we’re having
so you know what I’m gonna dig in because I actually am hungry, and I’ll talk to you while I’m
I’ll talk to you while I’m eating right okay, so let’s get this so you can see it really good and I
Think if we move over a little bit
Then you’ll be able to see my rice – rice
Is so hard to pick up you know on camera of course because it’s white, and then I have my plate
So let’s let’s dig in oh that looks good
And it is good
Did you guys see that
I’m not gonna good thing. I had another Fork here. I’ll just pick this from that mmm. Look at that
So good
It’s got peppers in it Sokka
Speaking of that you see how that broke let’s have some rice. I don’t have any bread or anything
Very little butter in here just a little dab, and I use like a vegetarian butter
It’s cheesy
Its are so good, and I always sprinkle a little parsley on mine. I don’t know why I like it hmm
Kind of cheese I used it up
Go Benji and
Allows me to cut back a little bit, you know just a little bit
Guys did you see how that fork broke?
Did you see how that fork broke and
That makes reminds me that one of the karma babies asks, why do you use plastic utensils?
Everything else is nice silverware and
Was very happy that he asked that question and the answer is
Because if I had
The metal
Silverware it would be clinging up against my dish you. See this you can barely hear it
So that’s why you’ll always see me using plastic usually you know sometimes I might
Not use plastic but for the most part I
Will be using plastic guys as you can tell I’m looking like somebody’s grandma
And just clothes I wife from here last night
So I
Have it kind of
Twist it up. It’s hard for you to see but I’ve got it kind of twist it up and pinned up
I’m hoping that it comes out pretty good. I’m not sure you know what?
You guys will get to see it later, huh when I take it down
So I hope your sunday is a great Sunday
This of course it’s not gonna be a long video
Cuz I gotta go get ready
This is really good though
Can’t believe it just about every video I do I brought drop something break something
And I’m not cutting it out either, no I’m not cutting it out
Hmm, I’m full getting full already to sausages
I’m not a big breakfast a
Big breakfast person and rice all these skills you’re up to right guys
Good coffee
Another karma, baby asked I
Was I read every single comment you guys put every
Single comment I read it and if I don’t reply I will leave you a little heart so that you know that I read it
Another cry my baby asked if I could stop smacking so much smacking my lips
When I eat
And I honestly I hear it when I go back and awed it
And I always think you know try to not smack, but I
Don’t know if it’s just me or
Do you smack when you eat too because I’m telling you it just happens
Automatically, and it’s really hard for me to control
I told them that I would try to not smack quite as much
But I couldn’t promise that I wasn’t gonna smack because my lips just smack
see just like that I

Then I always I guess maybe that’s what makes it smack
But you know I’ve been doing this like this all my life, and I’m not just doing it
when I’m eating with you guys and
That’s just the way I eat
See I always do it, so I’m sorry
When I eat, I am NOT gonna monitor myself, you know, I just can’t you know my food won’t be enjoyable there
Maybe if you turn your volume down or something it won’t be quite as irritating. I hope that it will make you leave my channel
My daughter just paid did you need me dad the Dorian?
Babies came near you you knew that karma babies I made I made it for the whole family
She wasn’t gonna say anything because she didn’t want to interrupt me, but I didn’t know what she wanted
But that makes you feel so good when your family appreciates you know what you do for them
And that was so so sweet of her to come in and say that the meal was delicious
That always makes it worthwhile
Hmm she finished before I did
And if the guys
See smacking
Try having rice sometimes with your meal, it’s wonderful I
Don’t know if a lot of people eat rice for with their breath this or I
Don’t know if it’s a southern thing
Or just my thing I don’t know
Guys okay, so I’m about to take the last few bites
Thank you guys for joining me for breakfast
I’ll see you in the truck and maybe a little bit at church I
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday mmm
And tell somebody you love something nice make them feel good
Thank them for something you could think them for something I know
Even if it’s just for being in in the in your life, you know for them being in your life
You could thank them for something let them know that you appreciate them. That’s very important, so
Guys I’ll see you in the truck on the way to church, okay?
We’re in the truck on our way to church on a Sunday morning, you know what time it is
It is Sunday
morning and
Here’s Thomas
Yes, we’re on our way I
Was go to turn around and look at me look at the camera tell me real quick real quick there
You go look how handsome. He is all right?
Hey guys
Yes, I’m in the truck with
Thomas grandpa karma, and we are on our way to church
We’re almost there. We’re pulling in now and
We are
Excited to be here and out and about on this fine beautiful Sunday morning
Okay, let’s go in and praise the Lord
They don’t want me on the choir in the choir. I know that much
No you could say they came saying then they still think they can see ya, then as you totally can’t say
You know
A giant in one let us say
She’s gonna come to church for 50 year look after that with me the path meeting about that yeah, maybe test
Like a thing that she did
Right after church, too
And I’m gonna wait till next week oh right after church
So he gotta preach the whole sermon wondering what he’s got coming huh yeah, I can’t hold it isn’t a long past oh
Yeah, they’ve been suffering and praying over that and everything should I confront him could they not letting me sing enough

Randall Smitham



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