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Homemade BBQ Sauce Recipe | Barbecue Sauce Recipe from The Barbecue Lab

Welcome back to the barbecue lab. I’m
David, this is Melissa, and today we’re
going to teach you how to make our
favorite barbecue sauce.
Alright I don’t know about you but we
have a lot of favorite barbecue sauces
that we have in bottles that we can pick
up at the store, but one of our personal
favorites is one we make right here at
home. And today we want to teach you how
to make a barbecue sauce of your own.
Alright, so this is what we call our
favorite barbecue sauce here at the
barbecue lab.
And we want to teach you how to make it from scratch.
Now a lot of barbecue sauces will start with a base of a couple cups of ketchup,
but we’re even going to go further back than that.
We’re going to start with some basic tomato products
and we’re going to create this barbecue sauce completely from scratch.
So Melissa tell me a little bit about what we’re gonna be using here.
Alright so we have one can of tomato sauce, a can of tomato paste,
and then we’re going to add to that some apple cider vinegar,
some apple juice, some brown sugar,
a little bit of grape jelly,
lemon juice, Worcester sauce
salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder
chili powder and smoked paprika.
Alright so it seems like a lot of ingredients,
I mean we’re talking about 14 ingredients all in all right?
So the idea is we’re gonna put these together,
and show you how this is gonna come together in a gorgeous sauce.
So let’s go ahead and put these together
and we’ll show you what it looks like here on the stove.
Alright so we have the sauce on the stove
and we’re really wanting to do what to it now Melissa?
Well we’re going to bring it up to temperature let some
of those more sugary ingredients like the grape jelly
and the brown sugar really kind of dissolve into the liquids
and we’re gonna let it simmer for 15-20 minutes on a medium low heat.
And the goal is just to let this reduce down and concentrate the flavors, right?
Yeah. Okay so we’ll check back in here in about 15 minutes
and you can see how much it’s reduced down.
Alright so we’ve reduced the sauce down for 15 minutes
and we’ve got it to the point where if you take a spoon
it’ll coat the back of the spoon pretty well.
And so we’re getting a thicker sauce
which is exactly what we’re looking for in this.
And this is the sauce that we love making around here.
So what we’re gonna do is it’s smoking hot right now.
I don’t know if you can see the steam rising off the top.
But we need to let this cool so we can actually get it into a jar
or some kind of a serving apparatus.
So we’re going to let this sit and cool for a few minutes.
Then we can taste it and tell you what it tastes like.
Alright so we’ve had the sauce off of the
stove for about 15 or 20 minutes
and let it cool. And we’ve transferred it into this measuring cup
so you can see that the sauce really makes about 16 ounces in our recipe here.
So, even though it’s started to cool down it’s not completely cooled down yet,
but it’s cool enough that we can give it give it a try.
So are you ready? Mm-hmm. Let’s give it a taste.
Yeah for me, I taste, when those flavors come together, it’s got a real tang to it.
It’s got some zest to it. You can taste a
little bit of that vinegar,
that apple cider vinegar that’s on that’s on the top of the recipe.
And just a tiny hint of the grape jelly in the background.
Yeah that’s that extra sweetness. Yeah, yeah yeah.
And so the thing is we’ve noticed is that once you make this
it doesn’t taste the exact same right now as it will tomorrow, right?
Yeah, it tastes great right now. But as
it has a day to sit and the flavors can marry
in the fridge overnight, tomorrow it will taste even better.
And so what are some of the things that we use this on?
I mean this is our favorite barbecue sauce around here
but what are some of the things that you you use it on all the time?
Um, we put this in our baked beans, we put it on our meatloaf.
I know that we put this on chicken, we put this on…
it’s one of those like a topping sauce, or even a glaze sauce. If you want be
able to take this and put it on at the end of a cook, it glazes really really well.
And so I call this kind of an all-purpose barbecue sauce.
Now remember we didn’t start with ketchup. We started with base tomato products
with the real idea of this being a homemade barbecue sauce.
So I think you should try this at home.
If you have never made your own barbecue sauce
start with this one.
Let this be your starter recipe, and then you can alter the
ingredients as you see fit,
if you want it spicier, if you want it sweeter.
But this should be a good base recipe
for you to get a sauce that you can call your own, alright?
So I want to say thanks for joining us here today at The Barbecue Lab.
And remember we put this channel
together for you.
Our whole purpose in doing this is to make you better
at cooking in the backyard, cooking outside
amazing your friends and loved ones.
And so hopefully you can take this and make
this recipe your own, and delight your friends and neighbors.
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Our goal is one or two videos a week to
help you become better at being a pitmaster.
So I’m David. This is Melissa. Thanks for joining us on The Barbecue Lab.
We look forward to seeing you next time right here.

Randall Smitham