April 7, 2020
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I love me some bread in mushrooms this
is gonna be good! I will go through real quick on what I have going on here. I
have a half a cup of flour in which I seasoned it with some salt and pepper,
two beaten eggs I probably could have gotten away with just one egg and one
cup of breadcrumbs in which I’m going to season with some paprika. We’ll just go
ahead and do that now. Probably about a half a teaspoon I added. I’m
going to add some garlic powder anything you do not like you do not need to add. That was probably about another half a
teaspoon and I’m gonna add some grated Parmesan cheese I do not have fresh
cheese so I’m just gonna use this good old stuff. That’s probably was a couple
tablespoons. I’m going to go ahead and give this a quick mix. And then I have my cleaned
button mushrooms I’m going to go through them real quick and the ones that have
long stems ,I’m going to trim them up. Like that. I’m going to go ahead and add
some salt and pepper to the breadcrumbs also since these are just plain
unseasoned breadcrumbs. I’m so excited I love breaded mushrooms. Let’s go ahead and get
these made up. I’m gonna go ahead take one of the mushrooms and coat it lightly
with flour, dip it into the egg, Shake off the excess. And into the bread crumbs. I will go ahead and put this on my plate. Grab
another mushroom, into the flour, egg and into the breadcrumbs. Okay you all I’ll go ahead and finish these
up real quick and I’ll be back. Okay I have these all breaded up now the
question is should I Spritz these with olive oil or not and I’m not going to.
I’m gonna see how it goes, later on in the cooking time if I feel it needs it
then I will do it but for now no. So let’s go ahead and get these into the
air fryer basket. Okay I’m going to start off 400 degrees and I’m so sorry about
this loud beeping.They need a volume control on this thing. Okay 400 and I’m going to start it off for seven minutes then
we will check it and if I feel we need to spritz it with a little bit of olive
oil we will do that then. Okay our seven minutes is up. I can tell you this much, it smells wonderful. These
are getting a nice golden-brown color and I think I will end up spraying these
a little bit with olive oil just as lightly as I can. But I think I am going
to turn these over and I think I’ll spritz the bottom side a little bit. Okay I’m just going to go five more
minutes. I might Check in between. They will probably be OK. Okay our five minutes is up I didn’t
even peek at them, oh yeah. You know I always think of a subscriber
and good friend of mine Silvia from astral auto repairs because she doesn’t might
cook vegetables and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.
Sorry Silvia. But I’m very anxious right now to try this out. This is awesome. This
turned out great. These turned out really good and let me just say if I do not
like what I make I do not post the video. Because that reflects on me. If you go and
make the recipe and it tastes like, sorry crap you’re going to come back to me and
probably have a few words to say. So you’re just gonna have to trust me.
These turned out awesome. So we did 400 degrees for seven minutes then I ended
up spritzing it with a little bit of olive oil and then I turned them over
spritz the bottom side a little bit with olive oil and we went five more minutes.
Okay everyone this is about the end of this video. If you have not yet
subscribed if you’re a lurker or if this is your first time on my channel, please
consider subscribing I upload videos weekly. I at least try to get to get up two
week. if you also hit that little bell down there you will be notified when
I post a new video. Everyone if you love breaded mushrooms please give this a try
they are wonderful. Thank you all for watching and I will see you soon.

Randall Smitham