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Homemade Healthy Granola | Bodyprocoach Nutrition | Praveen nair & Maahek Nair.

Hey guys we’ve been talking about fats
we’ve been talking about carbohydrates we’ve been talk about insulin spike
glycemic index a several kind of things what you have to understand that what gives
you the energy for the complete day so that’s gonna be definitely fats and a
good amount of protein so let’s look into it we’ve gotten some amazing recipes for
you today what’s gonna help you do retain the energy and at the same time
get some really good nutrients from the food so i’m sure everybody loves cereals
so today we are going to be making our own Granola here that Granola is gonna be really healthy it’s gonna be high source of fats plus high source of protein and all of
y’all can eat it because it’s gonna be low carb, that sounds really attracting so we need one cup of almond so you could do it over
a weekend, pack it and keep it for yourself I’ve taken one cup of hazelnuts so
because they are comparatively little harder the almonds and hazelnuts so we’re gonna whip them first next we’re gonna put one cup of pecan nuts now
so we want them up bit nutty so we’re now going to really crate and very hard
one cup of almonds we’re gonna give it a mix and quickly whip them as well and last but not the least we have
sunflower seeds that’s gonna be about 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds, 1/2 cup of
pumpkin seeds so that’s going to be a breakfast cereal for the whole week and we’re done now we just need a big bowl
I’m gonna transfer the whole thing in a bowl now we use another blender small one, that’s one whole egg white people who are vegetarian
can stick without the egg people who eat non veg can go in for an egg, here I
have about six tablespoon of white butter of course because you’re using a
bigger portion of the food and Praveen is gonna help me with six teaspoons, that
means small not tablespoon, 6 teaspoon of Splenda yeah you could use Splenda, you could use stevia anything whatever you guys like so it’s a great form of
sugar substitute when you don’t spike or you do not get out of ketosis last one done the egg white is whipped really
nicely we’re gonna transfer it in the same bowl And Praveen is just gonna mix it up for me so
you’re gonna evenly mix the whole thing so that it gets, so it definitely gets you a lot
of fats which are great fats good fats at the same time some good amount of
protein so ideally I would say it could be a great for breakfast as well as for
snacks an amazing option for breakfast yep perfect so now I have set a oven on 350 F
that would be 165 degrees and i’m gonna bake this for about 10 minutes, I have a tray and a
parchment paper I’m going to transfer the whole thing on the same and the
Granola is ready to go into the oven I’m just gonna make a thin sheet if the same, that’s 165 degrees for about 10 to 15 minutes let’s go and our granola is ready let’s go and see alright so our Granola is ready and so we have cooked this at 165
degrees Celsius for about 10 to 15 minutes until it was nice and crisp
after that we have let it cool for about roughly 30 minutes and it’s done now so
now we are going to just quickly airtight it and pack it and keep it for
the weekend so I think you can use in the morning with
some milk either with almond milk or you can use it as a breakfast cereal with almond milk and coconut milk or you can use
it like Praveen usually uses which his protein shake yeah so t gets you some good
amount of protein and some good amount of fats so it can be used as a complete circle
of the nutrition what we look forward for in a particular meal if you don’t
have a OTG that would also do the same thing on the microwave
you could even bake it in the microwave oh you could also even use a pan you
could do the same thing over the pan as well but it’s more crispier if you do with an
OTG, so there are a lot of health benefits it’s pretty cool
so try it out and let us know how you feel about it put your comments below that we get to
know exactly what kind of videos that you’re looking for and that can help you
to get fit faster so we’ve got about three to four videos coming every week
on our channel, at BodyProCoach so make sure that you subscribe the channel
and at the same time do share the channel that people come to know about us and
the kind of valuable information that we’re sharing with you thank you so much
for watching us see you next time see you next time

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